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What are your thoughts on this? I listened to the writers on a podcast and they said they'd love to adapt the final books.

Amazon seems to have it's hands full with a billion dollar Lord of the Rings adaptation that everyone and their mother seems to hate, so I'm not sure what the chances of it are there, maybe another network/streamer will pick this up eventually?

It's my favorite Sci-Fi show of all time and I'd love to see a proper send off with the last 3 books. Time is on their side also since the story in the last books takes place decades after.



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WeDriftEternal t1_itm6wfo wrote

It doesn’t look likely any distributor wants to pick up the bill for more seasons. It was never really a money maker


tqbh t1_itmem7f wrote

It was basically Bezos' private project. When Firefly was cancelled back then every fan said if they had the money they would try to revive it. That's what Bezos did with Expanse. Just living a nerd's dream.


Faithless195 t1_itn39vs wrote

> It was basically Bezos' private project.

I honestly never believed this. If it genuinely was, he would've continued it. Especially since the books fucking NAILED the ending. But I refuse to believe that Bezos was a massive fan of the series, otherwise he would've let it continue, especially after the series covered some of the slowest books (I love them all, but Babylon's Ashes was...not as faster paced as the rest of the series).


tqbh t1_itn8zek wrote

I remember that he personally announced it during a public event. Why else would he announce a niche project from one of his subsidiaries?

Why did he not renew it already? Well, maybe he saw that a new season is out. Told himself he will watch it as soon as possible, but never got to it. Then when asked if Amazon should renew it, Bezos says he has to watch the last two seasons first... Now everyone's waiting.


DanielCofour t1_itnrq4t wrote

At the time, PrimeVideo was just getting started for real. This is a common tactic of getting new users, fund a beloved franchise with an established fan base which will evangelize the hell out of the show to get more people to join. That's why Bezos announced it, because it made the Expanse fambase go full on Jehovah's Witnesses for the show


tqbh t1_itnyaqr wrote

The show (and fan base) was too small even for Syfy. And how often has fans rallying fans really worked? This is not the prestige project, you want to start your streaming service with. I also remember Bezos being quite giddy while announcing it, because he just got the news right before or even during the event. For me too unusual and too human behavior for a CEO if you are not a genuine fan.


Hexcraft-nyc t1_itooxsr wrote

Exactly this. It would surprise me if Bezos was actually a fan of the IP at all. It was always PR (and it worked great for them). Turning the final trilogy into films is a risk, and Amazon Prime does not make risky content.


Radulno t1_itov7w6 wrote

Yeah that's marketing BS for sure. Hell people seem to forget that Amazon wasn't even the one creating or owning that show. It was Alcon Entertainment with Syfy


MrZeral t1_itr01fe wrote

Yeah not only did they cancel the show, the last season got fuck all 6 episodes to tell the story. You could clearly see they were lacking airtime for the story.


KnotSoSalty t1_itn0oeb wrote

Except sci-fi did the first 3 seasons on their budget, it wasn’t a cheap show but it could be made for the same budget as say Avenue 5.

This article puts it between 3.5-5m/episode.

It’s safe to say they could have made a whole season of The Expanse for the cost of one episode of Rings of Power.


Jimbuscus t1_itpolu1 wrote

Fortunately the final 3 books aren't time sensitive and can be brought back at any point in the future, as opposed to Firefly which couldn't be saved since more than a decade ago.

We'll get the 3 arcs one day, we just don't know when.


Cyrano_Nose t1_iuby2ej wrote

This is the kind of billionaire I would have been.

Every mud everywhere is given free hosting if they want it.

Buy Asheron's Call, Anarchy Online, Daoc and reboot with with modern graphic engines.

Deadwood would never have been cancelled. Same with Rome.

Tom Selleck would have been bribed or blackmailed into making more Jesse Stone movies instead of Blue Bloods.

One way or another, Firefly would have been coming back.

And thats just the off the top of my head stuff I'd do for me, I personally think billionaires have a social responsibility to society. They need to find something they care about and try to fix that.

Like homes for homeless vets etc. And no, throwing money to buy elections just to help ensure you never have to pay higher taxes isnt that.


TheReignOfChaos t1_itob5i7 wrote

Tech-bro just wants to hype space so he can sell his flights. he doesn't give a shit about the IP


No__Mar9ionberry6 t1_itmqv6b wrote

The thing that blew me away with the expanse was the consistency.

