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Redcandle_15 t1_iugsp25 wrote

I know a few people who loved this show until it started to get negative about the royals, even for stuff that was demonstrably true, so this does track. I guess if you want to be squeamish about dramatising peoples real lives then you need to write off a lot of historical drama.


really-shiny-panties t1_iuh11kr wrote

I don’t think it’s so much anti-royals negativity as much as it is show getting closer to the scandals that everyone remembers

We are now at the scandals that we actually lived through

And that is sensitive


Redcandle_15 t1_iuh184y wrote

Should it be though? A lot of people were cracking up that it documented Charles’ affairs. I get that that would be awkward if William or Harry stumbled onto it but it isn’t fabrication


really-shiny-panties t1_iuh1bj9 wrote


I’m certain that this controversy will blow over when the show itself airs

But there is a lot of jitters because now we are at THAT scandal

Today is the day



GarlVinland4Astrea t1_iuhjbyd wrote

Yup it’s pretty clear the royals and their sympathizers loved the rosy early seasons that glorified Elizabeth and the rest of the family. Once it started getting into more recent issues where they were factually on the wrong side of things, they got pissed. They all just wanted royal propaganda


Sir_Bantersaurus t1_iui4ev6 wrote

I think previously the show was always loosely based on real-life events with the artistic licence being how the writer imaged the Royal Family reacted to those events in private or quite trival stuff. The thing about Charles asking Major to dethrone the Queen is a pretty big departure from that.


Chathtiu t1_iujb1ac wrote

I wouldn’t say the early seasons glorified anyone, least of all Elizabeth. She’s routinely shown to get almost nothing she actually wants done; she’s paralyzed by her office and borderline incompetent as a result.

I don’t know how you can look at seasons 1 and 2 and call it royal propaganda.


Amrywiol t1_iuhaxt7 wrote

I loved the show until it started getting into history I remembered living through and I could see just how much they were slanting or outright making up. As it is I still haven't finished the previous season and probably won't watch the next one.


Redcandle_15 t1_iuhb4w7 wrote

I think they were open from the start that they were slanting though, it’s just it was a bit swooning and more romantic when it was set in the past. I remember the director talking about the Aberfan episode and saying they had to be really cautious because all that stuff really happened and there are still people out there who lived through it, which I guess wasn’t as important for everything else!


saheemy t1_iuhpc06 wrote

They got an attractive actor to play Charles. That part of the show is in Italics, how slanted it is.


zumera t1_iugx5ad wrote

>Many at Netflix were surprised at the interventions, not least because those shouting the loudest hadn’t seen advance previews of The Crown, and were relying on reports that were often misleading.

I’m surprised that they’re surprised. Upset based on unverified, second- and third-hand information is par for the course these days.


Hs39163 t1_iugy3jz wrote

Gotta laugh and brush off anyone going to bat so hard for the royal family. It’s tv. Drama. Goes to show how much influence those Windsor dorks have over the elitist and stuck-up British media.


withaniel t1_iui36di wrote

They devoted a whole episode to how a former King was a Nazi sympathizer, and another on how mentally disabled family members were put in mental institutions and allowed to be presumed dead to keep up appearances of a strong bloodline.

It's funny that they're getting more riled up for the coming depiction of the Royal Family that more people are familiar with. They might as well lean into it a show the Queen ordering the death of Diana.


jogoso2014 t1_iui6m2q wrote

I thought it was weird they delayed the release.

I’m completely out of the demographic of Royal watchers, but think the Crown is one of the best dramas ever on Netflix.

I guess it helps that I consider it fictionalized anyway.

It’s more interesting than the Royal Family.


TexasIsCool t1_iuhk0r5 wrote

This headline needs more quotation marks before I’ll read it.


spate42 t1_iuj7mfl wrote

"No-one is a greater believer in artistic freedom than I, but this cannot go unchallenged."

ya, fuck Judi Dench


BabbleOn26 t1_iuikexz wrote

Judi, don’t do all that. There is literally no reason to bootlick the royal family. They already made you Dame.


Delicious-Tachyons t1_iuirqfg wrote

Why anyone thinks they need to defend the monarchy is beyond reason.