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olddicklemon72 t1_iu1wsvd wrote

Everything everywhere has become bee-hives for stupid people complaints.


Bridge4_Kal t1_iu208g6 wrote

Hey, fuck you, I have a complaint about your prior statement!


grafxguy1 t1_iu2q8yt wrote

Oh, I'm sorry. This is for an argument. If you're looking to complain, you just go down the hall to the door on the left.


firthy t1_iu3ndru wrote

You want to complain!? Look at these shoes. I've only had them three weeks
and the heels are worn right through. If you complain nothing happens, you might as well not bother.


grafxguy1 t1_iu4853j wrote

Excuse me- did you pay for a 5 minute complaint or is this for the full half hour?


EN1009 t1_iu27jjo wrote

Truth. It’s really starting to take a toll too


Sparktank1 t1_iu3h5m8 wrote

>Everything everywhere

I thought it was a good movie. What are they complaining about?


Butterbuddha t1_iu4dtcw wrote

Why does it have to be a bagel? What are you saying about Jewish people??!?!?


grafxguy1 t1_iu2pt5n wrote

Yet, strangely none of them ever complain about bee hives.


[deleted] t1_iu3pajm wrote

There are a lot of people that are refusing to view media through the lens in which it was created. The phrase “it’s wrong now, and was wrong then” appears at the start of a few Disney+ shows and while I agree with the sentiment, it’s not true. It was 100% not wrong then it was widely acceptable to use stereotypes in media.


KatyPerrysBigFatCock t1_iu3ybr3 wrote

Widely accepted and wrong are vastly different. Slavery was widely accepted but it was still morally wrong no matter what lease you view.


[deleted] t1_iu3yo2l wrote

Morally wrong is subjective and slavery was considered morally right my many/most people of the time.

Just because you and I in 2022 believe it’s wrong doesn’t mean it was wrong to the people that lives during its time.


SpuzzLovely t1_iu41miw wrote

There been moral opposition to slavery since the Persian Empire, anyone who wasn't a wealthy land owner wasn't a fan.


[deleted] t1_iu41x6j wrote

I did not know that buy I also have vetted the information so I don’t know if it’s true. Slavery also has little to do with Charlie Brown or stereotypes in old media which is what my original comment was about.


Kush_the_Ninja t1_iu4gtpv wrote

Man just give up, you’re not gonna convince anyone they slavery wasn’t wrong.


Wagnaard t1_iu4hcj3 wrote

Somewhere some film major made a big project out of the hidden allegory and metaphors in Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin both.


MulciberTenebras t1_iu2pczz wrote

"Too much swearing and violence"

In CHARLIE freakin' BROWN?!

Nobody let these block-headed parents find out about some of the actual animated gruesome stuff I saw as a kid.


Belostoma t1_iu3jo8e wrote

To this day, thanks to the violence I was exposed to on television as a child, I have an ongoing problem with strapping myself to Acme-brand rockets in futile attempts to catch a roadrunner.


shf500 t1_iu9aqd5 wrote

True story: I was banned from The Wonder Years (1988) because in the pilot, Kevin "does something that is bad". Yes, in the pilot, he throws an apple into the cafeteria. Which is a very disrespectful act.

Immediately after he throws the apple as in literally the next scene, he is in a meeting the principal with his mother. Let me repeat this: our main character does something that is bad and there are immediate consequences to doing the bad thing. Which is literally a good thing to teach kids: "if you do something bad, you immediately get punished".

I don't know how my mother thought the show was promoting bad behavior. Sometimes a character does something bad but negative consequences happen at the end of the episode (there was a later Wonder Years episode where Kevin starts cheating in class and is he is placed in an advanced class and is overwhelmed at the end of the episode) but this was a case of "character does something bad and immediately faces negative consequences".


Ghostbuster_119 t1_iu3dc37 wrote

Luckily these parents can just put on happy tree friends.

Absolutely no swearing in that show.


sixtus_clegane119 t1_iu3leqr wrote

I see your happy tree friends and I raise you “retarded animal babies” , I still often quite “d is for lysdexia” ahhh, good old newgrounds in the early 2000s


uly4n0v t1_iu3up21 wrote

Look if we’re not going straight to wondershowzen, there’s no point.


