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root_fifth_octave t1_isv7wnx wrote

Give Fincher his Mindhunter budget.


qualitypi t1_isxadgc wrote

I think that show actually lives or dies on Fincher's whim, not Netflix's.


EntLawyer t1_isyrknz wrote

He's already said there wont be a season 3 because it's way too time consuming for him and he's an insane perfectionist with control problems and can't just delegate others to oversee it.


qualitypi t1_isywt1n wrote

Yea remember that, lol. 'Too time consuming' says the man who held up an entire crew and a legion of extras to do 70 takes of a backyard cookout that made less than minute of screentime in the final edit of season 2.


root_fifth_octave t1_isythqm wrote

Oh, I thought they'd gotten into a budget squabble. In this case-- come on, Fincher!


[deleted] t1_isv955i wrote



Perfect-Historian-55 t1_isva2ni wrote

They didn’t let it die. They are willing to do a third season but fincher is very busy so they are waiting on him. It’s his baby so are not gonna do it without him.


[deleted] t1_isvbgvy wrote



Perfect-Historian-55 t1_isvbrbk wrote

They had to release the cast. You can’t keep cast members on a contract indefinitely for the rest of time. Netflix have done nothing wrong in this scenario.

And from interviews I think the cast would be open to returning if season 3 happens. It’s Fincher after all.


[deleted] t1_isvc46m wrote



Laytonc97 t1_iswyl6s wrote

>It still chaps my hide they let that one die

Sounds like you did blame them.


You could of just said you didn't know rather than pretend


makovince t1_isvbifv wrote

That spending boost better include better writers for just about everything


sjfiuauqadfj t1_isvpxd8 wrote

theyre gonna give writers a free gift card to wendys. the rest of the spending boost will go towards yachts


continuousQ t1_iswmyre wrote

And not cancelling shows with good writers before they're finished.


Triskan t1_iswycx0 wrote

Or renewing their big hits when they actually fucking work.

*cough* ^(Sandman) *cough*


Ahambone t1_isvd3ok wrote

k cool now give us season 3 of The OA and finish GLOW.


talkinpractice t1_iswh849 wrote

GLOW is such a tragedy because it's one of the few shows they did try to see through to the end, but Covid derailed things in the middle of shooting (had already shot the first episode)

Maybe they'll pull some magic and make it happen, but everyone involved has moved on to other things, it'd be hard to get it back together.


Stupidstuff1001 t1_isvt9iq wrote

I want the OA, midnight gospel, and archive 81.


mekkavelli t1_isw9s71 wrote

archive 81 ended on such a devious cliffhanger… i was actually stewing for days about it


Aborder19 t1_isvj019 wrote

Yes!!! Just stop canceling shows that people clearly like before they finish. Please Netflix!!


hobosonpogos t1_isvm4ew wrote

No shit! Netflix needs to focus more on keeping their good shows and less on producing new trash


PlanetLandon t1_isxebk1 wrote

Netflix really needs to stop relying so heavily on the algorithm. They need to hire very experienced and knowledgeable tv professionals to determine what should be canceled and what should be renewed. Right now they really almost entirely on numbers.


BlueTeamRuless t1_isz86fq wrote

I don’t think it’s exclusively a Netflix problem. Every streaming service/network is doing a similar thing every year. If there was these people out there it wouldn’t keep happening


mancatdoe t1_isw6jh5 wrote

I mean what was supposed to be the endgame of GLOW? I was at s4e6 and I just feel like I am done with the show. There is nothing insteresting going around. It became a sitcom which I suppose is fine for a lot of people.


talkinpractice t1_iswh12d wrote

The fourth and final season was set to have the show become the actual TV show it was based off of. (although every character in the show is fictionalized)

I never clicked with the direction Season 3 went with the Vegas stuff, but Season 4s setup gave me some hope for the future.


Substantial_City4618 t1_it05onp wrote

I think OA is trash IMO. The first season ending is unironically hilarious.


