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I'm finding it easier now to quit shows after only a few episodes, but I used to stick with shows for multiple seasons before giving up completely. I think the show I watched the most of but didn't finish was Fringe. I watched until a few episodes into the final season. From what I can recall, >!I was holding out hope that the show would return to the original timeline, but once I realized that that wasn't going to happen, I just gave up on it and have had not desire to revisit it since. !<

And just an add-on question: what are your thoughts on quitting a show? How many episodes do you give a show before dropping it, or do you just go until the end once you've picked it up?



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Dragmire_Afterlife t1_is4gcqz wrote

The Walking Dead. I held out for a long time and honestly I didn't stop because I got bored it was just because I didn't have the time to watch it any more. Eventually when it ends I will find one of those important episode watch lists and go back through it.


sjfiuauqadfj t1_is4ka4x wrote

yea i dont even remember which season i stopped watching at. i dont even think it was a conscious effort, i just got bored and didnt bother following up with it anymore lol


Xanderic t1_is4lrhk wrote

Same here, I remember starting Fear The Walking Dead that was supposed to be the start of the zombie apocalypse but they skipped past that right away and it was TWD all over again. I stopped both a bit after that.

Now there's at least 2, maybe 3?, more spinoffs and 2? announced and I'm just like... Can't catch up with all that sh*t.


ISellAwesomePatches t1_is4z02d wrote

I watched Fear The Walking Dead because Alycia Debnam-Carey was in it. She was killed off in The 100 to do FTWD.

What an absolute waste. Got ridiculous after a few episodes and borderline unwatchable after 2 seasons or so. The 100 finished much stronger and she would have been so much better to carry on in that show.


Xbutts360 t1_is65y7h wrote

FTWD at its worst is miles better than The 100 at its (exceedingly poor) best.


bros402 t1_is5mw2u wrote

You might want to check out Tales of the Walking Dead - a few of the episodes are actually decent, it's an anthology series.

I'd recommend episode 1 (Terry Crews and Olivia Munn go on a road trip to find their loved ones), episode 2 (a comedic episode with Jillian Bell and Parker Posey), and episode 4 (Anthony Edwards as a documentarian living with zombies).

If you want to watch the best one, i'd recommend 2 - it's not amazing, but it is funny.


AnyNamesLeftAnymore t1_is52xkk wrote

I got to the end of the Saviors and tapped out with the Alpha stuff. That seemed like as much juice as that formula was going to really squeeze out.

Fear basically turned into the same show after a short bit and when they got rid of Dillane I just slowly started to bleed interest.

Honestly I think Kirkman is just fresh out of ideas and has been for a while in regards to this, and I'm not sure any spinoff or new coat of paint is going to bring it back.

If we ever get another zombie craze like that it's going to have to be a new creative mind behind it.


pat9714 t1_is4ikdx wrote

After Season 7 (or was it six?), I quit The Walking Dead completely. Chiefly, I realized that it is a series caught up in a never-ending loop of zombie attacks and sociopathic survivors. Formulaic plot resurfacing over and over using different characters. This is not to say the first season wasn't good. It was sufficiently intriguing to get me interested enough to keep watching. Why I stuck around after Season 2 had to do with my peers in the Army who were fans. Their chatter kept me a fan for a few more seasons.


nicolauz t1_is4wwop wrote

The Glenn dumpster fake out had my last strain of attention and the Carl fiasco was the end. Poor kid got borked because they didn't want to pay him adult pay wages.


bag_of_groceries t1_is5d7rk wrote

I quit after Neegan leaned his way through three seasons with the constant promise that he would die but never did.


JeffTek t1_is62ua2 wrote

He's still alive. He's getting his own show. It's unbelievable


bag_of_groceries t1_is8gnp2 wrote

I didn't know that. That's actually hilarious.


JeffTek t1_is8h9v8 wrote

Lol yeah it's absurd. Him and Maggie are reluctant bffs or something now, I can't. I skipped several seasons, but I watched some of the recent ones because I figured I wanted to see the ending that's coming up and it just makes no sense


WaltJon t1_isbstru wrote

Thats right about where I gave up


Faulbeere t1_is4hb58 wrote

Greys Anatomy. Those doctors get more stupid with every episode.


Xanderic t1_is4ljqo wrote

Totally agree. They just premiered Season 19 and it's supposed to be "Back to Basics" rebuilding the internship program, which is why I took a gander at it. But the attendings don't even teach or assist or even watch the interns give death notifications on their FIRST day... 🤦‍♂️ And then rage at them when they screw up... SMH


Cuntycunt10 t1_is8uha6 wrote

The only reason I watched Grey's Anatomy was to watch my Mother, a still working (?) 76 year old ICU/CCU/Cardiac Rehab Nurse, yelling at everyone for being stupid, sex fiends who deserve to die.


Dennyisthepisslord t1_is4mm3j wrote

Probably the Simpsons. I watched it for years as a kid. Been maybe 15 years since I even rewatched a old episode...And it's still going!!!


