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Belostoma t1_iu3jo8e wrote

To this day, thanks to the violence I was exposed to on television as a child, I have an ongoing problem with strapping myself to Acme-brand rockets in futile attempts to catch a roadrunner.


shf500 t1_iu9aqd5 wrote

True story: I was banned from The Wonder Years (1988) because in the pilot, Kevin "does something that is bad". Yes, in the pilot, he throws an apple into the cafeteria. Which is a very disrespectful act.

Immediately after he throws the apple as in literally the next scene, he is in a meeting the principal with his mother. Let me repeat this: our main character does something that is bad and there are immediate consequences to doing the bad thing. Which is literally a good thing to teach kids: "if you do something bad, you immediately get punished".

I don't know how my mother thought the show was promoting bad behavior. Sometimes a character does something bad but negative consequences happen at the end of the episode (there was a later Wonder Years episode where Kevin starts cheating in class and is he is placed in an advanced class and is overwhelmed at the end of the episode) but this was a case of "character does something bad and immediately faces negative consequences".