Wildera t1_it17usz wrote

It was absolutely hilarious but the season 2 ending does deserve a follow up


Ahambone t1_it0lq56 wrote

I still don't know if I liked the ending to season 1, but season 2- especially the way it ended- is MY SHIT


Substantial_City4618 t1_it288t8 wrote

It had such potential the first like 3-4 episodes are super good at setting up the story, imo they fumbled the bag.


Norrak1 t1_isvsqmn wrote

Just renew Sandman already, you cowards!


djkhan23 t1_iswfiyu wrote

If enough of us dream of a season 2, it will happen!


odiin1731 t1_isvooaq wrote

Resubscribe and maybe we'll think about renewing Sandman.


jim-p t1_isvovxx wrote

So... Renew Sandman already!


Augen76 t1_isvxqq0 wrote

I'll make a deal. Do another season for Dark Crystal and I'll sign back up for a year.


wujo444 t1_iswgudh wrote

Yes, but... Given that we know what happens from the movie, I don't want to watch it.

Edit: cause it's not a happy story, not cause it's poor story.


indiegamesnumba1 t1_iswtonq wrote

Just because I know the Titanic sinks doesn't mean I won't watch a movie about it's journey to sinking.


wujo444 t1_iswwnsm wrote

I meant that emotionally I'm not ready for >!genocide of Gelflings!<


indiegamesnumba1 t1_isyso68 wrote

They could just show the logical end in some cheesy way or timeskip they don't need to show every single Gelfling death.


Tiedyedaddy t1_iswcbsf wrote

Bring back Santa Clarita diet you cowards


Practical-Exchange60 t1_iswxr1f wrote

Give me season 2 of ‘The Sandman’ or I’m actually leaving.


Psych-roxx t1_isy3may wrote

You wont.


djkhan23 t1_iszvt47 wrote

I will.

I get downvoted everytime I say it but if Sandman goes then I go.

It's too good to cancel. If they do then it shows me they are not committed to quality.


Regula96 t1_iszycqg wrote

I've decided I will too. It would be the final nail in the coffin. Not enough new great content anymore, too much stuff getting cancelled and just much more expensive compared to the competitors.


Vizjun t1_isvqa7q wrote

Bring back Archive81!


eggsistoast t1_isz307h wrote

If you haven't listened, the second season of the podcast is really good and is a different horror genre than season one!


Stonewalled89 t1_isv7iai wrote

So basically, they'll spend more money on cheap crappy shows that hardly anyone watches... got it


ijakinov t1_isvcj47 wrote

It’s better than spending it on expensive shows hardly anyone watches.

A lot of people complain about cheap reality shows but if you can make a show for 1/10 the cost for 1/4 the engagement that’s better ROI. Plus, in practice some of these reality shows end up performing super well.


kinzer13 t1_isvktju wrote

Jr. Executive over here landing truth bombs. But honestly you need these cheap shows and you need well written "prestige" TV as well. HBO is very selective, but what they do put out is generally very good/great. If all Netflix invests in is cable TV level reality shows, Netflix will go the way of cable TV.


Caelinus t1_iswfec9 wrote

> It’s better than spending it on expensive shows hardly anyone watches.

Better for people who own a part of Netflix, definitely. But also definitely not better for the pursuit of art. I am totally fine with trash shows in general, and there are some that are even highly entertaining.

I just think there should be a higher principal than whatever has the highest ROI. I know that most people working in television feel the same too. Unfortunately our entire system of ownership disincentivizes doing that almost entirely, so we have to fall back on the goodwill of those paying the artists.

