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1964john t1_iu74xxn wrote

Hill Street Blues


jfb3 t1_iu75l86 wrote

I think they should have let Bobby and Renko die in the shootout. I would have loved that show to have a darker tone.

But, the world wasn't ready for that in 1981.


letphilsing t1_iubk74b wrote

well, they did die in the pilot. no other way to understand the pilot.

later... they listened to the water-cooler talk (old-timey version of social media) - which i didn't mind, they became more-rounded characters and were well worth following their growth.


jfb3 t1_iubmguu wrote

Yeah, I meant kept them dead.

They were the two characters I enjoyed watching the most though.


letphilsing t1_iubna82 wrote

agreed. Bringing them back to life ruined, or at least tarnished, a good story arc. But, they were a great part of the post-pilot portion of the show.

kinda win-win! One great pilot, so completely unexpected to see that show up on my tv.


McFeely_Smackup t1_iuc6ky6 wrote

It's funny how Hill Street Blues pioneered the "gritty cop drama" genre, and today it's quaint and semi comedy