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dr_mediocre t1_isupsa6 wrote

They missed the episode where Tim Drake's friend was a misplaced part of Clayface.


Chubuwee t1_iswsbom wrote

Young me was so mind fucked. I legit started doubting if my friends were real


Substantial_City4618 t1_it07axe wrote

They did an homage to this in the Harley Quinn show, but it wasn’t as traumatizing.


dr_mediocre t1_it0m8zn wrote

The one with clayface's hand? I didn't know that was supposed to be an homage.


Substantial_City4618 t1_it28gp9 wrote

Yeah that’s the one. I think it is, Harley Quinn has been pretty good at reincorporating prior stories and plots and generally making fun of them. It’s just the animated series isn’t really meant to be funny, it’s very serious. So they took a serious moment and made it funny because it would be very out of character to have such a dark moment in an otherwise colorful bright fever dream.