I think the reason Netflix cancels so many of its good shows is that they need new prestige content to draw people in, and by a few seasons in they stop pulling in new subs at the same rate. At that point they just want to keep people subbed with an endless stream of low effort but lightly entertaining shows.


ijakinov t1_iswk4cz wrote

For art people who like that stuff need to be willing to pull out their wallets. The problem with the general purpose streaming service behind a subscription is the people who appreciate the artsy fartsy stuff have weak voting power. With an a La carte model you can be like hey here’s my money keep making this. Under the subscription they are going to be looking for the show that’s both a crowd pleaser and an award winner opposed to just an award winner.

There can be a system where people who want to see “art” can fund these shows and it can be a good business. But I think what’s hurting it is this standard that everything should come as part of their subscription else they pirate or at least won’t pay. In other industries when there’s something that doesn’t appeal to the masses they call it a niche market and generally in these markets the people will pay a premium. I’m a super hero content fan and I loved the idea of paying $8 a month for a DC service because it was like here’s $8 a month make me only DC content opposed to here’s $20 make content that appeals to 200M people


nogoodgreen t1_isvrt8e wrote

The animated Netflix originals have been unbelievably stellar. Castlevania Edgrunners Nightmare of the Wolf Arcane. More of this quality would be amazing.


UnnamedArtist t1_iswfako wrote

Such a shame that so many good animated programs got cancelled. I was really looking forward to an adaptation of Bone and Redwall.


nogoodgreen t1_iswkxyx wrote

Wow i didnt even know about Redwall that would have been great.


cyanide4suicide t1_iswkylx wrote

Netflix needs to be producing "prestige" level shows to keep subscriber numbers up. They need to be hiring better writers and developing quality originals rather than just pumping out cheap, low-tier shows.


CooperFlannigan t1_isx8znl wrote

It's crazy to think Netflix pretty much kicked off the streaming craze with House of Cards, which had some of the best writing ever in the first two seasons, and now is cranking out low effort trash on a daily basis.


CptNonsense t1_isxj7t3 wrote

Netflix: *makes literally any single show not for a specific user on reddit*

Specific user on reddit: "Netflix just cranks out low effort trash now!"


CooperFlannigan t1_isze9ue wrote

Or, ya know, they crank out a lot of low effort trash these days.


CptNonsense t1_iszirjv wrote

Surprise, everyone releases shit some people don't like


CooperFlannigan t1_iszprxe wrote

Agreed. But statistically, Netflix releases 10 times more trash than everyone else.


PlanetLandon t1_isxelph wrote

When they were the only game in town, they weren’t as worried about losing eyeballs. Now that everyone has a steaming service, Netflix seems to have moved into a quantity-over-quality approach. They are desperate to have something for everyone, so that you never leave the platform.


CooperFlannigan t1_isze64b wrote

That's totally what's going on. I just saw something about Netflix producing over 1,000 episodes of TV last year, whereas HBO had just over 100.


Regula96 t1_iszz7hk wrote

Daredevil was bloody good as well.


CooperFlannigan t1_iszzsn0 wrote

Oh yeah, they definitely still make some great stuff, they just make so much content that the good stuff often gets lost.


MrFuccYoBich69 t1_isw2qov wrote

They gotta keep doing more animated video game adaptations. Castlevania, arcane, cyberpunk, and cuphead are all great.


DxLaughRiot t1_iswdzl3 wrote

Castlevania and edge runners were amazing - I couldn’t make it 2 episodes into cup head though, it seemed like they were targeting a super young audience with it


MrFuccYoBich69 t1_iswfjil wrote

I get how you feel, idk why but I expected cuphead to be a raunchy comedy but it was more of a kids show that u would see on cartoon network which worked for me


Regula96 t1_iszyx5g wrote

Did you try Arcane? I almost want to call it a masterpiece.


lanos13 t1_isxxgj9 wrote

Would love an overwatch one. Soooooo much potential there and the animated shorts are already very high quality


DoomedMarine t1_isw7675 wrote

Finish Dark Crystal, you cowards.


skrrt__v0nnegut t1_isw2oxx wrote


and just here me out...

we give the board huge fuckin bonuses and cancel a couple more shows?


felixsapiens t1_isvr689 wrote

Good. Maybe they can finish “The O.A.”


memes4lifeboi t1_iswc7ma wrote

I hope this means a renewal of archive 81


Dreamvalker t1_isvv15q wrote

They're going to regret it once half their subscriber base leaves as soon as they start geolocking accounts.