Lucycrash t1_iu2tbfa wrote

I remember my mom complaining about the Simpsons, then my brothers discovered mega babies. Suddenly I was allowed to watch the Simpsons lol


MulciberTenebras t1_iu2vik4 wrote

>Mega Babies

Oh God, thanks for reminding me of that show.


Lucycrash t1_iu4ij7k wrote

You're welcome lol. I was around 13/14 when it came out, my brothers were under 10. I thought it was just as gross as my mom did, and naturally they were allowed to watch it. Joys of being the oldest.


MacMac105 t1_iu41jfe wrote

I imagine that everytime a BS Simpson's scandal was pushed, teenage Trey Parker and Matt Stone got just a bit edgier.


shf500 t1_iu8ov53 wrote

> mom complaining about the Simpsons

Anybody who companied about The Simpsons in the early 1990s never watched the show. Was there a scene where Bart told his mom to go fuck herself? No, there was not.


Janktronic t1_iu333pn wrote

> actual animated gruesome stuff I saw as a kid.



Mattjolearyny t1_iu3dc1m wrote

Watching a woman bite off the dudes dick when a demon pops up next to the car he’s being blown in and then they drive off a cliff will forever be etched in my child hood


KumagawaUshio t1_iu6kgdb wrote

The first part happened but they didn't drive off a cliff the car just crashed as the guy/demon crushes the car to abduct the woman.


IrishWithoutPotatoes t1_iu4efl1 wrote



KumagawaUshio t1_iu6kn06 wrote

It's from the 2nd Urotsukidoji OVA series which is 2 episodes long and was also released as a film called Legend of the Demon Womb.

It's more of a horror series as while there is sex and rape it's done more as a 'oh my god that's horrific' rather than erotic way like most hentai does it.


OtakuB3N t1_iu4cxs9 wrote

Classic. I used to have a vhs boxed set.


KumagawaUshio t1_iu6l34q wrote

I got the first two films as a birthday present from my parents when I was 13.

They just knew it was an 18 rated anime and at the time while anime may have been violent there wasn't any porn anime released in the UK so they just thought it was another violent action one oops.


MoobyTheGoldenSock t1_iu42edz wrote

My daughter’s a big fan of Primal. After the fights, she asks the characters if they need a bandaid.


redscareskibum t1_iu4axf0 wrote

Kids: watching the double cartel chainsaw beheading video online

Parents: You ain't watchin' nothin' with swearin', are you?


LeoKyouma t1_iu6mzbr wrote

The intro of the powerpuff girls has buttercup punch him in the face, causing blood and teeth to fly everywhere.

Like, did these people not own tvs before?


OneGoodRib t1_iu5z8kz wrote

I ended up on like a Christian movie review site and it said The Lion King took the Lord's name in vain 3 times. I think Timon does say "geez" once.


OddFeature t1_iu8uyzs wrote

At the risk of sounding super lame—this just feels like active parenting. Parents should be monitoring what their kids watch more than ever. And we probably shouldn’t have been allowed to watch half the stuff we saw as kids. Idk what’s currently happening in Charlie Brown though, just more of a general comment on kids media.


Supergazm t1_iu28v0l wrote

Cracked is still around?

Well I'll be....


Regnes t1_iu2aw2a wrote

I was more shocked when launched and I found out those MAD Magazine ripoffs I used to get on bulk from garage sales as a kid randomly turned into one of the most relevant websites of the early 2010s. I was browsing the site for like a year before I realized they were the same too lol.


brb1006 t1_iu2qp99 wrote

I always loved their articles talking about the strangest and most obscure facts.


VIPERsssss t1_iu2pf6y wrote

Cracked magazine movie spoofs were the best. I particularly liked the Indiana Jones spoof.


brb1006 t1_iu2vump wrote

Reading Seanbaby's article from 2010 called "Frosty the Snowman Declares War on War on Christmas" has become my new Christmas tradition.