DramaBrat t1_is5yyrw wrote

This is probably the most accurate answer for a lot of us. I watched regularly for at least ten years, then sporadically for another four or five.


PetyrDayne t1_is4zlge wrote

Shameless. Just got too emotionally draining.


jfortyfourj t1_is5i4u4 wrote

Yeah this is mine too. I stopped when Fiona left. I didn't even really like it anymore before that. It was a great show the first few seasons though


ozgun1414 t1_is6wc0x wrote

yeah same. that moment was a escape excuse for me. i shouldve left years ago.


_NotMitetechno_ t1_is50s03 wrote

Doctor who since wittacker became the doctor and chibnall started writing. I was looking forward to a woman Doctor as it thought it could have led to interesting stories, scenarios etc, but the writing is horrifically bad and the doctor doesn't feel like an actual person, just a cheap imitation of better doctors. Wittacker seems pretty miscast in the role and chibnalls writing doesn't do her any favors. It's just depressingly bad. I dropped it after the second episode, and I havnt been able to get through an entire episode of anything afterwards. It genuinely just sucks.

It's just really boring now. There's little ambition, and when there is ambition, it's woeful. Glad Russel T will be back.


greenspyder1014 t1_is6diiy wrote

They should have saved the Missy actor for the first doctor who. They needed a woman with some gravitas. Whittaker doesn’t have that. I would see a woman doctor as an intelligent, middle age woman with depth, snark, and wit. Not endlessly running around like Whittaker. A good woman doctor would be using her mind and would be a leader. Also the companions were pretty bad and boring.


EmperorBeaky t1_is8fios wrote

not looking forward to watching the last ep of hers just for the regeneration tbh, probably won’t know what’s going on after I stopped watching the Flux rubbish but the thought of actual competence coming soon will get me through the Jodie crap

Honestly think people who don’t partly put it on her are lying a bit. She’s as flat as a pancake, there’s no spark there


Cuntycunt10 t1_is8u7bz wrote

I gave up on Dr Who because of Whittacker's outfit - I would hope a timeless, Universe traveling, Dr Who would at least colour coordinate and have long pants. Stupid reason but she tried way to hard.


AmeliaMangan t1_is4ni84 wrote

Probably Sons of Anarchy. I stuck with it even after it became clear it would never again hit the heights of S2 - even after >!Clay!< got anticlimactically killed off, effectively ending the show's main conflict and ensuring everything that followed was basically pointless - but I just could not do the last season, in large part because by that point every ep's length had ballooned to about two fucking hours at a time, most of which was musical montages.


OneBigRed t1_is5j02b wrote

SoA for me too. I checked out sometime around the millionth time Jax "had to get to the bottom of this".


GO-KARRT t1_is5ls2y wrote

Shortly before or after the Ireland story line it just became very clear that they were totally out of ideas and started reusing plots from the first seasons.


Workacct1999 t1_is5sgn4 wrote

When I recommend SOA I tell them to stop watching once they go to Ireland.


AmeliaMangan t1_is5njzk wrote

Oh God, the Ireland storyline. From the excruciating accents ("Heidy-deidy-deidy lads, I'm Oirish!") and unconvincing attempts to disguise Los Angeles as Belfast, to the fact that not one person watching the show gave a single, solitary fuck about either the weapons deal or Jax's kidnapped baby, that is indeed where the ship well and truly started to sink.


AdaAstra t1_is5pyvg wrote

I liked the show, but it was infuriating just how many problems Gema caused and how Jax kept forgiving her while at the same time being all surprised when she once again caused a problem. It took way too long for him to solve that problem for good.


AmeliaMangan t1_is5rrzl wrote

I mean - as I alluded above - a big problem with the show was that it was conceived as "Hamlet, With Bikers", but then wound up serpentining off into a million other directions. This eventually made the characters who were most integral to the Hamlet storyline - namely Clay and Gemma - no longer relevant to what the show had become, and, much as I love Perlman and Sagal, both characters should really have been killed off maybe, I dunno, three seasons in.

(In fact, the show as a whole should probably have only lasted about three seasons. Maybe people would mourn its relatively early passing, but at least they'd remember it fondly.)


Locutus747 t1_isfw7hx wrote

This is one I tried due to buzz couldn’t even make it through 4 episodes.


CMelody t1_is4hq7s wrote

I loved Supernatural (and still enjoy the premise and main characters) but I felt like it was becoming far too repetitive, so I quit around season 5. I might go back now that it has been several years since I stopped watching to watch the back end of seasons.

The Walking Dead was my favorite show for several years (I even modded the sub), but just like the comic, I had to quit when Negan showed up. I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but the deaths that happened upon his introduction were a bridge too far for me. And like Supernatural, I felt like the show became formulaic. Group finds what they think is a safe place, shit goes to hell, a bunch of people die, they find new digs, lather, rinse, repeat. And it also felt like it kept trying to one up itself on portrayals of truly despicable human beings. It felt like it had become misery porn, and I had to shake that off for my own mental health.


