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King_Allant t1_ituygzw wrote

He was amazing as Captain Windmark in Fringe. A brain tumor, goddamn. 66 is far too young.


DaveLambert t1_ituzoji wrote

A good actor, and I'm sorry he's gone at a young age. :(

But I'm never sure why they use headlines like this. He was in ONE episode of The X-Files, and I think in 3 of SG-1. He had a TON of voice roles, and was in a dozen episodes of The Fringe.

Why not say in the headline, "Michael Kopsa, 'Fringe' Actor and Voice Artist, Dies at 66" instead?


SquidsInABlanket t1_itv3jzk wrote

They do it that way so people will click on it. Lots of X-Files fans will look to see if they recognize him but probably won’t, unless they’re also Fringe fans who recognize him from that. But if they referred to him as a Fringe actor, all those people who watched the X-Files but not Fringe wouldn’t even bother looking in the first place.

Seems pretty disrespectful to rank the importance of someone’s work by the overall popularity of a show/movie they appeared in rather than their relevance within it, just for the clicks/potential ad revenue, but here we are.


meowskywalker t1_itvskcu wrote

I was gonna say I’ve watched SG-1 at least four times all the way through, even after looking up his character on the wiki I was like “who?” One of the guys in the room when in that clip episode where Hammond explains the SG-1 program to the new president maybe?


MaimedJester t1_itx3xl4 wrote

Oh back in the 90s these character actors on shows were everywhere. Armin Shemirman (probably Biggest role was Quark on Deep Space Nine) was in everything from like Principal in Buffy the Vampire Slayer to like a little Weasle politician in SG1. But my favorite clip of him is at a convention "So you've been on every sci-fi and fantasy show in the last decade which is the worst set you had to work with?'

"Oh what was the name of that one with three Bitches?"

'You man Charmed the one with Three witches?'

"Yeah that's the one. Any studio that let's three actresses be Executive producers at the same time is gonna cause problems."


Picard2331 t1_itwbf8o wrote

The crossover between X-Files and Stargate actors is blowing my mind going through X-Files for the first time. Its like every episode there's another actor who was also in Stargate.


Darmok47 t1_ityice0 wrote

They were both filmed in Vancouver, thats why.


PPQue6 t1_itv7xxk wrote

I had to look up his role in SG-1, he was played the General at the USAFA.


BitNinjax t1_itvtxtr wrote

Ohh yeah that guy. He was great even in that small part. RIP


BlueNasca t1_itw93hc wrote

Damn it, I didn’t even know he was sick.

Rest in peace, Char.


Shiara_cw t1_iu9lo3x wrote

Rest in peace Michael.