It consistently got worse every season. Incredible.


Cantomic66 t1_itqzku7 wrote

Maybe because Amazon has the distribution right at the moment. Maybe once they go back to the production company that made the show, Alcon Ent., they’ll be able to shop the show around to do the last three seasons.


AtheismoAlmighty t1_itm5ojg wrote

I kind of wonder if it might be a movie trilogy that wraps up the books. Since there's a significant time jump after the point that the show ended, that seems like a clean way to make the transition and tell the rest of the story.


TheJoshider10 t1_itmh3vj wrote

In my opinion the final 3 books would be incredibly easy to streamline into movies. Book 7 especially I don't think had enough plot to warrant a season to itself.


Picard2331 t1_itml5wy wrote

Yep, Persepolis Rising was basically just a massive action scene of >!Laconia taking over the whole of humanity with 2 ships!<. Would work great as a movie.


NoNefariousness2144 t1_itn6fv2 wrote

I want to see the end of book 8 with >!the resistance heading through Laconia’s ringgate and charging their planet. Visually I imagine it like the end of Rise of Skywalker with all the ships but better!<.


Picard2331 t1_itnd3i8 wrote

Yeah but that wasn't really a "all ships charge!" attack, it was a carefully planned out siege that lasted quite a long time.

What I want to see is Bobbies Valkyrie scene.

Also in Leviathan Falls when >!Duarte begins to convert mankind into a hivemind and all at once 50 ships turn and start heading straight for the gates!<. That moment gave me chills when I read it lol.

Oh and also also >!When that empty system with the star on the edge of collapse starts boiling and shoots a gamma ray burst through the gate and into another, destroying both, then the ring space beings proceed to wipe out every ship including Medina inside the gate network!<.

Too many awesome moments in the last 3 books lol.


GhostRobot55 t1_itphrqj wrote

God they wrote Bobby so well. You have a character like Amos who's portrayed as nothing but the strongest guy in the series and then in comes Bobby who not only saves everything in the most grandiose action movie way possible but on the way she also had to kick Amos's ass just to put him right.


ragnarok635 t1_iugb3we wrote

Book 8 is basically the setup for Star wars episode IV and it blew my mind that sci fi came full circle


katamuro t1_itmqyrz wrote

I felt the same way about the last one. Because if you only follow the core story it's much shorter, it's the side characters who make up for a lot of volume and frankly while sure they add "meat" to the world they are not exactly needed to tell the story.

Characters of Aliana Tanaka and son of Alex Kamal and their stories made me roll my eyes. I didn't care about them or their stories, telling of the same events from different view points was getting too much as well.


digiad t1_itnfvax wrote

That last book did have a similar story structure to the final Harry Potter book where a large bulk of it is just them being on the run while they figure shit out.


Bovey t1_itml5k9 wrote

There is a time-jump of like 20 years or so between books 6 & 7, then books 7, 8, and 9 all tie closely together as a final trilogy. Amazon has called season 6 the final season, but they also included a bunch of stuff from Laconia which didn't even appear in the main book series (it's from one of the Novellas), which in my mind only makes sense to include if we are going to get the final trilogy at some point.

I'm kind of expecting that it will go dark, maybe for years, and then eventually someone brings back what they can of the original cast, somewhat aged, to finish out the series in some form.

6-seasons and a movie anyone?


Jim3001 t1_itmr30h wrote

The time skip was closer to 30 years. That's not including internal time of the books. The book 'Cibola Burn' takes place over the course of a minimum of 4 years. Hell Abbadon's Gate had a minimum time if 7 months.

By the time you got to the last book the main crew had to be pushing 70 easy.


Kryavan t1_itn00la wrote

But they also take anti-aging meds so they could hand wave a lot of that aging and just make then a bit grayer.


Jim3001 t1_itn24n3 wrote

Not sure about those pills. I remember a few paragraphs about Bobby's knees and Naomi's back.


Kryavan t1_itn2ezl wrote

Yeah, but I'm 27 and regularly have knee and back pain.