Roook36 t1_is5cfjm wrote

Season 5 really is a good place to quit the show. There are still good episodes after that. But season 5 completes a massive arc in a very satisfying way and it'd honestly be the perfect series finale except for the last 5 seconds.

Either way though, I always recommend the S10E05 episode "Fan Fiction" You can watch it right after the S5 finale as it doesn't have much to do with anything that happened after that, and it's a fun meta episode as Sam and Dean find a school putting on a musical play based on their lives.

(Well, technically I guess it does have spoilers for the S6 premiere as it lets you know neither Sam or Dean are dead...but considering the show has 15 seasons that's not really a big giveaway)


philipfoden t1_is5p8ls wrote

Wouldn't give Supernatural a try tbh. Season 5 is the best point to stop watching, and season 6 is the worst. I watched around 9-10 seasons before giving up.


CMelody t1_is68zcg wrote

I liked what Vince Gilligan said (paraphrasing here) about ending shows before they feel like they stayed at the party too long. Five seasons really does seem like the sweet spot for so many shows to wrap things up.


ozgun1414 t1_is6wkzr wrote

after god and sister season i felt like what more can happen after this and cancelled it. now keeping only first five for my recollection.


slardybartfast8 t1_is57nrw wrote

Got through 2 seasons of Handmaids Tale. Show is just trauma porn.


greenspyder1014 t1_is6e4zf wrote

At least in the beginning it seemed like the women understood that the patriarchy was the enemy. Now the women, who all commit bad actions because of the subjugation, just fight amongst each other and they try to make some of the male Gilead leadership sympathetic.


EgalitarianCrusader t1_is81tgv wrote

Isn’t that the point though? I think they’re saying that everyone, including women become complicit in the patriarchy eventually.


Tourgott t1_is4gweq wrote

Bones. I think I watched until season 8. I stopped watching because the character Dr. Brennan got way too annyoing.


ozgun1414 t1_is6vznl wrote

damn i forgot about this. i remember season 7 finale was so satisfying and then season 8 was terrible. i left it there too. fastforwarded through season and cancelled it.


tf2hipster t1_is8ybrh wrote

That show lost me when they had Zach go cannibal. I stuck around for another season to keep watching with my wife, and they did try to fix that. But it was just such a stupid mess. I just couldn't get past it.


BitterBubblegum t1_is4l5bs wrote

Falling Skies. During S4 I felt I can no longer deal with the combination of bad writing and slow pace.

It was a time in my life where I felt that if I already put a lot of time into a show I need to finish it so quitting made me feel like I'm doing a terrible thing.

Past me was silly.


zachtheperson t1_is4lah2 wrote

Probably Naruto. Watched a bunch of it as a kid, and during highschool decided I wanted to finish the series. I got to episode 120something, and then learned that the story doesn't even end between the base series and Shippuden, meaning there was like 800 more episodes to watch. I just said fuck that and stopped watching.


wtfisnarwhallbacon t1_is4un8u wrote

You might have been told this already, but if you look up an episode list there aren’t actually that many canon episodes of naruto that advance the plot. So many of the episodes are actually filler and can be skipped which really reduces the ‘fat’.


NewCheekyFresch t1_is4lszd wrote

Yeah. For me, I don't know, the humour is also too childish now that I am in my 30s. I also found some storylines and characters to be lame.


ASK_IF_IM_PENGUIN t1_is4mxkx wrote

The Mentalist.

It started off great, with some neat little clever tricks to keep the plot moving.

Then it just became repetitive, veered into the traditional detective format, and a bit of a soap opera.


mindjyobizness t1_is59roq wrote

I really liked it until they got subsumed into the FBI or whatever, and they made Rigby a shithead.


AnyNamesLeftAnymore t1_is53bx4 wrote

Simpsons. Might have been like 2002 and I did the Army thing and we just grew apart. Have seen very sparing amounts of it since.

But I was watching that show in my jammies when it was still skits on the Tracey Ullman show so that's still like 15 years of undivided attention.

I'm still on the South Park and Family Guy wagons but I have tapped out on Simpsons.


Glebeless t1_is4u1ca wrote

Arrested Development and Community. I understand that there are many fans of Community in this subreddit, but at Season 4 I realized that it was going off the tracks as far as my sense if humor is concerned and I couldn’t watch any more. The same with Arrested Development.


DrSpacemanSpliff t1_is52jni wrote

Well Season 4 of Community was the gas leak year. Not a lot of people who will defend season 4.


human_picnic t1_is8uezh wrote

Arrested development never got it back. Community seasons 5 and 6 maybe not have been 1-3, but it’s a lot closer to the quality, and if it wasn’t for losing half the main cast, it would have been right up there


sheldonowns t1_is4gmae wrote

Haha, my wife and I are rewatching Fringe right now- I enjoy it.

We quit Hannibal like 2 episodes into the third season. Just… stopped watching it.

I watched a bit of You- absolutely hated it and played video games while that was on.

