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MulciberTenebras t1_iu6mluq wrote

>A former COVID-19 compliance supervisor for Dexter: New Blood is suing Paramount Global, alleging she was hindered from doing her job and ultimately fired to keep the production on track.

>In a lawsuit filed on Thursday in New York federal court, Jennifer Lyon says she was excluded from meetings, provided minimal resources and undermined when she raised COVID compliance concerns in an intentional effort to obstruct her attempts to follow virus protocols. While she was told she had far-reaching authority that extended to halting production, she claims she actually had a toothless position with little power.


JebusJM t1_iu6nm3e wrote

Why did it take her almost 2 years to file a lawsuit?

:EDIT: Instead of downvoting me, how about educating me? Fuck Reddit sometimes.


DJBarber89 t1_iu6va4k wrote

If you’re going after a company as big as Paramount you better have your entire case finished and ready before filing to sue. Takes a long time.


Educational_Dealer95 t1_iu7gf8e wrote

You have to file locally in the State for discrimination cases before you can file a federal lawsuit. That takes a lot of time. Especially since all the courts are backed up since COVID.


MulciberTenebras t1_iu7kl7p wrote

In the meantime, some lower court Trumper judge in the state sided with anti-vaxxers (saying New York has to pay them restituiton and give them back their old jobs if they were fired for refusing to follow Covid guidelines/get vaxxed). So now a higher court has to deal with undoing that bullshit, before a decision can be made in the case of the safety worker suing over conditions.


NAGDABBITALL t1_iu8d5xg wrote

I believe it only applies to government employees, but you might want to corroborate.


ZachDigital t1_iu8351g wrote

reddit is great, some people make it shitty


Mentoman72 t1_iu7mgi1 wrote

I honestly think people downvote or upvote based on whether or not your comments karma is negative or positive. Just need to go along with the rest of the sheep.


earthscribe t1_iu6w5qx wrote

She was probably on set for the studio to check a box. I doubt they expected her to enforce anything that would cause them to lose money.


shiftingtech t1_iu7nm5z wrote

From what I understand, a lot of film & TV projects actually DID take COVID compliance pretty seriously.

You know what's a *little* bit expensive? complying with restrictions from a COVID officer

You know what's a *LOT* expensive? Shutting down your entire production for a couple of weeks because of a COVID outbreak in the core cast (or core crew)


MulciberTenebras t1_iu8olzg wrote

Paramount's owners (at CBS) lean Right, so of course they didn't take COVID compliance (or crew safety) seriously.


JohnnyAK907 t1_iu6vd0i wrote

Can I sue Paramount for the series being complete trash that somehow managed to make the original ending of Dexter somehow better by comparison?


ShanklyGates_2022 t1_iu8lsh7 wrote

Imo it wasn’t even trash though, the show was pretty great up until the final 15-20 minutes of the last episode…which was admittedly so fucking dogshit it ruined the rest of the show. But I really enjoyed it up until then.


cippopotomas t1_iu8z3e4 wrote

The amount of plot contrivances and absurd coincidences were brutal I thought. Intensely lazy writing on what was meant to be a final love letter to the fans.

It borderlines on so bad it's good for me. Angela's reaction to a ton of corpses on display is laughably bad. The entire series of events that enables her to discover Dexter's secret is so incredibly stupid. Random characters disappear or have their motivation outright change on a dime. Almost none of it makes sense.


nevereatpears t1_iud0l5g wrote

Let's not forget the podcaster who took a cocktail making kit in a suitcase around with a police station...


AjvarAndVodka t1_iuactig wrote

New Blood started just as I finished my first run of the OG series. Even tho people didn't like tha later seasons I really enjoyed the whole show.

Plot holes aside, I also loved the direction of New Blood, but damn the last half of last episode completely ruined everything. I know it's usually good to end shows early rather than dragging them on, but damn New Blood needed at least one more season.

The show will still be one of the best experiences in tv for me, but disappointing ending.


drkidkill t1_iu6vna4 wrote

In the show Love which was great, a guy was responsible for the young star of a shows education, production bullied him, even though they know it's the law.


dicklaurent97 t1_iu8ka5i wrote

which season?


knowyourdarkness t1_iu93anu wrote

That's his characters job in the whole show. He's the tutor for the young actress in the witch show.


2012Aceman t1_iu924jb wrote

I wish the hospitals had COVID-19 Safety Workers. Ironically the restrictions were much greater on non-healthcare workers. Couldn’t afford to have them quarantine.


Totalretcon t1_iudwbjr wrote

Is there any more loathesome and useless job title in Hollywood than "Covid-19 Compliance Supervisor"?

