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Srini_ t1_iu0ibty wrote

Yes! I need more people to watch this show. Renee Elise Goldsberry deserves all the awards


mccannr1 t1_iu16u48 wrote

>Renee Elise Goldsberry

The thing that cracks me up about her on the show is she's wearing an entirely different outfit in every scene and it is never mentioned or explained outside of just the unspoken idea of well of course she would be.


wvugrrrl t1_iu1l2qd wrote

And maybe it’s just me, but every outfit she wears is so odd and insane and yet I want her whole wardrobe!


mccannr1 t1_iu3uoje wrote

You would need very, very, large closets.


trpnblies7 t1_iu3vgp4 wrote

I somehow never noticed that. Guess I'll have to rewatch now.


wweyonce t1_iu0ik56 wrote

It always BOTHERED me that this show went so unnoticed. Just like that, the world is about to see how great it is 🎊


pataconconqueso t1_iu0t24k wrote

Because of the platform. I want to watch this show, but i dont wanna add yet another streaming service


Radulno t1_iu1icvn wrote

I mean it's on Peacock lol, of course it's going unnoticed, it's not even aired internationally I think.

Hopefully it finds a new audience on Netflix, the show is great


EugenesMullet t1_iu1iuhv wrote

We have it on a service called Stan in Australia. Hopefully the move to Netflix isn’t made weird by rights issues or whatever.


darkeyes13 t1_iu1zgqn wrote

Hopefully, since the article mentions that Netflix has the rights to stream the older seasons simultaneously to Peacock, while S3 will be exclusive to Netflix, means that the older seasons will be available both on Stan and Netflix, THEN S3 will be Netflix only as well.


Matto_0 t1_iu1k6cj wrote

The title keeps me away, I know nothing about it other than that and it just screams like teen girl energy to me to where I've never looked into it.


f-ingsteveglansberg t1_iu3gs6w wrote

That's the joke. It's about a one hit wonder girl band of the 90s reforming after a rapper samples one of their songs. They then go through a whole thing where they realise they were exploited and that their songs weren't as empowering to young girls as they thought. But it is light on message and heavy on comedy.


JuryDutyHologram t1_iu1rsxd wrote

I’ve told so many people about this show, and they seem interested…until they learn it’s on Peacock, lol. I hope this gets more people to watch it!


Zorkel567 t1_iu0fo07 wrote

Deadline's article has some more interesting bits.

>The move is a shock as it’s one of the first original series to move between rival streaming services but Deadline hears that the Tina Fey-produced series was actually canceled at Peacock before Netflix swooped in to save it.

>Although the comedy series, which stars Sara Bareilles, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Busy Philipps and Paula Pell, has been well received critically and was arguably the closest thing to an awards contender that the streamer had, Girls5eva wasn’t one of its most-watched shows and didn’t bring in the same audiences that the likes of dramas Bel Air and Dr. Death did.

>We hear that Susan Rovner, who oversees both NBC and Peacock in her role as Chairman, Entertainment Content, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, was forced to make the tough decision to prioritize other shows and cancel it after its second season finished in June.

>Fey and Universal Television were also behind Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which moved from NBC, where it had been developed, to Netflix. Bela Bajaria, who oversaw that move in her former role as head of Universal Television, is now head of global television at Netflix.


bakelywood t1_iu0lnr8 wrote

If I like 30 rock, do you recommend this show?


JackWorthing t1_iu0mkec wrote

Very much in that style, also Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I also unironically listen to the songs on Spotify because they are bops


ruach137 t1_iu1z2zi wrote

The lead actress is actually a popular song writer, I believe.


darkeyes13 t1_iu1zjhw wrote

Brah, Sara Bareilles isn't just a song writer.


DerBingle78 t1_iu21jly wrote

Yeah, she was also in an episode of Community, but I’m not sure it counts as it’s the fourth season.


bros402 t1_iu4c5gc wrote

she is a huge songwriter

Do you remember the song that was annoying popular in like 2008? Gravity? "I'm not gonna write you a love song!"