I agree with you about finding it easier to turn stuff off as I’ve gotten older.


tetoffens t1_is4jhhm wrote

The first half of the third season is not good. The second half though is amazing. I'd say power through just to get to that. It's so good. First half is just a weird and kind of unfun detour.


sheldonowns t1_is4jyuy wrote

Maybe I’ll revisit after Fringe.

I also want to rewatch Twin Peaks- I picked up a three season Blu-ray awhile back and haven’t even opened it.


spiritbearr t1_is4gy2c wrote

>We quit Hannibal like 2 episodes into the third season. Just… stopped watching it.

Hey same. It's so artsy my brain veered off faster than watching Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker.


sheldonowns t1_is4h9og wrote

I really enjoyed the cinematography, set design, and food.

The show looked so goddamn cool, but yeah, for whatever reason, I just couldn’t finish.


ManOf59Cheeses t1_is4jtwe wrote

Like so many USA shows: Burn Notice, Psych, Royal Pains, Covert Affairs and more. I think there's a name for this era but I can't remember. Anyway I stopped because I just got tired of them, they were mostly fine shows but my interests shifted probably.


Salt-Discipline2090 t1_is4m48m wrote

Burn Notice can be a slog at times...they spread the real storyline to thin over later seasons...that would have been a show that very much benefitted from the new 13 episodes a season standard. Love that show, but in hindsight consolidation would have been great.


bros402 t1_is5ndod wrote

Covert Affairs was hilarious. Annie was a super duper special spy!


Xanderic t1_is4mqq2 wrote

Pretty Little LiArs. Who wAs A kept getting more and more ridiculous. It wAs evident the showrunners didn't know who A wAs And kept pulling new nAmes out of A hAt for the big surprise twist every seAson.

The Walking Dead. I honestly wasn't too into it first season, but my colleagues were so I watched with them to have Watercooler talk. Fear the Walking Dead had an interesting premise about the start of the Zombie apocalypse but then they skipped right past that and it was TWD all over again. Stopped both sometime after Negan showed up. There's at least 2 spinoffs so far and at least 2 more announced that I'm not sure if I'll go back to catch up.

The Arrowverse. Arrow 1st season was amazing (maybe it was a lot of Stephen Amell and the salmon ladder lol). I was watching it on an overseas flight and the couple beside me was watching it on my screen as well lol. Even the first seasons of The Flash and Legends were good too... But then it started getting repetitive and albeit ridiculous at times and it was hard to keep track of like 5 or 6 shows and every seasons crossovers. I ended up stopping all of it for my sanity and I only watched the rest during Quarantine last year (and probably wouldn't have if it wasn't for Quarantine) thanks to one of the watch order lists.


TimBurtonSucks t1_is55r1x wrote

Supernatural. It just went on too long and the constant pandering to the weird shipping fans was annoying


greenspyder1014 t1_is6f4df wrote

That was the issue. And they had season long plots that were just dumb. It needed to go back to being scary and with high stakes for the characters like in the first few seasons.


TvManiac5 t1_is5cllr wrote

The blacklist. I could see the show was jumping the shark ever since season 5, but it took until the awful finale of the 8th to admit to myself the show had died and would never go back up.

As for your other question I usually want to finish the shows I start. For me to fully quit a show it has to seriously piss me off. So far only 3 shows have managed that:

The blacklist

How to get away with murder

Grey's anatomy.


anasui1 t1_is5i3i9 wrote

Blacklist for me too, I quit around the time you did. I just couldn't take it anymore


PAUMiklo t1_is6kc7c wrote

i made it part way through season 2 of black list but it became so repetitive and the home drama got old. honestly would have been a much better premise as a movie or 10 part miniseries.


TvManiac5 t1_is6ptmf wrote

Honestly I think they could have gone up to 4 or maybe 5 good seasons if they properly stuck to their story instead of moving around in filler directions to strech more seasons and ultimately sacrificing the plot for longevity.

Season 7 had an amazing story overall (until the supposed reveals in the s8 retconed the shit out of it) and some focus episodes on secondary characters and their backstory that had some of the best writing in the series. And most of season 8 was completely story focused with no criminals of the week.

If they removed the filler from s4-6 entirely and just led to those stories naturally immidiately from the first couple of seasons and paid more attention to tying up the clues into a logical conclusion instead of basically basing their reveals on online theories it could have been one of the best shows out there.

It certainly had the interesting premise, clever dialogue(at least in the early seasons) and an amazing actor in the lead.


catnapspirit t1_is4ouuz wrote

The Leftovers. I actually watched through the first two seasons, hoping it would get better, because every damn person I know raved about that show, but no, I just got more and more awful with each episode. I don't get the appeal and never will..


ozgun1414 t1_is6wxe0 wrote

it saddens me seeing this here. but i can understand its not an easy show.