Covid is over, go back to being a hall monitor or a Reddit mod or whatever other useless Karen job you did before Covid.


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Totalretcon t1_iufdgoa wrote

It was a useless Karen job then, too, because none of the nonsense they enforced has ever worked.


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Totalretcon t1_iufehdi wrote

The opinions of people who thought a rag on their face or being shooed away from talking to others protected them from a virus hold no value to me.


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Knife2MeetYouToo t1_iu6p915 wrote

> Lyon claims unit production manager and producer Adam Brightman cut corners on safety and undercut her attempts to enforce protocols. “Adam felt threatened by Plaintiff who was an older woman who was serious about protection of the crew and had the authority and discretion to enforce safety on set, even if such enforcement had an impact on production,” claims the complaint. she alleging sexism? Ageism? This seems like she is bitter that they wouldn't let her do whatever she felt like.


knowyourdarkness t1_iu6sanj wrote

They wouldn't let her do her job.


TheSeventhAnimorph t1_iu99s5z wrote

While true, you'd need some pretty specific evidence if you're trying to indicate discrimination; there are obviously other explanations, like the guy just not really caring about Covid safety in comparison to getting the production done.


Educational_Dealer95 t1_iu7g2zg wrote

They hired a guy that didn't know how to do the job at all and made her report to him. Yeah, sounds like all sorts of discrimination. Some people actually take their jobs seriously, especially when people can die.


predictingzepast t1_iu6so74 wrote

Mannequin sues department store over window dressing role, news at 11..


ozas258 t1_iu6waiq wrote

Is this proffesion even a thing? Feels like a made up possition


crowfort t1_iu6xlnz wrote

It is. They have an entire department. Considering when this was shot too, there were a lot of people in that department.


ozas258 t1_iu6ydve wrote

Man thats an easy gig easy money


Kalwest t1_iu7rirm wrote

It really isn’t tho. Deal with alotta bullshit


ozas258 t1_iu9w4kf wrote

Job is like: wear masks, use desinfectant, and prob stay away from each other also vacxiinate. Thats a super hard job ;D


Kalwest t1_iuaj1rc wrote

Are you speaking from experience or just assuming ?


ozas258 t1_iuajp3y wrote

Isent it tho? Like of all the usepess stuff that thing is prob on the more useless side


Kalwest t1_iuaog27 wrote

I don’t understand why you couldn’t just answer my question and we can have a discussion like two adults. Your answer makes me assume that you have no idea what you are talking about.

The job isn’t that simple. COVID halted production for several months and that’s ALOT of money being lost. Equipment, studios and rentals are all still expecting to be paid regardless of filming happening or not. So shutting down for even just a day can cost a production in the 10s of thousands. The issue with covid is that it’s so easily transmisible. So the real risk is someone being asymptomatic and getting a main cast or director sick. Then you can’t film for 10 days and that’s a lot of money being wasted.

So the unions got together and came up with covid safety protocols.

So the job is much more than what you just assumed. COVID team has to test everyone based on their designated zone. That’s 300 plus people a day at times on certain productions. This gets complicated because people take days off, miss test, and even can’t find time during the day to make it to testing. That’s just crew. Cast must also be tested but since actors aren’t on all the time and fly around alot, they must be concierge tested to keep in cadence. Then comes the backgrounds actors.. they must be tested before a fitting (if the production requires fittings) then also tested again before coming on set. That’s tracking maybe 600 people’s test a day. Positive cases then require tracking down any close contacts and keeping the person off set until they are cleared to work again. The back to work agreement also states that mask must be worn indoors and that’s maybe the hardest part. Crew is predominately made up of entitled people whose dad or uncle work/worked in the industry and got them the jobs. So they don’t like to follow the mask rule. It’s a constant struggle of reminding them to wear their mask and them complaining on their personal covid beliefs and why they don’t want to follow a rule. In this persons situation, the higher ups wouldn’t help. So I’d assume a lot of things went bad and production shut down due to covid and they fired her for it. I still didn’t mention the 6 feet, off site testing, air scrubbers, and space requirements needed for catering and holding. To answer your question, like an adult. What I find useless , is talking shit about things I have no idea about.


NerdyDan t1_iu75jqz wrote

You should go do it then


ozas258 t1_iu76aex wrote

Not american and noone cares about covid now gota wait for another virus. Right now i could advise on the Ukraine conflict ;D


NerdyDan t1_iu76d0c wrote

Love that for you. Always trying to make the world a better place from your chair :D


ozas258 t1_iu77ts5 wrote

Heyy sometimes i stand :D but ascam is a scam