She wrote/sang that

She also did the musical Waitress


RunelordTressa t1_iu13h49 wrote

100% same style of humor.

So much so that It, great news, kimmy, & 30 rock all can kinda be in the same universe and I wouldn't really think twice.


joelekane t1_iu1993h wrote

100%. It’s that Tina Fey style, 1 joke per 15 seconds of screen time pace. It’s hilarious. And the music is catchy as hell.


ThingCalledLight t1_iu13o21 wrote

Yeah. If you like the Kimmy Schmidt and late 30 Rock vibe, you’ll dig.


foxh8er t1_iu28w5q wrote

Very similar in tone, but the fact that it's rated TV-MA makes some scenes surprising


wweyonce t1_iu0h5ig wrote

History repeats itself? NBC was the original home for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt before it departed to Netflix


[deleted] t1_iu0jwgd wrote



ThyDoctor t1_iu0lqct wrote

Well actually read the damn article before “well actually” someone incorrectly.


OldPunk1984 t1_iu0lwnw wrote

It was originally developed at NBC but they sold it to Netflix cause they weren’t confident that people would watch it.


Necessary-Image-6386 t1_iu0j2mj wrote

Good news.. Now watch, it's going to be a hit on Netflix. I don't get it


WordsAreSomething t1_iu0jaj5 wrote

It will and it's because people have Netflix. People aren't signing up for Peacock even if this show or others interested them.


wujo444 t1_iu0tn7a wrote

And Netflix is available worldwide, while peacock barely moved outside of USA.


moffattron9000 t1_iu12wcn wrote

I just wish that Saved by the Bell also could’ve made it. That show was so much better than it had any right to be.


lifelongbruxr t1_iu1r49d wrote

Better than the OG. I think a lot of people didn’t get what it was too. It was an obvious satire/parody of high school tv tropes. As if Not Another Teen Movie: the tv show.


LFC9_41 t1_iu2nt08 wrote

I’d say it takes the parody to borderline surrealism beyond what not another teen movie did. It was amazing.

I miss it.


Radulno t1_iu1iowq wrote

I mean it's not hard to understand why. Just watch the number of subscribers, that's the potential audience reached, much larger on Netflix


JackWorthing t1_iu0mzwq wrote

Now that’s some BPE!


TorqueWheelmaker t1_iu4t2tw wrote

Kick down the doors, no locks, I don't need a key,
Eyes down here, yeah I'm the centerpiece,
Animal queendom, feline synergy,
Kickin' down the doors, big pussy energy


bill__the__butcher t1_iu0i8ny wrote

Thank you Netflix. I need more of this show.

And damn NBC, I thought you were for ev', thought your for kev', but you were like whatev


There will DEFINITELY be meta-jokes about moving to Netflix


lightsongtheold t1_iu0i2f7 wrote

Bit of a strange pick-up by Netflix but at least we finally have a Peacock original getting a third season even if it had to move to a new platform to achieve it!


Zorkel567 t1_iu0iyjc wrote

Yeah, it's like Peacock is allergic to going more than two seasons themselves.

A.P. Bio cancelled after two seasons on NBC- picked up for 2 more seasons on Peacock before being cancelled; Saved by the Bell and Rutherford Falls both cancelled after two seasons; Girls5Eva cancelled after two seasons, though saved by Netflix.

I unfortunately expect Killing It to suffer a similar fate.


WildMajesticUnicorn t1_iu0j9wl wrote

And two short seasons at that. Peacock really thinks 16-20 episodes is a good run for a series.


Radulno t1_iu1iwds wrote

I don't think they think that, it's just that their originals are just failing all the time because no one watches Peacock. So they probably give them 2 seasons as a baseline and since they didn't bring people after that, they cancel.


Pool_Shark t1_iu11d7x wrote

I finally got peacock because of the cheap deal they had and wow. Girls5Eva had a really strong 1st season and AP Bio turned into a really enjoyable off the wall comedy with enough heart that could have been huge for them.

Peacocks problem is not these shows. It’s that they are not properly promoting their crappy service. No one watches them because the people who get peacock are wwe or soccer fans.


muad_dibs t1_iu5s6b7 wrote

It’s slowly evolving into a Bravo reality show streaming service.


