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m48a5_patton t1_itlwlok wrote

Please try to enjoy each episode equally.


Lambchops_Legion t1_itna7j8 wrote

If you enjoy every episode equally, you will get access to 1 hour of the music dance experience.


BornUnderPunches t1_itluo3t wrote

The Leftovers is a great mystery show, albeit with less answers than Severance.

The closest I can think of in feel is probably Devs (great but don’t expect it to be quite as awesome)


captainhaddock t1_itow6rv wrote

Devs isn't nearly as good (to say nothing of the disappointing ending) and survives almost entirely on the strength of Nick Offerman's acting.


barry_thisbone t1_itlz85i wrote

Black Mirror, which you've probably already seen, is thematically and stylistically pretty similar (quality is really inconsistent though).

I'd also recommend Maniac


Illustrious_Big_8485 OP t1_itm2ym3 wrote

Maniac is now on my list too! I found it perusing tv subs.

I’ve definitely seen Black Mirror. It might be due for a re watch (but only some of them)


AmishAvenger t1_itp5wa7 wrote

You mean you’ll be watching the first episode several times


F_N_H_M t1_itoi73w wrote

Mr robot has the same vibe. A show with a proper ending and no loose ends First 3 seasons out of 4 on prime I think.


Locutus747 t1_itowxz5 wrote

All should be on prime in the USA. Recently rewatched some of 4


sodoherty t1_itlv951 wrote

Try “From”.


SQUID_FUCKER t1_itmew32 wrote

There was a few weeks where From, Yellowjackets and Severance were all airing new episodes. Was a great couple weeks for mystery box fans when they overlapped.


Keudn883 t1_itmoizu wrote

I have mixed feelings about that show. The concept is great but by the end of the first season it raised more questions then answers.


Geonjaha t1_itp1xzc wrote

Yeah, I enjoy the show but fear it will fall to the same problem as LOST; becoming more convoluted with fewer and less satisfying answers if any as time goes on. The direction they’re taking the situation in the finale already is one that is unsatisfying to me.


girlsareCREAMY t1_itn95cy wrote

My favorite show of 2022, too bad the name was generic as heck, almost didnt watch it because it seemed very generic.


mdavis360 t1_itoptu8 wrote

Love this show. Reminds me of Lost in a good way.


Illustrious_Big_8485 OP t1_itra86x wrote

Started it last night! The first episode was awesome. Hoping to watch more this week


laser-lotus- t1_itorkh3 wrote

Dark on netflix. but be wary, it's not for everyone and is the most complex and mindblowing show i've ever seen. def watch with subtitles (it's in German), not dub. imo it's probably the greatest sci fi show of all time


lovebooksbooks t1_itmh8by wrote

I just watched S1 too!! So good!!! Absolutely the definition of must watch tv!


jizard t1_itlvmd4 wrote

I just recommended this show on another thread by a user who has seen a LOT of good shows. The first season is gripping in a way very few shows (any?) have been for me - it's a special experience in my opinion. Leftovers is incredible, as mentioned, but far more layered and complex. There's an efficiency to the storytelling in Severance that's pretty satisfying that is hard to find elsewhere


iamdew802 t1_itm3plf wrote

Yellowjackets! Which I mention because I felt the same way about its mystery and relating it to my first time watching lost.


canis_artis t1_itnegfb wrote

In a similar vein: Tales from the Loop

Something that will keep you guessing: The Resort


GiantMimic t1_itomagx wrote

Watched it with my parents not too long ago and same thing, it's probably the best show no one's talking about.

Which is a shame because it really fucking deserves it. It just nails everything so perfectly. The acting, the atmosphere, the writing, the mystery, the camera work and everything. It's all top tier.

But no one's talking about it and no one else I know has seen it


legalizemonapizza t1_itptexk wrote

Severance is in that sweet spot where IRL nobody knows wtf you're talking about, and in TV forums practically everyone has heard of it.


talkinpractice t1_itqdpe3 wrote

>WOW how have I missed this?

That would be because it's on Apple.


Illustrious_Big_8485 OP t1_itrac9u wrote

Update: finished it! That finale 🤯. I was wondering why we didn’t see much of Helly’s outie


tr3v1n t1_itmnjel wrote

Devs and Maniac are the first things that come to mind. I've seen those already recommended, so I'll add Fringe to the list. It is a bit more like X-Files in structure. There are lots of "monster of the week" style stories that tie into a larger overarching narrative. It handles its lore a lot better than X-Files did and wraps up rather nicely in my opinion. I'm not sure if it is still the case but it used to be streaming for free on IMDB.

Another good X-Files adjacent show is Evil, although I wouldn't really classify it as scifi. Take X-Files and swap out the aliens and the FBI for demons and the catholic church.


Regula96 t1_itntsbs wrote

Devs was such a good week to week show. And Fringe! A classic.


Coz91 t1_itna5i9 wrote

I watched the first 4 episodes but gave up, really couldn't get into it.


Regula96 t1_itntlf7 wrote

Very different from Severance, but Apple's ''Servant'' is really enjoyable. Also a wtf is going on type show. Rupert Grint is in it too. It's the only thing I've seen him in except for Harry Potter and he is absolutely killing it.


Far_Administration41 t1_itpifug wrote

Love Severance, but only managed a couple of episodes of Servant. Just couldn’t get into it for some reason.


shaneo632 t1_iuhg5hw wrote

Super late? It only came out a few months ago lol. Such a weird mindset.


Illustrious_Big_8485 OP t1_iuhgzcq wrote

It came out in February, so more than a few months. As someone who normally knows about upcoming shows, I didn’t even know this one existed, hence the title of my post.

What a weird comment.


girlsareCREAMY t1_itn92v5 wrote

You'd have been blind as a fucking bat to never see all the astroturfed posts here about it a few months back which were non-stop.

It was good, but nowhere as near as it was made out to be.


smokymz909 t1_itq2lvi wrote

Or perhaps you just liked it less than the majority of people?

It being good is an opinion, it’s okay if you have a different one