Jim3001 t1_itn33e8 wrote

Today, being my 41st Birthday, I can get away with making a joke about 'youngin's being old before their young'.😜


GhostRobot55 t1_itphxm4 wrote

Well they definitely took anti aging pills too though. This conversation about actos and ages has popped up on the sub every week since that book dropped.


jmcgit t1_itqy92e wrote

In those books they're in their 70's but are meant to have the bodies analogous to those of people in their 50's today. Someone might not die of old age until they're in their 100's, but age still comes. It would be possible for a TV series to handwave it but it might feel a little bit cheap. I think if they were to do it today, it'd be better to trim down the 30 years to 10 or so and just skip the idea that many of the invading forces had been born on Laconia and had never seen Sol, which works better in the books anyway.


NotTroy t1_itp1a3k wrote

I think Avasarala is supposed to be in her 80's during the early stuff. This is a future where cancer meds and anti-aging drugs have pushed life expectancy out to (I'd imagine) somewhere in the ~110-120s.


wolfsrudel_red t1_itpyzxa wrote

>life expectancy out to (I'd imagine) somewhere in the ~110-120s

Pretty sure this is explicitly stated a few times


Jim3001 t1_itqfq03 wrote

I know she was well past 100 when she died. But I always chalked it up to her being too stubborn to die and so cranky that heaven and hell were afraid to let her in.


NotTroy t1_itqic1l wrote

I haven't read the books, only watched the show, and I don't think that it's outright talked about in the show.


Radulno t1_itovfou wrote

They didn't, Amazon isn't producing the show, they're the distributor. Alcon probably did that hoping to continue but Amazon said no. Alcon can continue elsewhere (like they did before) but really the show isn't that popular sadly. Getting canceled 2 times isn't exactly the best sales pitch either I think


ussbaney t1_itpco5e wrote

> Amazon has called season 6 the final season, but they also included a bunch of stuff from Laconia which didn't even appear in the main book series (it's from one of the Novellas), which in my mind only makes sense to include if we are going to get the final trilogy at some point.

Yeah, what I think happened is they saw a nature ending point for the TV Show and decided to finish the story they were telling there. The Laconia bits were put in as a sorta back-door micro pilot to a new series that they had not fleshed out yet. Book readers don't really internalize that the first six books and the last three are different thematically and tonally. I think they are just developing a new series to handle the Laconia period of the story.


Kryavan t1_itn0b47 wrote

I'd honestly rather they just reboot the series, and follow the books more closely. Maybe do a movie series instead?


Adenchiz t1_itm6p4y wrote

When they announced the final season, they made it sound like they had something planned for the next 3 books (movie?), but I wonder if that fell through


PlasticMansGlasses t1_itn5eir wrote

They kept hinting that they had something cooking right up until the finale. That all we have to do is wait and that we won't be disappointed!

And then it was radio silence!


IvyGold t1_itncwso wrote

I don't understand why they had the jump forwards with the little girl on Laconia(?) if they weren't going to set a new post-Holden series there.


PlasticMansGlasses t1_itp588h wrote

I know right!? It was direct setup to the storylines from the last three books! I don't think anybody understands either!


GhostRobot55 t1_itpih88 wrote

I think it was just a little love for the book fans. It may have been a goof at the end since it just leaves showwatchers confused but it was cool to see some aspects of Laconia brought to screen.


adflet t1_itpkbtr wrote

I don't think they knew it wasn't going to continue until after the season was finished.

The official line was that they felt it was the right place to stop, but I'm sceptical. Who in a fickle TV industry wouldn't want to continue if it was offered? This says to me that it wasn't offered. It wasn't cancelled, but it wasn't renewed either.

I don't think it's likely we'll ever see it finished, which is a shame. Books 7 and 8 were the best of the series. 9 gave it a satisfying ending but felt a bit rushed to me.


Mattyzooks t1_itpsf2g wrote

Amazon announced season 6 as a shortened final season prior to the premiere of season 5.


MrZeral t1_itrbxok wrote

Same. Baffles my mind why they wasted time on that with already very limited time on the final season...


GhostRobot55 t1_itpio1s wrote

I think they're just both intelligent to a fault and don't like to leave options off the table. It all reminds me of how it felt when the show canceled in the first place. You didn't get the idea they were going to move on immediately to some other thing but they also didn't act like they were going to relentlessly work towards making a revival happen. And then it just did.


Aaaaaaandyy t1_itm4xn8 wrote

Probably not - not enough people watched the show. Plus they’d need all new actors due to the significant time jump between books 6 and 7. I’d love to see it, but I’m not holding out any hope.