Pool_Shark t1_iu5wvbv wrote

Yeah and considering the margins wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what it ultimately ends up as. It’s sad but we likely won’t see another great classic 20 episode season sitcom ever again. Not impossible but not very likely


Prax150 t1_iu0p3s0 wrote

It's so weird, it's like the people who were running the network in the late 00s/early 10s have come back to tank the streaming service. Like I know they're hemorrhaging money but how do they expect to add subscribers if they can't guarantee any show will survive, no matter how good it is?

It's especially frustrating because of how good they clearly are at developing really funny sitcoms, something that's really been lacking in hollywood the last few years. So many half hour shows are leaning towards the darker side like Barry, Atlanta, even Ted Lasso and few outlets are making actual sitcoms with really funny people. So you have all this talent gobbled up by Peacock only to be squandered. I guess Netflix has a good relationship with Tina Fey so it worked out for this but Saved by the Bell, AP Bio, those shows are never coming back.


moffattron9000 t1_iu138y7 wrote

It’s like how NBC had The Office, Parks & Rec, 30 Rock, and Community all on the same night. Admittedly, the audience for those shows were increasingly not the NBC audience, but they should’ve been able to get more out of that.


Radulno t1_iu1jega wrote

> few outlets are making actual sitcoms with really funny people

I don't understand why not too. Like it's been widely reported than some of the biggest streaming "evergreen hits" are sitcoms like Friends, The Office, Community, The Big Bang Theory, How I met your Mother, Arrested Development, Malcolm, Parks and Rec and such. People just like to rewatch those, it's comfort TV and streaming is perfect for it.

You would think they'd try to make new ones.


filthysize t1_iu18kzd wrote

>Bit of a strange pick-up by Netflix

Is it? I feel like these NBC-style comedies do super well and get constantly rewatched on Netflix.


lightsongtheold t1_iu1y39h wrote

Yeah…but those shows had built in audiences who loved watching them from their glory days on broadcast. Girls5Eva was a show nobody watched on Peacock (a service practically nobody subscribes to!) so it is a very different proposition. Netflix will have to sell this show like it is a brand new show. They can do it as they did just as much with You and Cobra Kai.

I’ll definitely be interested to see if Girls5Eva can breakout on Netflix. I’d not bet on it as new sitcoms generally bomb on Netflix. Very rarely you get a Cobra Kai or Emily in Paris that becomes a big hit. The list of misses is very large.


Bronco4bay t1_iu2nb17 wrote

The list of misses for ALL sitcoms is very large.


lightsongtheold t1_iu2nkvf wrote

Comedy in general. Only HBO&HBO Max and the Hulu/FX teams seem to be having any consistent success with comedy. Everybody else either has an ultra high cancellation rate or barely ordered them anymore.

Remember when Showtime used to do comedy? Now they have one show and it has not even been renewed yet!


throwawaythrow0000 t1_iu3z0uk wrote

> but those shows had built in audiences

A lot of people watched Friends, The Office, and Community for the first time ever when they were on Netflix. Even the cast members of those shows remarked on that and how the shows became very big (after the fact for the latter two).


WordsAreSomething t1_iu0l3jz wrote

Since they also get to stream the first two seasons I think it makes sense for them. They get a live action comedy that people already seem to like and they can put it right in front of an audience they know will like it.


Radulno t1_iu1js9j wrote

Oh yeah it makes perfect sense, let's hope they treat it better than their other sitcoms (Great News being canceled was so sad). It's kind of weird how they had plenty of drama hits (or even comedy drama but not much in terms of pure sitcom comedies (they have some comedies hit like Cobra Kai, Never Have I Ever or Sex Education but they're quite different from the "classic sitcom").


darkeyes13 t1_iu1h1u7 wrote

Not that strange when you consider that Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt ultimately found its home on Netflix. Clearly they've got a good working relationship with Fey/Carlock going there.


nbaisbest4 t1_iu0gp85 wrote

Interesting that it was quietly canceled, I wonder if Fey leveraged her relationship at NBC to keep that under the wraps


trogon t1_iu0zvox wrote

It seems like Lorne Michaels doesn't have a lot of influence over Peacock. Fey and Michaels are pretty close.