FRPowerSlave t1_is4rqqo wrote

The Last Man on Earth. Season 1 was really good, and then it just got way too repetitive : "Phil acts in a selfish way, hijinx ensues, everyone gets mad at each other, everyone reconciles and Phil agrees to be less selfish (but he isn't in the next episode)". After 3 seasons I realized the writers got stuck in that formula, so I called it quits. Now when I talk to people about the show I just tell them to watch season 1, it has a nice ending wrapping things up. Especially since the show got canceled before they could give it a proper ending. The only thing I liked about seasons 2+ is the running gag >!of having a huge guest star in the first episode of every season but having them die quicker every time (Will Ferrell had a couple of lines, Jon Hamm had once, Jack Black didn't even have one line). !<


GO-KARRT t1_is5mba3 wrote

"The Last Man on Earth", marketed as watching guy do fun silly stuff since no one is around. That lasts all of the opening credit of the first episode. By episode 4 he's found a dozen other people. I get it, you can't have a season of that stuff, but that's where I was interested, how are they going to make Castaway a comedic series?


SidHoffman t1_is4s6el wrote

I was almost halfway through the final season of Crazy Ex Girlfriend when I realized I didn’t actually like the show, that I kept expecting to like it but it just wasn’t happening. So I stopped.


aduong t1_is4sj0d wrote

Don’t remember which season exactly I quit it but TWD, like many here apparently 😂.

A bit after Negan arrival.


Rasluka t1_is4xhjw wrote

Watched Supernatural for 6 seasons but in my opinion it had too many filler/monster of the week episodes which are just okayish in contrast to maybe 4 really good episodes per season

i also watched 13 1/2 seasons of NCIS and 4 of NCIS:LA. stopped the first one because Tony (Michael Weatherly) left and I already knew Abby (Pauley Perrette) would also leave. I have no idea why I stopped LA but then I dont know why I started it in the first place

the walking dead took me 4 seasons to quit, after i only liked the first season


mikeymiggz t1_is4z14a wrote

I saw the first season La Brea, but gave up halfway thru the season 2 premier. The story is just dragging for me; I felt this way during season 1, but stuck with it till now.

Back in the day... Sliders, until the Kromags arrived


MightyJoe36 t1_is56j02 wrote

Walking Dead. Kept watching hoping it would get better but it just got ridiculous.


BetterCallVinny t1_is864zv wrote

Ozarks. I loved every bit of it leading up to the first half of the last season.

When they got away with killing another cartel member then going back to the status quo I said “I’m done”. It’s just unbelievable and it’s just the Byrds up to their shenanigans.


sriracha82 t1_is4ihlc wrote

Bojack Horseman, after 4 seasons it felt repetitive and there’s only so many times you can watch the character fuck up in the same ways. Absolutely loved the first few seasons though.

You’re the Worst I had a similar issue with.

I also watched 6 seasons of the 100 but did not watch the final season lol and gave 7 seasons to Suits before I had to quit


xAragon_ t1_is4kebr wrote

You should finish BoJack.
It's not long, and the last season, especially episode 15 ("The View from Halfway Down"), was amazing.


pourthebubbly t1_is4kgy0 wrote

This may be too niche, but the German show Dark lost me when one of the characters was revealed to be her own mother. One of these days I’ll power through and finish it, but I’ll have to get in the mood.


tomsawyer222 t1_is4kt9f wrote

Ah yes Dark, loved season 1, season 2 was good but hard to follow and season 3 we watched one or two episodes and gave up. Season 1 though, wow..


pourthebubbly t1_is4lcbt wrote

Season 1 was absolutely amazing! The writers just fell into that “how can we make it bigger” trap that often kills a story.


FrankBooth09 t1_isc9vp3 wrote

I almost quit s3, it was becoming such the slog. Omg, greatest comeback of a show. You HAVE to push through to the end…., it will make so much more sense and in hindsight makes it much more bearable. Giving it a couple years then I get a fantastic rewatch.

Closest I can think of for non spoiler example would be the endings Fight Club or the Sixth Sense before their perspective reveals. Dark being a TV show is narratively drawn out compared to those movies, but has a similar payoff.


Educational-Tower t1_is4pf2q wrote

Dark had a very good first season but became repetitive thereafter. Tons of wannabe profound dialogue about “the end and the beginning”. I realised midway through that I could predict what the characters would say before they said it. Slogged through to the end. Yawn.


brisingrbrom t1_is6a2d8 wrote

I think she was her own grandmother, assuming we're talking about >!Charlotte!<


pourthebubbly t1_is6ldof wrote

Oh I think you’re right. It’s been a while since I abandoned it, so my details are fuzzy


Sulley87 t1_is4w248 wrote

Yeah that's a weird show with a lot of love that i don't understand. there is no unique character there is no real story. its just a web of interconnected people mixed up in time. motive is unclear, resolution unclear. morals? themes? drama? none. just mundane ramblings of beginnings and end.


smesch83 t1_is4pnhx wrote

in terms of sheer numbers, I think "Star Trek: Voyager" because I never had a VCR, tried to watch the first four seasons whenever episodes aired and after that stopped looking at TV listings but still watched whenever I had time and an unfamiliar episode happened to be on German TV.

in terms of "What am I doing?": "One Tree Hill" had three so-so final seasons, seasons 7 to 9, but both S7 and S8 had great midseason finales. somehow, the follow-up episodes to the S7 midseason finale and the S8 midseason finale were so trite that I stopped watching until the next seasons in the fall. so... bizarrely, I've watched like... 17 eps of S7, 17 eps of S8 and, strangely, 5 (?) eps of S9 even though people say that all seasons went out on a high note.