PeteSampras_MMO t1_itm7tnx wrote

They wouldn't need new actors. There are previous reddit threads on this that discuss the tech boon to anti aging between the books. The characters are just a little rusty and dumpy but don't age as much in space as you do on a planet eating up sun rays all day. Think about some of our modern 60 year old celebrities that look like they are 30. Anyway, here is the thread.


Aaaaaaandyy t1_itm84nc wrote

Be that as it may, my first (and more pertinent) point stands. Not enough people watched the show; pairing that with a show that’s pretty expensive to make does not bode well. Honestly, I’m thrilled we even got 6 seasons. It’s so rare that a show with a relatively small audience gets revived as it did.


GhostRobot55 t1_itpjaiv wrote

Maybe we just need a cultural shift towards space stuff again, been a lot of medieval and post apocalyptic shit recently, society's ripe for another space phase.


bsischo t1_itm4x4l wrote

I hope so. I’m just reading the books for the first time and I’m enjoying the series on dvd. Guess we can only hope.


GeekdomCentral t1_itm5ry4 wrote

I could have sworn that they said season 6 was the last one, but I don’t remember for sure


PhoenixReborn t1_itmb0yl wrote

I think Amazon called it a final season. The writers have been a little coy and at one point called it a pause.


JohnnyAK907 t1_itmf4un wrote

They spent about 20% of the remaining run time in an already cramped season setting up characters and situations that directly lead into the final arc of the story but weren't at all necessary for that season. Why would they do that if this was meant to be the final season?


GhostRobot55 t1_itpj3zb wrote

I think there's a chance that they were going for the dual purpose of potentially setting up later stuff in the hopes of getting picked back up but also being a smile wink and nod to book readers in the event that it didn't happen.

Or shit it could just marketing for their books, series is over but I bet you wanna find out what all this is about huh?


GeekdomCentral t1_itmm0ol wrote

I haven’t watched it so I’m just completely guessing here - and it’s entirely possible that I misremembered or misheard! That’s just what I thought I remembered hearing


lontrinium t1_itmn2wn wrote

They did spend a lot of money on the last season's sets.

I thought they might at least make a few longer episodes to use them.


blackwidowink t1_itn7mvx wrote

I don’t have any written proof of it, but I work in film and I’ve spoken with one of the directors that worked on the series many times.

They seem to think that there is a high chance of the final books being produced as either a couple of movies or as a limited series.

Fingers crossed with the rest of you!


[deleted] t1_itm5st9 wrote



Aaaaaaandyy t1_itm739s wrote

No the first season was part of book 1, the second season was the last part of book 1 and half of book 2, season 3 was half of book 2 and all of book 3, then seasons 4-6 each encompassed it’s corresponding book.

Based on the books, I feel like book 7 could be significantly condensed to 2-3 hours, but books 8-9 are pretty dense in plot, which could take a while.


Maverick916 t1_itmyapp wrote

They stretched the first season i bet, because Thomas Jane was the biggest star on the show, and he was going to die at the end of the first book, so they stretched him in to it as long as they could. (I know hes still there as his echo or whatever, but not the same capacity)

Then they fast tracked to the end of book 3 by the end of season 3 because the end of book 3 was awesome.


kathryn13 t1_itm7x17 wrote

I want them to wait. The producers seem a little burned out after 6 seasons. Let the series continue to attract watchers on Amazon Prime and hopefully become a cult hit. There's a huge time jump so the series has the luxury of time. Everyone can come back to it with renewed passion. I want to avoid the final 3 books become like the final 3 seasons of Game of Thrones *opinion warning* which I feel were rushed because of showrunner/producer fatigue. I enjoyed it so much, I want quality when it comes to production of the last 3 books which were really my favorite in the whole 9 book series.


elister t1_itmcos7 wrote

I want this so bad, but when you think about it, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was made 40 years ago and it covered most of the first book and part of the 2nd. Theres 3 more books to go, yet there are no plans to make them. Hulu announced a show, but that was 3 years ago, no script, no cast, no director, no sets built, im pretty sure its dead.


JohnnyAK907 t1_itmetru wrote

I think Bezos lost interest in this show when RoP came around, and he sunk the majority if the studios funds into that project instead. Now that RoP has been met with a resounding "meh" it is possible interest may reignite in finishing the story.