CompetitiveOcelot870 t1_iu1868q wrote

You sure about that?

They just pulled Saturday Night Live from Hulu and now is only available to watch on Peacock premium. I had read you'd still be able a watch episodes the following week for free on Peacock, but so far, doesn't seem to be the case.


trogon t1_iu1bq01 wrote

My understanding is that they're trying to prop up Peacock by stealing SNL, in spite of Michaels' wishes.


CompetitiveOcelot870 t1_iu1gk2k wrote

Damn, that is interesting!

Didn't think anyone would be able to 'steal' anything from Lorne Michaels, but we're talking Comcast here.

Kabletown is the only entity with more power than Michaels apparently.


idletalker t1_iu0qema wrote

I almost cried tears of joy when I read these news, I'm not even kidding. this is one of the best comedies of the past few years and I was convinced it was canned (which it seemingly was)

I'm so happy that people are actually going to watch the show now that its moving to Netflix. the cast and writing is absolutely brilliant and the ending of season 2 promised an amazing third season.



thebetabruh t1_iu0nwwi wrote

this show is excellent! hopefully it being on netflix means more people can watch it and experience how it really is the 30 rock successor


South_Lake_Taco t1_iu0jz53 wrote

Hopefully Rutherford Falls finds a home too and We Are Lady Parts comes back somewhere


jhoney96 t1_iu0r4v6 wrote

This show is totally Fort Worth It


formenonly t1_iu0kuab wrote

I'm glad this got picked up, but I'm also sad Rutherford Falls got cancelled. Bobbie had just become the first non-binary mayor, Terry was getting into the recreational weed business and Reagan was going to have to deal with having her sexy former hookup move to town at the same time she was going out with her coworker. I was INVESTED!


PurpleDwarfStar t1_iu0h3lf wrote

Thank goodness. I really wanted to see this!


jnhf24 t1_iu0ny0q wrote

Great news. It's a wonderful show that deserves to be seen by more people.


darkeyes13 t1_iu1hbaz wrote

Great News, which is on Netflix, is also a wonderful show that deserves to be seen by more people (despite the fact that it only ran for one season).


thefictionaljake t1_iu308iy wrote

great news actually had two seasons! i only know because i’m currently slowly working my way through the second. very funny.


darkeyes13 t1_iu37rv5 wrote

Wow. I completely forgot about season 2. When I think back now, wasn't that the season that Tina Fey had a larger recurring role?

I definitely grew to like the show more as it progressed!


jellytrack t1_iu16vs0 wrote

The music is actually really good in that early 00's nostalgic way. I normally don't watch credits for shows, but I do for this show since they usually play a longer version of a song featured in the episode.


darkeyes13 t1_iu1zwb1 wrote

There are so many songs on the show I wish made the cut to the album. Like the Stephen Colbert song about Wickie.


Driyen t1_iu0ix6k wrote

Finally I can watch this show.


wujo444 t1_iu0szh8 wrote

Pretty surprised cause Netflix hasn't been into buying failed projects lately, but nice that they have.

And as for the Peacock... They must be in a pickle. There has been actually very little movement between platforms recently, so allowing this is sign of weakness.


noventayuno t1_iu195wz wrote

I signed up for Peacock to watch a different show and just kinda stumbled upon Girls5Eva. I had never even heard of it. It quickly became a favorite. I'm so glad we are getting another season AND it will have a wider audience! What a delight.


peenpeenpeen t1_iu0tu07 wrote

Good! I need more Tina Fey style shows in my life.


drippingwithennui t1_iu1yjn1 wrote

I hope this show goes on 5eva! Apologies to the six ppl who have probably already made that joke. it’s wild to me that Jeff Richmond isn’t wracking up Emmy nods cause the music is sooooooo goooooood


Filmfan2019 t1_iu2713q wrote

Still need to get round to the second season but liked the first quite a bit when I watched it (especially the surprisingly great comedy songs) over COVID isolation last Christmas. Im just imagining the “Song Of Fears” clip going instantly viral once more people see it. One of my favorite bits of celebrity self satire ever. Never fails to make me belly laugh.


dr_buggerlugs t1_iu0nzai wrote

If it was flatlining at Peacock and Netflix wanted it, it seems like a decent bit of business for NBCU to be fair...