BlackSpinedPlinketto t1_is4sr7q wrote

I didn’t really ‘get’ One Tree Hill. It seemed like there was no real story or premise. I watched for a bit and nothing happened at all.

I’d just watched Buffy and Smallville though, so I was expecting some kind of actual driver for the show other than ‘people who like basketball or somtheing’.


smesch83 t1_is4u0ve wrote

yes! the stakes are very low, but the characters are very intense about everything. I like these kind of dramas that don't have any additional gimmick, setting, genre or ticking clock; I'm a big fan of "My so-called Life", I liked "Dawson's Creek" and I always suspect that "A Million Little Things" might have these vibes, too? in a way, "Girls" and "Looking" are similar: just groups of friends who might become couples and have some goals and some growing-up to do.

(I never watched "Smallville", but there is a comics continuation that was super-good, for the most part. "Buffy" is awesome, but somehow predictably given my comment about mundane/domestic things, I liked season 6 best.)


BlackSpinedPlinketto t1_is4uaqy wrote

I did quite like Dawson’s Creek, you’re right there was no real gimmick there. I expected one, like, the whole thing was being told by an old Dawson or something momentous would happen, but nah. It was just whether Joey would go for him or Pacey I guess.

I find it a little creepy when stories just meander around, and there’s no beginning/middle/end and ‘event’ that causes the normal plot arc that you find in stories.


Premislaus t1_is4sa19 wrote

Lost. I got to season 5, but it just got too annoying following several different timelines and time travel shenanigans, especially since I didn't find the "big mystery" terribly interesting in itself.


aegtyr t1_is4vbg3 wrote

Hunter X Hunter, watched until the middle of the last arc (the one with the weird murderous human animals) until I got sooo bored with how slow the plot was advancing.


hyperintelligentcat t1_is5htx1 wrote

I felt the same way about the looooooong chimaera ant arc. My suggestion is to return to it, because it builds to some of the best moments in the show. The payoff is great, but there's a lot of establishment.


Tripolie t1_is5bx2f wrote

The Simpsons.


Roook36 t1_is5d748 wrote

Deep Space 9. I watched it as it aired, just like I watched every episode of TNG. But at some point I moved out on my own and didn't have an actual TV for a few months.

I also dipped out on Hannibal, but just becomes I had some tragedies in my family and I couldn't deal with anything dark.

And I jumped off the GoT train once they started bypassing the material from the books. Not only did I want to avoid book spoilers as much as possible. But I could tell the show was starting to veer into "give the fans what they want" territory, which is kind of the opposite of the book series. Plus leaving important elements out that made me question how close they were even going to be trying to get to the book series.

My friends, who I got into the show because I loved the books, called me a fool because GoT was too good and would stay good forever!


bros402 t1_is5md76 wrote

Bones - quit sometime in the 10th season

only went back to watch the absolutely hilarious Sleepy Hollow crossover. Holy shit that crossover was amazing and totally broke the show


Akihirohowlett t1_is5uufo wrote

Attack on Titan. Watched like 3 or 4 seasons and just stopped because I literally couldn't care about any of the characters even if I tried. I can only name like a handful of them, and one of them was a character who died without me even knowing who he was while every character made such a big deal about it. I can't get invested in the story when I can't even care about any of the characters


Calm_Memories t1_is5wshj wrote

Ink Master when they changed the judges. I understand the OGs probably needed time off but it would have been cool to have a season of finding new replacements because I have zero interest in new faces/names at this point.


BruteSentiment t1_is6lqeb wrote

I’ve finally given up on Riverdale. The only answer I have as to how many seasons I watched is “too many”.


spinereader81 t1_is7vvr4 wrote

The X-Files. Just adored the show, but it started to get bogged down with so much conspiracy stuff, which just got boring for me. I finally quit sometime during the no Mulder season. Still watched the old episodes though. And I watched the finale, because I had to know how things turned out after investing years of my life into the show.


EmperorBeaky t1_is8f17a wrote

been considering quitting South Park as the latest eps have been boring, so that if it happens


TheSeventhAnimorph t1_is4h3wf wrote

Sometimes I think about quitting SpongeBob, but then ending up going back to it. If I ever did fully quit it, that would be the one, I suppose. (I have possibly quit its spinoffs, though; those are somewhat in limbo for now.) Otherwise I would generally watch only one season of a show at most before quitting; it's rare that I would quit a show after that.


spiritbearr t1_is4h7hw wrote

I didn't finish Halo's last episode. I apparently draw the line at a show's protagonist raping a POW before letting her doom humanity on the planet instead of letting the Covenant be good at their job or however they found Reach in the games. I don't care it was shit and I was done.


sara-ragnarsdottir t1_is4nwyc wrote

Supernatural. I loved the first 5 season and I thought that season 6 was quite okay, but from season 7 the writing began to really feel iffy to me, but I still watched the next season because the showriters said that it was going to end with ten seasons, but then it turned out that they suddenly decided to make 15 seasons and I finally noped out of my Stockholm syndrome with this show.


pourthebubbly t1_is4sdzl wrote

I was a true believer, but after season 5, I really mostly liked the “freak of the week” type episodes that didn’t really involve the season’s A story line. On rewatch, I usually skip those altogether.


