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m0rris0n_hotel t1_itl2a1n wrote

Not surprising. He hasn’t been as active on the series as he used to be. Going forward, I’m not even sure they need someone as intrinsically linked to the show as he was. A regular host is nice but not essential.

It’s still a decent series though. I hope it continues on for years to come


TL10 t1_itncxin wrote

I expect a "The National" type situation where they have a handful of different hosts all with different leads for stories.


PlanetLandon t1_itlsiko wrote

The David Suzuki Foundation started a fun thing in 2012 called “30x30”. It was to encourage people to spend at least 30 minutes in nature every day for 30 days in May. I might be the only one still officially doing it, but I have done it every year since.


mimiccombatsociety t1_ito8ugp wrote

RemindMe! 188 days


PlanetLandon t1_itohyek wrote

Haha, I recently left Instagram, but I posted a picture of my adventures every day in May for the last 9 years. I figure I’ll do it one more time to round out a decade of 30x30.


SpinCharm t1_itlkbsj wrote

Thanks, David. I wouldn’t be as Canadian as I am without you.


Abba_Fiskbullar t1_itlgnyp wrote

Dang, as a kid the only channel I was allowed unlimited viewing time on was the local PBS affiliate, and "The Nature of Things" and Nova were highlights on a Tuesday night.


the6thReplicant t1_itlrcuk wrote

He was very popular in Australia. Saw him give a few lectures.

Too bad we didn’t listen to him when we had the time.


SamuraiJackBauer t1_itmn9u3 wrote

Met the dude in Whistler and he was running on a treadmill.

Dude is or was JACKED


McDaddyos t1_itnmfzg wrote

He is. The first time I saw a pic of him shirtless in his 80s I thought it was a photoshop job. He’s shredded!


gbsurfer t1_itmv3d5 wrote

I’m 43 and Canadian. He was a childhood hero


all_touch t1_itndckb wrote

Don’t meet him - he’s an elitist fuckwadd who enriched himself through the foundation. May have started off with all the right intentions but now is now a rotten piece of shit.


McDaddyos t1_itnm3ko wrote

I met him on JohnSt. He stopped in the middle of traffic just to give my friend his autograph. Seemed pretty cool to me.


Smirnoffico t1_itm8l6d wrote

He just wants to follow his grandnephew around. We would do the same, David, we sure would


wrath_of_bong902 t1_itlndfo wrote

Good. He’s not what a lot of people think he is.


bibbidybobbidyboobs t1_itlyhya wrote

What is he


PMMEDOGSWITHWIGS t1_itne1ky wrote

Elitist hypocrite who owns multiple homes/mansions, travels by private planes, and is generally regarded rude and petty. He has the personal carbon foot print equivalent to a European micro state.


tangnapalm t1_itmhshg wrote

I used to sleep with a girl who had a David Suzuki pillow on her bed. He will be missed.


ttarynitup t1_itmw880 wrote

Saw the first part of the title and almost had a heart attack thinking he had passed. Stepping down is the end of an era but he’s done his part.


ASilver76 t1_itoebgc wrote

One of the few hosts from my youth that were still out there. Salud!


BlueAndMoreBlue t1_itmejxj wrote

What’s the nature of that, David Suzuki?


oopstima t1_itls2tg wrote

Why tho


PlanetLandon t1_itlsusc wrote

The man is almost 90. I think he is allowed to retire now.