GhostRobot55 t1_itpjgp6 wrote

Lol its so true about RoP. It's not even reviled like the last GoT seasons or Star Wars movies, just an overall of feeling of whatevs.


urgasmic t1_itmifdl wrote

i thought Alcon and the writers were pausing on purpose with the timeskip and such and that they would return to it eventually in some form.


Cyyyyk t1_itn4xro wrote

I sure hope so.


careless_swiggin t1_itny7a4 wrote

truthfully, best case they wait 20 years to match the timeskip in the books. no need for any bullshit, just patience


VentusHermetis t1_itsxm6u wrote

Seasons five and six were dogshit, and season four was just good.

If they bring this back with the same writers, I'm not watching it.


meowskywalker t1_itmfa5h wrote

Considering how godawful the budgets are on the Amazon episodes, I don’t really wanna see it come back until either humanity magically decides to start giving sci-fi the credit it deserves, or until television budgets are no longer assigned based on potential profitability.


Stemnin t1_itmqljl wrote

I've assumed it was going to be a Telltale game if the Drummer one does alright. Or they animate it with the cast.


papadjeef t1_itmuocb wrote

I was sure I'd come in here and someone else would have read the same article that I did. If only I could remember where it was from...

The article made the point that the deal with SyFy only let Amazon use the show title for the last season and a movie. My understanding was the plan is movie then 'new' show for the later books.


GhostRobot55 t1_itpjl7i wrote

Huh. Crazy how that's the one possibility I never thought of and never gets mentioned in the sub. A movie first then a new series, interesting.


monocromatica t1_itmzqai wrote

Maybe in 30 years! Waiting for the actors to get older.


GNOIZ1C t1_itn5jz1 wrote

Hand-wave it with "anti-aging drugs" as referenced in the books, give the cast a little bit of a makeover, and call it five to ten years!


chuffpost t1_itn099a wrote

Maybe once they finish their Ringworld adaptation


KnotSoSalty t1_itn0r4h wrote

It’s a damn shame, because the later books are some of my favorites.


farrowsharrows t1_itn2bk0 wrote

I'd love it if so it was the best sci-fi show anywhere


BA_calls t1_itnpm6e wrote

Definitely not from the same creators & cast. If it happens, they’ll make it as a movie series or reboot.


Joka0451 t1_itnsox3 wrote

Rings of power really isn't as bad as people are saying I think it's the cool thing to hate alongside people's favourite youtubers. It's not the best. But it's not that bad. Season 2 might be more people's speed as middle earth becomes the Grimdark shitshow


A-Market-Socialist t1_itpk089 wrote

It's not about Rings of Power being absolute dreck, it's about them spending an ungodly amount of money to create something that is absolutely middling up until the last two episodes. And after the absolute hatcher job they did on Wheel of Time, people are out of charitability to give to Amazon at this point.


Nik_Tesla t1_itnt5bj wrote

> Time is on their side also since the story in the last books takes place decades after.

That's kind of the problem, they aren't going to recast, and just putting everyone in old age makeup would look bad. It isn't just a small time jump either, it's 30 years. Plus with the scandal around Cas Anvar (Alex Kamal) and how they killed his character off rather than recast, it kind of puts a wrinkle in matching things up with the books going forward.

I think they picked a perfect place to end the show naturally, and on a high note.


GhostRobot55 t1_itpjoz4 wrote

The books plainly mention they take anti aging drugs, almost as if Corey and Ty were planning the film adaption logistics as they were writing it.


jfortyfourj t1_ito38bw wrote

I will never finish the last season of this show until they do this. The show just feels incomplete


Neracca t1_itof84q wrote

God I fucking hope so. I NEED the show to finish.


FiteMeIRL_I_TraneUFC t1_itowvf1 wrote

Man, this was such a good sci-fi show! I love everything about it. 🤙‍


OK_Opinions t1_itq36pe wrote

probably not. I really enjoyed the show but the last couple season storlines were complete shit. Really, anything after the protomolecule stopped being the main focus was shit. The whole Marco/Filip/Naomi story just dragged on too long and was nowhere near as interesting as the protomolecule stuff before it


MrZeral t1_itqrxgy wrote

I doubt any other network will take it over but I'm hoping. But I guess I'll have to pick up books to learn how that stuff finishes.


