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SPorterBridges t1_iu71k4t wrote

> “The misgivings I had about doing conventions were pretty general honestly, just like any shy performer - I think Chris [Eccleston] was the same. For years, like me, Chris had resisted. He said the same things as I used to say, ‘Why would I want to do that?’ – I caught up with him during the lunch break on his first day [of a convention], and I asked him, ‘How is it, how do you feel?’ and he just beamed. He said, ‘I love it. What was I scared for?’.”



Lucienofthelight t1_iualdc8 wrote

It good to hear Eccleston feeling better about his time with Doctor Who, even if he still has problems with people from the production side. He is the first Doctor to so many people now, and while David followed him and basically became the doctor to rival Tom Baker, Eccleston was, for lack of a better word, fantastic.


JoeDurp t1_iu6fq2l wrote

He’s adding so much to the lore with the audio stories


MinecraftTroller28 t1_iu6mfyl wrote

So much lore that is completely ignored by the show itself, unfortunately. I think Night of The Doctor was the only time Big Finish material has ever been acknowledged on-screen.


Moontoya t1_iu6ttmc wrote

Made Frobisher Canon, so that's good.

'physician heal thyself'


Pepsiguy2 t1_iu75mxg wrote

8th and Charley Pollard are one of the best duos


abnShady t1_iu6mhvc wrote

Heart and soul of Big Finish. Dude really deserves more than a cameo.

I want a full length special with the 8th doctor.


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ARandomStringOfWords t1_iubyp48 wrote

Not at all. There is no reason why there can't be multiple versions of the Doctor on tv at the same time. In fact, it's better, because they can cater to different sections of the fandom. We could have a Romana show, a Ten show, an Eight show, a River show... The sky's the limit. Imagine if they were all connected in some way, with each being shown in succession until Fifteen has his series at the end of the year...


tangelo1023 t1_iu6ndlh wrote

I'm kinda surprised that Paul Mcgann didn't become a bigger thing. Aside from Patrick Troughton and Peter Davison, he was really the best actor to play the Doctor before the reboot. He also debuted at the same time as actors that would later become huge like Colin Firth, doing similar work.

Still, he's been really good in everything I've seen him in. Want to see the guy in a prestige show or something.


MetalsDeadAndSoAmI t1_iu6qdld wrote

Honestly, it’s because of how hard it is to get classic who in the US. And it’s hard for some people to get into because of the lost episodes.

But I highly recommend classic who to people if they can find it.


tangelo1023 t1_iu6wwfn wrote

I'm not really talking about the 8th Doctor. He's only in 97 minutes of Doctor Who anyway, so access to classic who wouldn't really change that.

I'm more talking about his career as an actor. He's done some really good work in Withnail and Luther and on stage. He would fit well in today's prestige TV landscape.


cptnamr7 t1_iu7dpj6 wrote

Not even 97 minutes. Like half the lone movie he was in is McCoy before he finally transitions. We watched it a few years ago- took forever to find online. It was... meh. Kinda easy to see why it didn't reboot things honestly. Though that's looking at it after the Eccleston reboot. So maybe unfair using modern TV standards


MetalsDeadAndSoAmI t1_iu79ct4 wrote

Oh that’s fair. He’s a great actor, he had a cool factor about him. I also don’t understand why he didn’t catch on, but it’s probably due to British media not being as popular worldwide until the last 15 or so years.


sixtus_clegane119 t1_iu7vccn wrote

The reason why I have never started from the beginning. The whole lost episode thing drives me nuts, especially since it wasn’t an accident BBC taped over the copies to save money.

It’s not like it was the 1920s either, moving pictures had been a much loved medium for a long ass time already.


auto98 t1_iuac9n7 wrote

Easy to say with hindsight - but at the time there was no real notion that people would want to watch TV things again years later.


abueloshika t1_iu8dbz4 wrote

His big break really would have been Sharpe. He was cast as Richard Sharpe but knacked his foot playing football. The production couldn't wait for him so Sean Bean was cast.


auto98 t1_iuaceco wrote

I feel like he wouldn't have been able to say "bastard" as well as SB, tbh.

He was excellent in Hornblower though


anasui1 t1_iu6i10z wrote

love Paul, such a classy and talented bloke


buttered_jesus t1_iu6nawv wrote

Such a talented guy. "Chimes of Midnight" is one of my absolute favorite Doctor Who stories.


Hiarald t1_iu80rka wrote

That's an awful headline.

Not because it's bad, but because it's awful that McGann felt like that.

Poor bloke, but at least now he knows it's not dead.

And he's still the 8th Doctor.


silk_1233 t1_iu6vp8m wrote

Happy to see him on screen last week - now give the guy his own show and continue with season 27 of "classic doctor who!"


DeedTheInky t1_iu79k67 wrote

Wild to think he's older now than William Hartnell was when he left the role.


Bananaman9020 t1_iu725n1 wrote

I find it interesting not many Doctor Who fans count the film as canon. But still count him in the doctor count.


arakus72 t1_iu7zs8v wrote

I think most people count the film as canon except the half human line from what I’ve seen


hatramroany t1_iu9xmzr wrote

RTD himself didn’t count McGann back during his Queer as Folk days


WrathOfTheMeep t1_iuapjmv wrote

I'm fairly sure he changed his mind since with calling Eccleston the Ninth Doctor...


hatramroany t1_iubjxou wrote

Yes, that’s why I said back during his Queer as Folk days not that he currently didn’t count him


Scioptic- t1_iu75948 wrote

I'd love to see him back in a special series. His audio adventures have been great.


Hielien t1_iu81g5j wrote

Paul's Doctor needs... deserves a tv series, even a mini-series since he was the Doctor that never got a TV series.


Cirieno t1_iuanyrk wrote

How curious it is that two accounts have identical responses posted just 5 minutes apart.

And three accounts have similar-sounding names posting just five minutes apart.


KikiFlowers t1_iubqc57 wrote

He's got the Big Finish series at least, it's not television or anything, but it's something.


BlackSpinedPlinketto t1_iu85p2u wrote

I loved his Dr Who, and I didn’t watch any more after that.

Also, I love Marwood and also Mr Bush.


Hidenzo t1_iu814o6 wrote

Paul's Doctor needs... deserves a tv series, even a mini-series since he was the Doctor that never got a TV series.