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JohnnyAK907 t1_iu6vd0i wrote

Can I sue Paramount for the series being complete trash that somehow managed to make the original ending of Dexter somehow better by comparison?


ShanklyGates_2022 t1_iu8lsh7 wrote

Imo it wasn’t even trash though, the show was pretty great up until the final 15-20 minutes of the last episode…which was admittedly so fucking dogshit it ruined the rest of the show. But I really enjoyed it up until then.


cippopotomas t1_iu8z3e4 wrote

The amount of plot contrivances and absurd coincidences were brutal I thought. Intensely lazy writing on what was meant to be a final love letter to the fans.

It borderlines on so bad it's good for me. Angela's reaction to a ton of corpses on display is laughably bad. The entire series of events that enables her to discover Dexter's secret is so incredibly stupid. Random characters disappear or have their motivation outright change on a dime. Almost none of it makes sense.


nevereatpears t1_iud0l5g wrote

Let's not forget the podcaster who took a cocktail making kit in a suitcase around with a police station...


AjvarAndVodka t1_iuactig wrote

New Blood started just as I finished my first run of the OG series. Even tho people didn't like tha later seasons I really enjoyed the whole show.

Plot holes aside, I also loved the direction of New Blood, but damn the last half of last episode completely ruined everything. I know it's usually good to end shows early rather than dragging them on, but damn New Blood needed at least one more season.

The show will still be one of the best experiences in tv for me, but disappointing ending.