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For a show that should have ended a long time ago I thought they handled parodying IT into a comedy really well! Almost all the jokes landed which is pretty shocking as someone who's been watching the Simpsons since I was 12, most of the newer episodes are shit to bad.

Does anyone else think they should just stop coming out with seasons and just do Halloween specials?



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oxfozyne t1_iubf5v0 wrote

Been watching since the first episode, the last few seasons have had a lot of gems.


strangehitman22 OP t1_iubfbuu wrote

The one with Marge and Homer in the forest last year was probably the best in a while tbh


Tlr321 t1_iuc43yl wrote

A Serious Flanders was also quite good last season.


ReservoirDog316 t1_iuhju5z wrote

I just watched it based off your recommendation and that was one of my favorite episodes of The Simpsons ever! I love the Coen brothers and the Fargo tv show so a spoof of them being that well done was just amazing to me.


[deleted] t1_iubmmjr wrote



strangehitman22 OP t1_iuboehb wrote

Pixelated and Afraid


appletinicyclone t1_iubr5bx wrote

>Pixelated and Afraid

What happened in it?


strangehitman22 OP t1_iubt617 wrote

Homer and Marge get lost in the woods, won't spoil it, watch it yourself!


appletinicyclone t1_iudo1uw wrote

I'm unlikely to watch it unfortunately

Was a big fan but difficult to get into If it isn't just randomly on in the background like it was when I was a kid


TuvixWillNotBeMissed t1_iubv1hf wrote

It's like the opposite of all those, "Homer does something dumb and threatens their marriage" episode. It's also pretty intense.


kjhwkejhkhdsfkjhsdkf t1_iuez0kn wrote

I started watching this season again after probably 15? years of not really watching it, and it's not bad.


Kevbot1000 t1_iufqxfs wrote

Matt Selman has pulled the bar up pretty high on that show.


BrotherKanker t1_iubgttq wrote

I'll admit it, "super intense kid Chalmers" did get a chuckle out of me.


strangehitman22 OP t1_iubh0vc wrote

"I BLAME CANCEL CULTURE" as krusty dies was pretty funny also


WarcraftFarscape t1_iudd5ju wrote

The best nickname in all of basketball is “Super Nintendo chalmers”, former heat player. His real name is Mario Chalmers


Thetimmybaby t1_iubg0oi wrote

The new writers have really brought the show back from the dead


SPorterBridges t1_iubuzli wrote

I swear someone says this every couple of years about the Simpsons.


TheD0rkKnight t1_iueyflv wrote

As someone who has been watching since season 1, but stopped around season 10.. these new seasons are pretty darn good! Good writing, plots, and actually funny. Definitely more adult at times than the past, however.


DabbinOnDemGoy t1_iui4d8t wrote

Every couple of years it does improve. It just degrades again, too.


Villeto t1_iucwb9r wrote

And it’s always a dirty lie.


GeronimoSonjack t1_iucf6i9 wrote

It comes off as astroturfing at this point, always the same pattern, someone cites a single episode as being unusually good, other people turn up to point out there's been lots of good new episodes lately, they've really turned the show around etc

Meanwhile the show is still utter garbage in reality.


Uptons_BJs t1_iud6tl2 wrote

Here's the reality: every single week millions of people around the world still watch.

I've seen every single damned episode of the show like, multiple times.

So yeah, when you go online, you will see people say "hey, the recent seasons are pretty good". Hell, I'd consider the last season above median in quality. But like, I happily watched season 13, season 22, etc, etc.

Outside of a few offensively bad episodes like Lisa Goes Gaga, I'd happily watch an episode of post season 20 Simpsons over at least 70% of the sitcoms on tv today. And I religiously watch sitcoms, I watch them all the time.


flaker111 t1_iufw9mz wrote

> every single week millions of people around the world still watch.

i think people only watch cuz its ingrained. but post season ~20 i gave up on the simpsons other than halloween episodes.

bob's burgers kinda filled out what the simpsons used to be imo.


Dayofsloths t1_iucux7d wrote

It may be terrible compared to the great seasons, but it's still average for animated sitcoms right now. That's because of how many truly awful ones there are.

Like, new Simpsons isn't good, but it's not offensively bad like new family guy.


DoneDidThisGirl t1_iud03i9 wrote

Family Guy’s storytelling is shit but you can be guaranteed at least one good laugh per episode.

The same can’t be said for The Simpsons.


DoneDidThisGirl t1_iud00ax wrote

It is, and I fall for it every time. I come back every season for a few episodes because of some Reddit comment and it’s still the flat, pretentious, and unfunny show it’s been for the past twenty years.

The adaptation of It to the Simpsons universe was clever and well-done, but I didn’t laugh at a single “joke” the entire episode.


Dohi64 t1_iubgemg wrote

I totally expected it to be part of this year's treehouse of horror and also to suck, but it was pretty good.


RedDurden_00 t1_iudewvj wrote

My favourite from the tree house of horror is when James Earl Jones narrated a segment about the Raven


MiloTheMagnificent t1_iuddx63 wrote

I enjoyed it. It was a good parody of Stephen King and not just IT


wrongkeykong t1_iufmid5 wrote

Agreed, they put in a lot of effort.

I like reverse Bart and Lisa. "Lisa, my special little girl!"


Mentoman72 t1_iudlskt wrote

I don't watch much of the Simpsons but I watched this one. The animation was great! Puts family guy to shame.


hazychestnutz t1_iufm113 wrote

If you thought the it episode was amazing, check out the last couple of seasons. It returned to its former glory tbh


NotoriousREV t1_iud5ojw wrote

My handy guide to The Simpsons:

  • 4:3 = best
  • 16:9 = OK
  • 16:9 HD = getting worse
  • Guest animator couch gag or later = awful

ooouroboros t1_iuc7736 wrote

Even a blind pig finds an acorn


gendabenda t1_iugp6i2 wrote

that's because acorns and pigs are both magnetic