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Chataboutgames t1_itscjqx wrote

This novel fucking haunts me. The movie was good too, not entirely sure about a TV shoe as a structure but I’m game to give it a go


MisterBeebo t1_itsm3yo wrote

Agreed. TV boots provide ankle support and a better structure overall.


AshgarPN t1_itur0k3 wrote

>TV boots provide ankle support and a better structure

What about reboots?


mytoemytoe t1_itusl1o wrote

Resident Evil boots? Only if they’re the old kind where you have to turn first before you advance forward


AbbieNormal t1_ittk6cg wrote

Right there with you!
Before the movie, I'd read the book with no idea about plot/anything except "by the Remains Of the Day" author.

FUCKING WRECKED by the last chapters. (Beautifully done obv, 100% do rec reading for anyone who hasn't, just... wow & oof.)

Can def see TV working better then the film, because the slow reveals & character-building events almost felt underdeveloped in the film, vs the book. A limited series would allow similar plot points to be appropriately devastating, beautiful, poignant, all the things—more fully & deliberately.


geoman2k t1_itv9kt0 wrote

Honestly I thought the story was too thin even for a feature length movie... It has been a long time since I watched it but I remember that I more or less guessed where it was headed by the end of the first act and then the rest was kinda boring waiting for it all to unfold. I have a hard time seeing how this depressing story that hinges almost entirely on one twist will work as a multi-episode series.

Maybe there's more to the book though.


YoYoMoMa t1_itv9zyw wrote

The movie was so damn good.

But this doesn't seem like a good setup for a show, unless it is a limited series (or it goes in a completely different direction).


enelyaisil t1_ittq6vj wrote

I can’t use the word complete without associating it with death since I read the novel


TheShoddyMiner t1_itvrz0s wrote

I read it 15 years ago and had to immediately give it away not because it was so good ( because it was) but because it caused real heart ache and I knew i would never be able to read it again, it haunts me too!!


Jayang t1_itsopfy wrote

>The thriller series will follow Thora (Viola Prettejohn), a rebellious teenage clone who escapes from the boarding school where she and her fellow clones are kept hidden from society. As she starts living undercover in the outside world, she unwittingly sets in motion events that will spark a revolution and test the boundaries of what it means to be human.

I'm a bit skeptical since this isn't actually an adaptation of the original book, and the description implies the series will veer more into YA territory, which seems a bit antithetical to the message of the book. But I hope that Ishiguro's hand in the production will help steer this project into a good direction.


amcfatboy t1_itt233m wrote

God it sounds like they’re going to ruin it The Handmaid’s Tale style. That book was haunting because of the hopelessness. Ishiguru’s books are about people’s need to serve at their own expense, not rebellion.

“In every endeavor, we care about this so much, and this is what fascinates me about people and it touches me about people,” he said. “It moves me about human beings, in (their) struggle to do something that they think will bring them dignity and pride and a sense of self-worth. And so I often show people in service because that is such a huge part of who we are.”

His books are about serving a master’s will and not standing up for other’s or your own safety or freedom, in order to serve the ‘greater good’ of society, which is the tragedy. If they pay lip service to that, and then turn it into a hero chase, catch and release show like ‘Handsmaid’ I’ll throw up.


Kheten t1_ittesvh wrote

To me his work speaks to the fact that every moment of your life is either spend in accordance to your own purpose or in service of someone else's purpose.

Like how each action to act as a part of a greater whole is a theft from some unrealized personal future.

Every mundane choice to be a part of something eats away at their individuality and how each of those tiny choices shapes remorse and longing for a future they chose to ignore.

This sentiment is like the entire point of What Remains of the Day. He tries to be cute at the end say Stevens tries to live with this knowledge but turns around and remains in his job to a different employer. lmao


future_shoes t1_ittu5ez wrote

There is a Japanese TV series from a few years back based on it as well. I don't know how faithful that was to the books either but wouldn't be surprised if the US show is more based on that than the book.


TheWholeOfTheAss t1_itw3lxp wrote

Sounds like a major departure. I guess they’re going in this direction as the original plot wouldn’t support multiple seasons. I read the book and the outline does nothing for me. Might be good.


AshgarPN t1_iturcpb wrote

Sounds like post-end-of-book fanfic Handmaid's Tale style. If you're eventually going to have the oppressive state taken down by the people, it kind of negates the whole message of the book, no? It's supposed to be depressing and hopeless.


rrcecil t1_itsdy8d wrote

This is going to make me ugly cry.


MOOzikmktr t1_itse56r wrote

That film was outstanding, but I'm just not sure about how they extend the story for this series...regardless if the author and Alex are in decision-making roles...


the_blessed_unrest t1_itsmwyt wrote

There’s nothing in the article to say it won’t be a limited series, right? (But there’s nothing to say it will be)


HumanOrAlien OP t1_itsuttu wrote

A lot of FX's Hulu exclusive shows are limited series. Actually almost every single FX made Hulu Original has been a limited series except for only Reservation Dogs iirc.


Rosebunse t1_itswq9c wrote

I don't know how I feel about this. I thought part of the point of the book and movie were just how hopeless things were.


ColdCruise t1_itt2z7j wrote

The description sounds like exactly the opposite of what the book was trying to do. I have 0 faith in most tv adaptations anymore.


Whalesurgeon t1_itu8dwj wrote

Can only trust adaptations based on what are basically history books like House of the Dragon.

