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tqbh t1_itmem7f wrote

It was basically Bezos' private project. When Firefly was cancelled back then every fan said if they had the money they would try to revive it. That's what Bezos did with Expanse. Just living a nerd's dream.


Faithless195 t1_itn39vs wrote

> It was basically Bezos' private project.

I honestly never believed this. If it genuinely was, he would've continued it. Especially since the books fucking NAILED the ending. But I refuse to believe that Bezos was a massive fan of the series, otherwise he would've let it continue, especially after the series covered some of the slowest books (I love them all, but Babylon's Ashes was...not as faster paced as the rest of the series).


tqbh t1_itn8zek wrote

I remember that he personally announced it during a public event. Why else would he announce a niche project from one of his subsidiaries?

Why did he not renew it already? Well, maybe he saw that a new season is out. Told himself he will watch it as soon as possible, but never got to it. Then when asked if Amazon should renew it, Bezos says he has to watch the last two seasons first... Now everyone's waiting.


DanielCofour t1_itnrq4t wrote

At the time, PrimeVideo was just getting started for real. This is a common tactic of getting new users, fund a beloved franchise with an established fan base which will evangelize the hell out of the show to get more people to join. That's why Bezos announced it, because it made the Expanse fambase go full on Jehovah's Witnesses for the show


tqbh t1_itnyaqr wrote

The show (and fan base) was too small even for Syfy. And how often has fans rallying fans really worked? This is not the prestige project, you want to start your streaming service with. I also remember Bezos being quite giddy while announcing it, because he just got the news right before or even during the event. For me too unusual and too human behavior for a CEO if you are not a genuine fan.


Hexcraft-nyc t1_itooxsr wrote

Exactly this. It would surprise me if Bezos was actually a fan of the IP at all. It was always PR (and it worked great for them). Turning the final trilogy into films is a risk, and Amazon Prime does not make risky content.


Radulno t1_itov7w6 wrote

Yeah that's marketing BS for sure. Hell people seem to forget that Amazon wasn't even the one creating or owning that show. It was Alcon Entertainment with Syfy


MrZeral t1_itr01fe wrote

Yeah not only did they cancel the show, the last season got fuck all 6 episodes to tell the story. You could clearly see they were lacking airtime for the story.


KnotSoSalty t1_itn0oeb wrote

Except sci-fi did the first 3 seasons on their budget, it wasn’t a cheap show but it could be made for the same budget as say Avenue 5.

This article puts it between 3.5-5m/episode.

It’s safe to say they could have made a whole season of The Expanse for the cost of one episode of Rings of Power.


Jimbuscus t1_itpolu1 wrote

Fortunately the final 3 books aren't time sensitive and can be brought back at any point in the future, as opposed to Firefly which couldn't be saved since more than a decade ago.

We'll get the 3 arcs one day, we just don't know when.


Cyrano_Nose t1_iuby2ej wrote

This is the kind of billionaire I would have been.

Every mud everywhere is given free hosting if they want it.

Buy Asheron's Call, Anarchy Online, Daoc and reboot with with modern graphic engines.

Deadwood would never have been cancelled. Same with Rome.

Tom Selleck would have been bribed or blackmailed into making more Jesse Stone movies instead of Blue Bloods.

One way or another, Firefly would have been coming back.

And thats just the off the top of my head stuff I'd do for me, I personally think billionaires have a social responsibility to society. They need to find something they care about and try to fix that.

Like homes for homeless vets etc. And no, throwing money to buy elections just to help ensure you never have to pay higher taxes isnt that.


TheReignOfChaos t1_itob5i7 wrote

Tech-bro just wants to hype space so he can sell his flights. he doesn't give a shit about the IP


No__Mar9ionberry6 t1_itmqv6b wrote

The thing that blew me away with the expanse was the consistency.

It consistently got worse every season. Incredible.