PlayedUOonBaja t1_itr242k wrote

I kinda have hope since Bezos is a big fan, Bezos has God money, a television production studio, and a platform to air it. The ending felt very open ended. I can't imagine they'd waste so much of the last season building up what was going on with Laconia if they didn't expect they'd be able to finish that storyline one day. It felt more like the ending of a movie with the potential for sequels than the ending of a TV Show.

I will say that I expect a TV Movie or maybe a miniseries instead of just a new season or two.


antaresiv t1_itrfjdk wrote

Maybe in a few years


douchiesnacks t1_itmolmd wrote

Probably not. The quality of the show dropped massively once it was picked up by Amazon, which led to a huge drop in viewership.


GNOIZ1C t1_itn51za wrote

I've kept tabs on some of the showrunners, writers, etc. on Twitter, and there's the occasional "we can't say anything, yet."

Which currently seems like they're trying to shop it around to see if anyone will pick it up and continue the story, and may be in some form of talks here or there to figure it out. Personally, I believe it's just a lot of kicking the tires.

On paper, it's got plenty going for it: Excited fanbase, still an in-demand show on Prime Video despite not having a new episode in almost a year, workable on a SyFy budget, some pretty big plot hooks to continue after S6, etc. And not for nothing, there's a TellTale game coming out to flesh out Drummer's backstory with Cara Gee reprising her role via VO. I'd hope that counts for some sort of general market interest/desire by Alcon Entertainment et al to keep The Expanse top of mind.

Here's hoping that somewhere in a few years they get locked in with someone ready to pick it up!


GhostRobot55 t1_itpjy64 wrote

If nothing else some part of that duo is clearly very good at schmoozing with industry insiders.


ragnarok635 t1_iugbwwz wrote

If you’re talking about Ty, he’s been around executive producers forever now. He definitely can get someone’s ear


GhostRobot55 t1_iuge48i wrote

That makes sense I've listened to that podcast with him and that guy and half of it is stories about that stuff.


Mattyzooks t1_itpstd7 wrote

Honestly I'll take an animated conclusion if that's the only thing on the table.


Columbus43219 t1_itobkhf wrote

I'm confused by The Expanse. Everyone crowed about how good the show was, but it didn't catch me.

So I listened to the audiobook, and I loved it.

The two didn't seem to match very well, so why the fanfare?


Darth_Ewok14 t1_itmkyhz wrote

I think it’s mainly just Reddit that seems to hate the rings of power. It is unfortunate that it’s pushing other shows the side though


Gasa1_Yuno t1_itmu8jh wrote

Don't let them make any more please.

I love the casting so much. But each season further they butcher the storyline more and more.


GNOIZ1C t1_itn5vu9 wrote

I'm genuinely curious, what did they butcher? As book to series adaptations go, I felt this one was fairly close.


Gasa1_Yuno t1_itnkhfe wrote

Well spoilers ahead:

Every season there were lots of changes I felt had a negative impact on the show.

The one that always comes front to mine was the introduction of the rocks. ~s5 Fillip stealing the Stealth paint as the introduction to the character and the only hint of the plan to throw rocks at Mars was infinitely superior to what happened in the show. Having Ashford as a different character and way more marcos pov time lead to the extra hints and wait.

Book 3 as a whole because of the cancellation was also butchered but they have an obvious reason for that one. Ana and Tilly ( who doesn't die in books) along with holden lost so much here. Particularly the scenes around holdens vision in the ring hub and all of Ana and Tilly's great time together.

S4 as a whole lost so much to cuts in time. This season was huge for miller and holden, both who lost a large amount of time in the light. Elvie also who was 1/4th of the book lost alot and she's arguably more important to the story than almost everyone in the universe.

THE CHURN! They did my boy dirty, after all these years. I can only pray to God they have a movie written they're pitching around. Fucking kickstarter it if you have to.


Mattyzooks t1_itpt7z6 wrote

At the same time, I'd argue they wasted too much time on Cibola Burn and Nemesis Games. Still with their speed-running through the book plot points, we kind of got the worst of both worlds.


Gasa1_Yuno t1_itptx1n wrote

The speed running killed alot of the show for me.

Honestly if the casting wasn't so perfect on the crew / Queen of earth I think I would of quit the show.


mickeyflinn t1_itpttu0 wrote

I don't know about the butchering of the books stories. I really see that as a non-issue as the TV show is an adaption, but Seasons 4 and 5 were terrible, 6 was meh