Can't despoil the message if there is none.


madmadaa t1_itsiz7w wrote

It's morbid time.


cantevenwut t1_itshhbx wrote

Are we not already depressed enough right now?


fubooze t1_itslc6w wrote

Didn’t they already make a movie?


ohdearitsrichardiii t1_itttmca wrote

I bet they think it will be a new Handmaid's Tale, and they'll probably drag out the story beyond the book and focus on the body horror and add gory stuff that wasn't in the book


HumanOrAlien OP t1_itu4lgg wrote

It'll most probably be a limited series considering every single FX on Hulu show has been a limited series except for Reservation Dogs.


jacksev t1_itshgpo wrote

I never read the book but the movie messed me up. I'm excited!! lol


fax5jrj t1_itso69g wrote

I don’t rlly remember the movie tbh bc we read the book in a class and then watched the movie but the book haunts me and is one of my favorites.

I remember so many people got mad at the fact that they in theory could’ve left at any time without realizing that was like…. the point haha


DrestinBlack t1_ittv3rt wrote

Oh! I’m not excited for this.

A Part of what made the Book/Movie work so well for me, what set it apart, is how the clones were raised to accept their fate as just how things go. Not being taught or exposed to any other way, they didn’t have a reason to rebel or escape - they weren’t taught that what was happening to them was “wrong.” They accepted the process and their fate. They didn’t know different. And when love happened, they were upset that the system didn’t adjust for them to postpone a bit so they could enjoy love for a while. But it was still inevitable that they’d fulfill their role, as they were raised to believe and understand. It was their role, and that was normal. They wouldn’t ask us to pity them for donating, they ask for sympathy that they didn’t have more time to love a bit.

If this series changes it so that somehow upon discovering (what they already knew) they’d decide to run away to expose their purpose and becomes a story about the evil corporations filled with old white capitalist men did - well, we just went back into old SF territory. We’ve already read and seen material on clones unknowingly used for organ harvesting or body replacement and then they discover this, because no one told them and out come Michael Bay chase scenes and pew pew lasers. I fear this series will ruin and lose that … feeling that was handled so well.

I’ll be willing to give it an episode or two, but as soon as i see old, typical tropes I’m out of there. I don’t want my memories of the original material ruined.

This reminds me of how the TV version of Let The Right One In is going. LTROI had an entirely unique approach to the subject and it’s focus was not on the background, and barely on the mechanics or how’s/whys. It was far more about a unique relationship with a lonely young boy and his strange new friend.


ZombieFluffy t1_itsjvto wrote

I remember watching the film not knowing what it was about and it wrecked me more than any other film.


pawnografik t1_ittghgb wrote

I never saw the film because I simply couldn’t face it after the book. Can’t remember any other novel making me feel the way that novel made me feel.

Brilliant writing.


yonicwave t1_itsmkbu wrote

i’m excited for this, though i love the movie. i would love to see a klara and the sun adaptation as well. that one hit me hard in many of the same ways


blue_boy_robot t1_itsqo4u wrote

I feel like this is going to be an 'adaptation' in name only. There's no way they're not going to turn this into a dumb thriller about clones.


myislanduniverse t1_itsxnas wrote

I never read the book but goddamn did the movie gut me. Ugly cry.


resetar t1_itsy1db wrote

Will they turn a great novel into some diarrhea-ic confection of sassy teens and doomed romance?


jfstompers t1_itt4j9w wrote

The book is pretty amazing for anyone looking for something to read.


VitaminTea t1_itx19dq wrote

“Amazing” is putting it lightly! On a short list of the best novels of the 21st century, I think.


LadySlander t1_ittcqq1 wrote

That book scarred me for life


The-Male-G-Spot t1_itvdwg0 wrote

>The thriller series will follow Thora (Viola Prettejohn), a rebellious teenage clone who escapes from the boarding school where she and her fellow clones are kept hidden from society. As she starts living undercover in the outside world, she unwittingly sets in motion events that will spark a revolution and test the boundaries of what it means to be human.

This sounds absolutely nothing like the book, so to those expecting an adaptation, be warned.


whichwitch9 t1_itta44t wrote

This can be the best series ever, but I know I can't watch it after reading the book. The book is amazing, but high on my list of "I will never reread this" as well.


keving87 t1_itttxwr wrote

I haven't read the book but I liked the movie... but seeing as how it needs the definite end, I'm not sure a long running show can do well. If it's a limited/miniseries then that'd work best.


HumanOrAlien OP t1_itu4j9y wrote

It'll most probably be a limited series. Most 'FX on Hulu' shows are.


jjohnber2c t1_ittun7k wrote

I watched the movie like 12 years ago. Saddest most depressing shit I’d ever seen. The mere thought or sound of that title turns all the colors I see into shades of blue and grey. Sure, in some way that makes it a beautiful tragedy in some way, but I have no reason to rekindle a decade-long melancholy with a second viewing or “reimagining” of the most depressing story I’ve ever seen. The movie was more than enough lol, and I’m sad as shit as it is. Just my two cents Reddit lol. It literally is the saddest movie I’ve ever seen.


Barry_Brickman t1_itu2rfp wrote

Marc Munden (Utopia) is directing the pilot!


DeadSharkEyes t1_itvab9l wrote

Didn't read the book but that movie was depressing as hell.


ariverunsthroughit t1_itvcoz5 wrote

Can we not get a decent story that hasn’t already been told by a book, movie, or heck, even both in this case??


gilgasmashglass t1_itslyjj wrote

This book fucked me up when I was in middle school. I have not watched the movie but I may give it a try so that I can compare it to the tv series.


Mental5tate t1_ittssrg wrote

So it’s like Dawson’s Creek Gattaca


loserys t1_itvdi6z wrote

Weird seeing so many things that had already been adapted into some of my favorite movies from the last decade make a comeback as peak tv era shows. I’m expecting a Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy / George Smiley series any day now.


IV4K t1_itv1b6j wrote

They all gonna die in the end.


mattyslappypants t1_ittg7z0 wrote

I'll take Things No One Asked For, for $1000