Lbox777 t1_is4pfa0 wrote

Most of mine are Indy comic book shows that I adore the original content. Inevitably they change something I like a lot and run me off by end of first season. Sweet tooth, paper girls, y the last man, American Gods and preacher come to mind immediately. Not saying it’s bad for others but not the story I fell in love with


Nobodycares2022 t1_is4q7w4 wrote

With any show, I usually watch until I lose interest. Most recently it if they can't hook me in the pilot episode I'm done. Right now, Im just halfway through S2 of The Americans. I don't think I can watch any more episodes. It just doesn't hold my interest enough.


greenspyder1014 t1_is6emsi wrote

I don’t think Americans is a good binging show. I quit about that time, but I watched it again later watching only a couple episodes a week and it is one that I think of as a favorite.


Dead-Eric t1_is53syv wrote

Better Call Saul, haven't watched last 2 or 3 episodes, haven't even been spoiled by the ending.

Not sure why I stopped.

I did the same with Fringe, stopeed 5 or so before then end.

I watched too much of the flash also, but gave up seasons ago.

I will finish BCS though, just need to get in mood.


Bowgal t1_is560rb wrote

Ted Lasso and Fear the Walking Dead. Just got bored with the story line.


sleepyaza124 t1_is56663 wrote

Someone posted about Arrow yesterday I watched that one until season 4


WR810 t1_is590wo wrote

I've tried twice to watch Smallville, first when it was airing and then again during lockdowns.

Both times I stalled somewhere in season five.


kchane3 t1_is5b615 wrote

Probably Supernatural. Just got sick of the repetitiveness after like 10 seasons. Would have been Grey's Anatomy after like 16 seasons, but I randomly watched this season's pseason's,

HM: The Flash


Ok-Importance-8613 t1_is5gg76 wrote

Office and Friends. Just couldn't get past a few episodes, and I give considerable efforts to every show I watch.


rx_revolt t1_is5iyk5 wrote

I binge watched Breaking Bad until Season 5 Episode 2... I used to watch a few episodes every night but I can no longer take the additional stress. It took a toll on me along with other shit going on in my life.


rincewind120 t1_is5ko93 wrote

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer: After getting through season six, I was looking forward to a back to the basics final year focusing on the core Scooby Gang. I bailed once I realized it was still going to be focused on Buffy and Spike again.

Angel: I didn't watch the last season after they fired Charisma Carpenter and replaced her with Spke.

Dexter: Quit during the last year. I realized there was no way the show could end in a way I would find satisfying.


LooneyTunes- t1_is5pqr7 wrote

Parks and Rec.. had like 2 episodes left and then they took it off of Netflix lol and I didn’t care enough to go watch it somewhere else


Economy-Inspector-23 t1_is5stc9 wrote

I watched 8 seasons of walking dead… need something to watch during October here been thinking of picking it back up.


jawni t1_is5szff wrote

Actually almost the exact same thing for me with Fringe.

I also quit watching Mr. Robot after the pseudo 1-take episode "Runtime Error" because I knew the next episode would be a let down in comparison. Then I took too long to get back into it and can't remember what happened in the plot and would have to rewatch most of it anyways.


dec8ur t1_is6crnt wrote

Of I were you I would give Mr. Robot another chance, because while you stopped at the third season (and yes, that is the best episode of that season), the fourth season has episodes that equal or even surpass it in my opinion, and overall it is a great show.


jawni t1_is6s0jw wrote

I do plan to finish it at some point, I'm just bad at resuming TV shows, books, games, etc. Once I stop I have a hard time going back because I know there is a strong chance I'll lose interest before I make any progress. hahah


adamtheundead t1_is5xo15 wrote

Game or thrones.

I read the book before, and by season 4 I stopped to watch it. It went too far from the original material and was just porn without plot.

Bitterly disappointing.


norris528e t1_is5zl0s wrote

I watched the simpsons weekly from 1995 until the Lady Gaga episode


PAUMiklo t1_is6k1vh wrote

Im not confident when i stopped watching on a regular basis but i remember it being around them going to africa. i stills see a new episode from time to time or on the occasional sunday but no where the watching event when i was a kid.


Waterboarded_Bobcat t1_is66ah6 wrote

Stath Let's Flats. The last series was appalling, I just gave up at some point.


brisingrbrom t1_is68u20 wrote

The Walking Dead

The Flash

Twin Peaks: The Return


Jourdy288 t1_is6dlyn wrote

Arrow. It started pretty decent, but as the seasons went on I found this constant narrative loop of "You kept a secret from me! I hate you!" "I did it to protect you!" And that seemed to be the only source of conflict in the story between characters - it never really led to anybody growing or changing, it just felt like repeated bickering.