Yep it doesn't reflect well on Peacock as a place for original comedy but if it wasn't being watched as reported, I'm more curious to see if this is a precursor to a more significant change of programming strategy over there.


stumpcity t1_iu0qqss wrote

this is going to happen to Pokerface in a year and a half.


drelos t1_iu1vloi wrote

Great News ended at Netflix at least globally, Unbreakable now this, time for Netflix to invest in a new Fey/Carlock show from the start


kbelly55 t1_iu2ze29 wrote

I believe they’re doing an animated show, Mulligan. I think Netflix ordered 20 eps. Fey mentioned it on the Fly on the Wall podcast earlier this year, since Dana Carvey did some voice acting on it. Not sure when it comes out.


Jewdakris t1_iu2p05u wrote

How has B.P.E. not gone crazy viral? I don't get it, that song is perfect.


oldtimemovies t1_iu56qdn wrote

Agreed! It gets stuck in my head at least once a week.


Jewdakris t1_iu5cnf6 wrote

It's like if the spice girls met lonely island. How is this not more popular?


MichaelTruly t1_iu33mun wrote

This show is FANTASTIC. This is happy news indeed.


SnoopysAdviser t1_iu0piul wrote

Great news, I really liked the first 5 or 6 episodes they showed on cable.

We considered subbing to the Cock for this show (and AP Bio), but never got around to it.

Very excited for the 5!


loshopo_fan t1_iu0yz31 wrote

People on here saying they'll never sub to Peacock. If you use Comcast internet you get an ad-based version for free, and if you watch through a browser you can dodge the ads.


ExistentiallyBored t1_iu1324q wrote

Excellent. Now there’s never a reason for me to subscribe to peacock ever again. Where’s my battle star galactica revival/reboot/spin-off? Peacock has been lies.


iwasherenotyou t1_iu1k3tc wrote

Now that this is going to Netflix I'll definitely watch it. I've been wanting to see this but wasn't willing to get Peacock just for one show.


EuvageniaDoubtfire t1_iu1rrh9 wrote

Super excited about this- it is such a good show and needs more attention. Now bring back Great News and we are sorted


TheSeventhAnimorph t1_iu2wzcv wrote

Is this technically the first time a show cancelled by a streaming service was picked up by another streaming service? Cobra Kai was sort of just allowed to shop without exactly being cancelled, and the only other similar instances I can think of are the Quibi shows getting picked up by Roku and The Cyanide & Happiness Show moving from Seeso to VRV, but neither of those were exactly "cancelled"; it was just caused by the original service itself shutting down.


[deleted] t1_iu18cdr wrote



darkeyes13 t1_iu28zp1 wrote

Yeah, it was released on 5/5 this year and honestly I wouldn't have known if I didn't have friends who keep a closer eye on Sara Bareilles' projects than I do.


ostrich9 t1_iu1dslr wrote

Now if Netflix could pick up the gordita chronicles next...


lifelongbruxr t1_iu1qvka wrote

Why couldn’t they do this with Saved By The Bell?


MarvelMind t1_iu2xtod wrote

Damn, to think way back before these streaming giants there could’ve been something like a 2nd season of Firefly or a way faster made season of Arrested Development. Great to see so many shows find other outlets and have stories end without wondering what could’ve been.


shadowdra126 t1_iu3qc9e wrote

Will the first seasons come to Netflix?


bros402 t1_iu4bxzs wrote

ooh I might actaully watch it then


suddenlyissoon t1_iu4o4oh wrote

Just happy that there's a 3rd season, wherever it may be.


nayapapaya t1_iu5affm wrote

Well it will be nice to actually be able to watch this since we don't have Peacock here.