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jogoso2014 t1_iu0q7ln wrote

I thought they announced this a while back.

I just finished it a few weeks ago.

The close captioning for the third season for some reason was absolutely atrocious. I had never seen so many mistakes and I watch anime lol.


lord_pizzabird t1_iu1amgh wrote

Everything about that final season was no good.

Real shame though, s1 was one my favorite shows recent years, but it was clearly struggling with any sense of direction beyond s1.


jogoso2014 t1_iu1eh2u wrote

It also seemed like the completely forgot about the glass eye and I have no idea what was going on with the dad lol.

I was lost so much on the side stories I just focused on the crime aspects.


drvanostranmd t1_iu6qewj wrote

At last someone who I concur with!


lord_pizzabird t1_iu6s779 wrote

I feel like KNEW the show was doomed with S2 started and they brought back the wife, but killed her husband off screen. Their story was done, and it didn't need to be continued at all.


fallstreak80 t1_iu0x2ce wrote

Showtime cancels shows?


tregorman t1_iu14qnm wrote

They cancelled Kidding which I'm still sad about


brisingrbrom t1_iu4m2j6 wrote

I really enjoyed I'm Dying Up Here which also got the boot


JebusJM t1_iu1o9uk wrote

Are you sure they weren't kidding when they cancelled it?


jblanch3 t1_iu1zsew wrote

While it was a good show, I'm not sure where else they could have gone. I thought the finale was excellent in tying up loose ends.


MulciberTenebras t1_iu18asj wrote

Showtime might not be around for much longer.


lord_pizzabird t1_iu1b4rn wrote

This is just a hunch, but I have a feeling Discover/warnermedia is monitoring the situation with Showtime and Paramount, to decide whether or not they'll do something similar with HBO.

What I mean by that is, Discovery + Warner content as part of a basic plan with HBO max as an additional package. Basically re-establishing the way HBO is distributed, to make it more like Cable.

In that scenario Hulu, Discovery, Prime, and Netflix essentially become the streaming equivalent of basic cable, each with their own premium network.


RIPN1995 t1_iu21jxh wrote

They cancelled Ray Donovan which was later finished with a movie.


lightsongtheold t1_iu2208p wrote

They cancel them quite regularly since the change of leadership a few years ago. I’m not sure Showtime as a network will last much longer. They are already talking about closing the cable channel.


Foxy-Knoxy t1_iu0p7nw wrote

Well at least Aldis Hodge has that new Alex Cross series for Amazon.


jogoso2014 t1_iu0qe99 wrote

Not to mention his career defining turn as Hawkman in Black Adam.

That role is sure to go places…


jez124 t1_iu20muj wrote

hopefully it does go places even if the movie is uninspiring.


Delta632 t1_iu0rp74 wrote

Yeah Aldis Hodge was a breakout star from this compelling show. Sorry to see it go.

Kevin Bacon telling the mother in law character that he took a dump and didn’t even wipe the seat lives rent free in my head.


Fat-Villante t1_iu1g3h4 wrote

Ah fuck, it was a fun show with an amazing performance by Kevin Bacon as Jackie Rohr, I never thought he could be so hilarious and despicable


jblanch3 t1_iu1zzi0 wrote

I really wish he could just play an asshole in everything, he's so good at it. Thinking all the way back to Sleepers, he was great in that too.


poemlvr t1_iu1stuh wrote

So disappointed. Absolutely love that show. Kevin Bacon is awesome.. so funny.


yodimboi t1_iu1le48 wrote

Is the ending a cliffhanger or does it work as an ending (to a certain extent at least)?


lightsongtheold t1_iu227d0 wrote

Ending was OK. Wrapped up most the ongoing season story arcs but definitely left some personal drama that would have carried into a 4th season of the show. You can definitely watch it and not feel like it ended on a massive cliffhanger though!


lobroblaw t1_iu1fhjn wrote

Shame. I like this show.


LostOnTheRiver718 t1_iu2snym wrote

Worked on season 2 during the pandemic, yikes that was TOUGH— fabulous cast & crew. KB set such a tone for the cast, was an honor and a pleasure.


RIPN1995 t1_iu21hli wrote

Ah man I really loved Kevin Bacon in this.


xscientist t1_iu1lpiy wrote

Fun at times, but no big loss. Bacon had some great moments.


remember_retro t1_iu1r1pf wrote

I'm disappointed, but as someone who hadnt finished season 3 I really enjoy the show. It does feel like it has declined in quality with each season especially with season 3 having Kevin bacon left the force and is a bodyguard/p.i


Teamnoq t1_iu2hyvp wrote

Most the shows I like and watch get canceled, this must have been a good show, I’ll have to start watching it.

And now you all know why your favorite shows get canceled, it’s because I started watching them.


Mephfosail t1_iu4icvr wrote

Wtf! That was a great show… this sucks


mickeyflinn t1_iu0rpse wrote

And nothing was lost.

This show was all over the road.


AshCal t1_iu0zp99 wrote

Yeah I found that I wasn’t invested enough to keep up with the multiple story lines that kept changing.


mickeyflinn t1_iu181e6 wrote

Exactly they took a great cast, an intriguing setting and just did so much silly shit.


SynthD t1_iu1ajhs wrote

Was it at least consistent? I watched 1 and 2, I should continue?


Apocalyptic0n3 t1_iu3mdoc wrote

The nice thing is that none of the seasons really end on cliffhangers or anything. You can stop whenever. S3 wasn't particularly good, but I thought it was worth watching for Hodge and Bacon. But you're not missing much if you stop with S2.