SqwashGaming t1_iswusl6 wrote

Getting positive numbers after the massive subscriber loss is like me bragging about peeling a banana.


Takachulo t1_isx9ktz wrote

They lost about a million while dropping all their Russian customers, hardly "massive".


RonStopable08 t1_iswkrp8 wrote

How about you just go back and gove us season 2 on some of the shit we all loved?


jharrisimages t1_isx7vnh wrote

Yay more shows that get cancelled after one season and shitty Adam Sandler movies


xDenizen t1_isvohfe wrote

Make twilight permanent


3nd_of_L1ne t1_iswt90o wrote

How about instead they stop canceling shows a week after release. Let it grow an audience please!


Javerlin t1_isww124 wrote



El_CAP0 t1_isxnhyt wrote

Will give Sandler 300 million dollars for shirty movies but won't invest in quality shows


superace85 t1_isxpdxn wrote

Not going to get positive subscription numbers as soon as password sharing crackdown happens. They’re going to lose subscribers as people flock to streaming services that aren’t such a pain in the ass to use, and have better content.


nakedankles t1_isxs8at wrote

Where's my Princess Switch 4 you cowards


The_Lucky_7 t1_iszl6oy wrote

So, in English this is just "corporation in desperate decline, loosing battle against competition and facing massive PR backlash for unpopular policy changes, considers giving giving people a reason to keep their subscription".

Fucking. Amazing. 11/10 news. /s


mcogneto t1_it0dp92 wrote

Commit to two hour movie finales for any show that gets canceled. So much dead content with no ending.

And fuck off with the restrictions.


Rynox2000 t1_isvlepn wrote

But not the AVOD tier?


Similar-Collar1007 t1_isvx0ic wrote

Is there any way the could just hire a company with better quality control to develop content for them because outside of a few they pick some bad stuff especially movies


PM_ME_UR_SNARES t1_isw4ltq wrote

I’m at a loss for how they don’t understand…making cheap as fuck originals is why they are losing subs 🥶


zebrahdh t1_iswckv2 wrote

“But we vow that if subscribers drop next month, we will cancel currently in production series in their second or third season.”


Majorkerina t1_iswe3b3 wrote

How about making sure those animators aren’t left on the street?


Prestigious_Cold_756 t1_iswl9ng wrote

What does a “positive subscriber number” even mean? That more people pay for Netflix than watch it? Are more people currently pirating Netflix than paying for it? Is pirating Netflix even a thing? How do you even do that?


Fandam_YT t1_iswpnw2 wrote

When most of that content will likely be reality crap anyway, I really don’t care


grinr t1_iswrx7q wrote

Netflix continues to be the best overall streaming service without giving a cracked nut about the folks who can't let OA/SCD go. Looks like it's time to buy more NFLX, again.


userino69 t1_iswu7df wrote

Being back this! Bring back that! What they are gonna bring us more of is the same cheap true crime documentaries and reality shows as always. Maybe, if they are feeling adventurous, they might attempt...a reboot!


Tom-Pendragon t1_isx5get wrote

How about you make some god damn good shows.


nillerwafer t1_isx8zzb wrote

Sick, more shows that’ll be canceled after one season! Let’s go!


higzgridz t1_isxcsu7 wrote

just renew the society, the OA, black summer then we are good.. the midnight club as well


smilbandit t1_iszrskg wrote

go for quality rather than quantity.


annomandaris t1_iuizb7y wrote

Spend money to reboot wheel of time, but this time make it good.


DaddyO1701 t1_isvnq23 wrote

So you want growth while offering no incentive? Let’s see how that works out.