PAUMiklo t1_is6js7n wrote

I have a long history of dropping shows after several seasons, often for benign reasons like i got busy, lost interest or just moved on to something else. a lot fo times once the show moved onto the the trope marriages, kids/pregnancy arcs I move on because it's often a wash rinse and repeat script wise across the shows.

Sons of anarchy, never got around to the final season.

walking dead once they got pushed out of the prison (forget the season) never picked it back up.

Final season of Super store and B 99 were unwatchable and dropped it. The Office is very hit or miss post Michael and I hate the nellie character so its hard to watch.

Master of none had a great 1st season, second season was a little more of a chore to watch and third was straight garbage and dropped it part way through.

Watched second season of Upload, have zero interest in keeping up with it, same for The boys, season one, no interest in anything further.

Took me several years to finish community, the final season and a half or so i always lost steam and gave up.

Dropped Shameless when it just became hat social issue of the week can we plug very superficially. same can be said for OITNB, solid freshman season, jumped the shark after.

Lost, forget what season i stopped watching because I lost interest. Same with The americans, simpsons is sporadic but not kept up on.

ITASIP, Rick and morty, Bob's burgers have gone from must watch to whenever i get around to it.

the list can go on, but overall it's a bit on the rare side if i can keep the momentum through an entire series.


SlayerOfDungeons t1_is6u7ba wrote

I never start a show I don't think I'll be interested in, so I can't say I've experienced this exact thing. But there have been a lot of shows that started out amazing and then went downhill, so I quit watching after a few episodes into whatever season "jumped the shark" for me.

The X-Files was my first. After Mulder left, there was no point in watching anymore. Then it was The Simpsons. After season 4 I was only watching out of habit, and then finally quit after season 8, and I have no idea why I lasted for 4 more seasons. I quit watching Family guy after Brian died. And all the other shows I have watched just end up getting canceled for no reason.

I think I'm getting to the point where I am waiting for a second or third season of a show to come out before I get into it anymore. Got other stuff to do than start a show that will end before it's time.


im_a_dick_head t1_is75ixq wrote

NCIS, I watched all 19 seasons and quit before season 20 started. And no it wasn't because Gibbs left. I dropped that show for NCIS Hawaii lol


Effective-Dinner-686 t1_is7m488 wrote

I stuck with the Walking Dead through 7 or 8 seasons (which is about 5 seasons after I stopped enjoying it) for reasons I can’t quite explain. My attitude was something like “I watch the Walking Dead because I watch the Walking Dead”.


returningvideotapes1 t1_is8a362 wrote

Usually I’m pretty adamant about finishing a show I start. But snowpiercer sucked


_gmr1999 t1_is8ptof wrote

Beyond scared straight


nwss00 t1_is8x1ga wrote


I dislike the curly white haired girl character


IronicSunshine83 t1_is9393v wrote

I can't count the Simpsons because I'll catch an episode here and there if we don't turn away after football.

Orange Is the New Black, Grey's Anatomy, and the Walking Dead may be tied for how far I went. Six seasons were enough. Repetition and/or unending misery weren't enjoyable.

I should have gone on to finish OITNB, but there was no end in sight like with the other two shows.


Ramonzmania t1_is97ohx wrote

The Flash. It became monotonous. The loss of Jessica Parker Kennedy was a blow, softened by Ralph Dibney as the elastic man. When he was fired for “problematic tweets”, and the entire cast applauded his firing, we checked out. The show’s main themes of “family” & “redemption” seemed absurd after that. Judging by the comments from last season, it seems like a good decision


blametheboogie t1_is9awp6 wrote

I watched about 14-15 seasons of OG Law and Order before realizing that it had turned into mostly stale rehashed stories and big name celebrities guest starring for ratings.

If a show I've been watching for a few seasons has 3 bad episodes in a row I usually stop watching for a while to decide if I want to continue or not.

If it's a show I just started watching if 2 of the first 5 episodes are bad I'm out. If they're not actually bad but just soso I'll usually decide at the end of the first season.


Locutus747 t1_isfvxoj wrote

Probably true blood. I quit during the last season I think or maybe late into the season before that. I just completely lost interest.

Quit walking dead in season 4 or 5.


SucksToYourAzmar t1_is4s8qs wrote

Sopranos. Heard the ending was terrible and to be honest I was bored halfway through the season before it ended.


MrDabollBlueSteppers t1_is4xf3c wrote

> Heard the ending was terrible

You heard wrong


AnyNamesLeftAnymore t1_is535vs wrote

To be fair though it took a bit of evaluation for people to come to consensus on that. It was pretty spicy at the time in the reactions.


jawni t1_is5z2bb wrote

Wasn't the ending super divisive?

I don't see how you can just say they're wrong when A. it's subjective, and B. it's a fairly popular opinion.


Toadfinger t1_is4hakr wrote

All the ones with too many subtitles. Dub it or scrub it!