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smileymn t1_iua1upt wrote

That is a pretty great special and one of their best episodes.


Neo2199 OP t1_iua2zn5 wrote

> In the mid-1990s, The X-Files creator Chris Carter was reaching new heights in his career. The X-Files was at the peak of its popularity, and the 1998 feature film was just around the corner. The only way for Carter to go was up, and so he developed a new series for Fox about a former FBI profiler named Frank Black (played to perfection by Lance Henriksen) who had an unnatural ability to see into the hearts and minds of criminals. The series, called Millennium, ran for three seasons, each unique from the last. For many, the second season was Millennium at its peak, and it's here that the show's iconic Halloween episode "The Curse of Frank Black," which many consider the series' best, became a reality.

> In a season full of retrospective and deeply personal episodes that dive into Frank Black's psyche, "The Curse of Frank Black" is the absolute best. It not only chronicles Frank's continued struggle with personal obsession and responsibility, but it also serves as a very character-driven Halloween story that takes the holiday to new heights. Halloween specials tend to go in one of two directions, either they're cutesie "trick-or-treat"-themed stories that are all about the Americanized version of the holiday (sometimes with a paranormal twist), or they're bloody horror shows that lean deeper into supernatural spectacles meant to frighten both the lead players and the audience. Unlike most Halloween episodes of television, "The Curse of Frank Black" touches on both of these tropes while not exactly fitting into either, making it a must-see Halloween classic.

A brilliant show that is still not available for streaming anywhere.


reddig33 t1_iuairlu wrote

I was just going to ask where it was streaming. Hopefully the renewed attention will help it get a pickup somewhere.

You really do have to wonder why so many great shows just sit on a shelf somewhere, unable to be watched.


sciflare t1_iuazxp5 wrote

The entire show is a must-see classic. It's influenced a whole generation of prestige TV shows such as Hannibal. Incredible that such a dark, intense, artistically daring show could air on prime-time broadcast TV in the '90s!


Okay_Splenda_Monkey t1_iubegkh wrote

Thank you for this recommendation. I haven't thought about Millennium in a very long time. A friend of mine tried to get me into it, but I never did. I think I am going to give this show another chance, and I'll definitely check out the s2 Halloween special.


Plop_Squaty t1_iubez37 wrote

Biggie Smalls is the black Frank White, and Lance Hendrikson is the white Frank Black


Alien_Mortice t1_iucido9 wrote

Funny you should say that, but I’m sure I read somewhere years ago that Chris Carter named Frank after the Pixies singer. At the time he went by Black Francis and Chris Carter swapped the names around to call the character Frank Black. It was only later that the Pixies singer started going by Frank Black. I could have all of that completely wrong though!


Repo_Man84 t1_iud4yhi wrote

I don't remember too many particular episodes but one that made an impression on me and my friends who watched it at the time was the episode where the Devil appeared at the top of the stairs.

That was in a par with the Prince of Darkness finale and collectively, it transpired the next day, had us s***ting ourselves sideways.


hagbardceline69420 t1_iue0zfk wrote

excellent recommendation!

loved this, was too young to really get it when it aired, but this is a great episode!



Neo2199 OP t1_iue3ngg wrote

Yeah, there are many old shows that I can't find on any streaming services.

Night Gallery, Nowhere Man, Space: Above and Beyond, Earth 2, EZ Streets, Harsh Realm & many more.


McFeely_Smackup t1_iufi6ny wrote

Space above and beyond was my favorite show at the time.

It sucks that it got cut off at the knees. Same with Earth 2. It had great possibilities, but instead turned into a waste of viewing time