S4T4NICP4NIC t1_iu3pb2q wrote

I was a big fan of Cracked when I was a kid. Moreso than MAD.


brb1006 t1_iu2qmfk wrote

Same here, I hadn't visited since they ditched the red, yellow, and white layout years back. I knew that site wasn't what it used to be once they changed the layout.

The departure of Seanbaby didn't help either, I still read his article titled "Frosty the Snowman Declares War on Christmas" which I read every Christmas season for a good laugh.


CleverInnuendo t1_iu2sq3e wrote

I was so sad when they became Buzzfeed Lite. It used to be a daily part of my internet.


brb1006 t1_iu2uauu wrote

I remember visiting Cracked almost religiously during my Middle School and early High School days. Sometimes during computer class, I would be able to read the articles on that site because of how super amusing the writers discussed a certain topic.

My favorite was their "Top "Insert Number" famous people that were secretly perverts" where they talked about the dirtier side of famous people and authors. It's where I first discovered Osamu Tezuka's (Astro Boy, Kimba, and Unico) secret naughtier drawings of anthropomorphic animals and his X-Rated Animated Films.


Bears_On_Stilts t1_iu4uzk6 wrote

The more they began to rely on user-submitted content and the commentariat, the less vital they became.

Auntie Meme was a fantastic contributor, but what Auntie Meme represented was the death knell.


brb1006 t1_iu5rxh8 wrote

Not familiar with Aunite Meme, what did they contribute to?


Bears_On_Stilts t1_iu5wu8p wrote

Auntie Meme began as the winner of a “contribute a joke, infographic or meme to Cracked” contest. And they kept winning over and over so the site started letting them do whole articles. And then even more articles became nothing but user submitted content… which led to staff writers getting laid off or looking for better work.


cmetz90 t1_iu2yxjy wrote

Yeah, but it’s a shell of its former self. The site got bought by EW Scripps in 2016, and shortly after, Jack O’Brien (who basically built the site with Jason Pargin) left. Then like a year after that Scripps fired almost every full time staffer, before selling it off to another parent company. As far as I know the small handful who survived the purge all left of their own accord eventually… I don’t think anyone at the current version of the site was there before ~2018.


brb1006 t1_iu5rzx8 wrote

Not to mention the removal of leaving comments on articles.


OneGoodRib t1_iu60i30 wrote

Yeah, but it's not really worth visiting. The listicles are lazy as hell now and you can't even comment on anything, and sure the comments on websites are cesspools sometimes but often the comment section on Cracked was people pointing out that the article had gotten information extremely wrong. I can't help but wonder if the decision to get rid of the comments was mostly based around that one time the author was like "butter dishes are stupid and useless" and everyone was calling him an idiot over it. Like he was ANGRY about how much he can't understand how to use a butter dish, it wasn't like joking incompetence.


bros402 t1_iu623cy wrote

last I looked, you can't even look back at a specific month without specifying the exact genre of thing you want to look at


shewy92 t1_iu55vps wrote

It left but then came back under new owners I think.


JackdeAlltrades t1_iu21ffi wrote

Attention seekers gonna seek attention.

Can we go back to ignoring them please?


Pwncak3z t1_iu2ras1 wrote

What if… what if maybe kids seeing another kid being bullied but also that kid being a good person who is actually well liked and has friends… is a good thing?


jcrave t1_iu46wm2 wrote

No, in every medium characters can only poop rainbows or I'll get angry!


Unikatze t1_iu4qlz5 wrote

I dunno. I only watched Charlie Brown as a grown up and those friends of his bully him constantly into depression. In real life you'd tell him he needs to get better friends.


OneGoodRib t1_iu6068x wrote

Linus is the only person who seems to consistently like him.


MortalWombat1974 t1_iu3h842 wrote

This article is written about a small minority of INDIVIDUAL parent reviews, and ignores all the sensible ones, as well as the CSM review.

When I went to common sense media to check, their official rating of "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" is that it's appropriate for kids 4 and up. They give it 5 stars.

Even the consensus of the parents reviews says it's appropriate for kids 6 and over.

I've read plenty of good articles on cracked. This was not one of them.


