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Cyrano_Nose t1_iuby2ej wrote

This is the kind of billionaire I would have been.

Every mud everywhere is given free hosting if they want it.

Buy Asheron's Call, Anarchy Online, Daoc and reboot with with modern graphic engines.

Deadwood would never have been cancelled. Same with Rome.

Tom Selleck would have been bribed or blackmailed into making more Jesse Stone movies instead of Blue Bloods.

One way or another, Firefly would have been coming back.

And thats just the off the top of my head stuff I'd do for me, I personally think billionaires have a social responsibility to society. They need to find something they care about and try to fix that.

Like homes for homeless vets etc. And no, throwing money to buy elections just to help ensure you never have to pay higher taxes isnt that.