OneGoodRib t1_iu60n1v wrote

Yeah it turns out "read positive reviews for a beloved nostalgic piece of media" isn't really a super interesting article.

Cracked hasn't been good in like 6 years.


trolleyman98 t1_iu2oxpn wrote

Those parents are blockheads


grafxguy1 t1_iu2qgzt wrote

All their complaints should be translated into Charliebrown-ese: Wah-wah-wah-wow wow....


formerPhillyguy t1_iu23pql wrote

Notice how that website has a thumbs up button for comments but no a thumbs down button?


spookynutz t1_iu2p2eh wrote

Good ‘ol Charlie Brown… yes, sir. How I hate him!


jlafunk t1_iu32fav wrote

🤣🤣🤣 It’s like they never saw it before. Losers.


agenteleven11 t1_iu39ibr wrote

yeah snoopy was lazy, lucy was a bully, schroeder was autistic, pigpen was depressed , linus had a safety blanket …. lol


rickyg_79 t1_iu3edkk wrote

I think I’m back In the pants


jadedfan55 t1_iu3xx9p wrote

Consider the source of the article. Cracked. Formerly a respected satire magazine, now forced online because it couldn't compete with Mad (which stopped publishing new material about 3 years ago) for years. The writer is taking umbrage at the right wing gasbags who've needlessly scandalized "Great Pumpkin" just to have something to vent about.

In other words, nothing to see here.


PaulFThumpkins t1_iu607m6 wrote

Cracked fired everybody and now has... this.


AzLibDem t1_iu65qgp wrote

>Casual animal abuse in the home is also depicted, as well as a scene in which an animal is in a aerial firefight and is nearly hit by a barrage of machine gun fire.



Apprehensive-Snake t1_iuefjzp wrote

Meanwhile kids in Japan are watching Grave of the fireflies.


tinopa6872 t1_iu454dz wrote

Cracked went downhill so fast!


WarpedCore t1_iu4lnff wrote

Dear soft parents of the world,



A Parent who would like to throat punch you.


shf500 t1_iu8ooto wrote

To be fair, I can kind of understand a parent being angry at a kid's TV show if it actually contains inappropriately "adult" material, such as sexually suggestive ads in gaming magazines in the 1990s:


downonthesecond t1_iu6rnr7 wrote

I was guessing the source would be Common Sense Media. I expected it from staff writer, not from a review left by users.

No wonder Cracked is basically dead.


OddFeature t1_iu8z0pz wrote

This is such a pretentious and out of line article—just the epitome of trash, click-baity journalism. The author literally went to a site specifically meant for parents to discuss whether media is appropriate for their young children and bullies and chastises them for having an opinion. He takes a handful of reviews and twists it into this narrative about how parents these days are way too sensitive and demand too much or something—completely ignoring that this is their curated space to have nuanced discussions with like-minded people. They’re not review bombing IMDB or demanding the studio take the movie down or something. The reviews aren’t even particularly outrageous either.


Onslaughtered t1_iu4490z wrote

Uh oh time to cancel The Peanuts 🙄


stomach t1_iu4plwc wrote

ok no one is gonna mention the Al Roker/Charlie Brown travesty we just witnessed? dear gawd, all he needed was a yellow polo shirt with a zigzag - and someone to not slap a constipated raccoon turd on his forehead. why did anyone let him wear prolapsed outtie belly-buttons for ears..?


Live-Repeat930 t1_iu6fkdf wrote

THAT and when he said “Get Outta Here You Butter!”at the Thanksgiving Day Parade are my favorite Al Roger moments.


bravetailor t1_iu55ufg wrote

Sounds like a typical reddit thread then ;)


Im_PeterPauls_Mary t1_iu4q6si wrote

As a parent my complaint is it’s too fucking long. It’s a book about a Spector that never arrives and it’s like 30 pages of text.


Gonzo1888 t1_iu3xxak wrote

The only complaint I’d have is that it’s shite and always has been


Needmoretimetravel t1_iu2n84m wrote

Well, noone will be able to watch it anymore anyway because Apple bought the rights.


S4T4NICP4NIC t1_iu3puek wrote

lol You think Apple has everything locked up in a vault somewhere