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Isiddiqui t1_itm0q5i wrote

>We introduced Apple TV+ at a very low price because we started with just a few shows and movies. Three years later, Apple TV+ is home to an extensive selection of award-winning and broadly acclaimed series, feature films, documentaries, and kids and family entertainment from the world’s most creative storytellers.

Seems like Apple fully intends to reach the prices of other streaming services once they get enough content that they can justify it.

Lots of folks were thinking Apple was going to keep the prices super low indefinitely as a loss leader, since they could easily absorb the cost. Guess not.


mountainhighgoat t1_itn007d wrote

They still don’t have a library of content to justify this price increase.


LcukyFcuk t1_itnb9kp wrote

Totally agree, they can talk about having a larger catalog of programming, but it's nonsense. I log in every few weeks and look at what they have that's new and I'm always left bummed. Will likely cancel.


mountainhighgoat t1_itncc2t wrote

Yeah, because they refuse to buy a library of content like other streaming services.


vadergeek t1_itnn2fi wrote

Other than Netflix I think most of the other services are basically a pre-existing content library that started a streaming service, which makes more sense.


Mentoman72 t1_itocqet wrote

There's a couple shows to come back for. Severance, FAM, Ted Lasso. They don't have the HBO lineup to keep you subscribed year round


Summebride t1_itplgtd wrote

That was my initial reaction.

But considering it in a long term context, 30 years ago it cost $6.99 to rent one movie, for one night. And everyone was happy to pay it. Usually you'd rent 2 movies, maybe $9.99 for two. Then you'd go back and do it again. Spending $20+ per week at blockbuster was normal, and that when $20 was worth a lot more than it is today.

If you had a crystal ball back then, the idea of watching hundreds of tv episodes and movies for $6.99 would have been mind blowing, and you wouldn't be fussing over $4.99 vs $6.99

The current streaming prices don't reflect the true cost of creating and distributing the content. It's only been kept in this fake unnatural state because of stock market exploitation (some cases, like Netflix) or because the richest companies in history are giving it away as a loss leader.


ascagnel____ t1_itpz80k wrote

Netflix found value where nobody else thought to look (old shows that had either ended their syndication runs or never had syndication runs in the first place, and buying streaming rights from Starz) and turned it into a $125B business.


Sherringdom t1_itpqg0n wrote

I don’t know how much other people watch tv but Apple TV has been the one streaming platform that’s almost always had a new show I’m interested in watching, and I generally only have time for an episode or two a night. Compared to Netflix, prime and Disney most of the new stuff I watch is on Apple. Disney is more for my kid, prime I barely use at all and Netflix has the odd show that comes up which I’ll eventually watch. Considering it’s still basically half the price of the others I think it’s decent value.


wujo444 t1_itmgz9c wrote

If we believe that AppleTV+ has only 25 mln paid subscribers, that extra $2/month adds up to $600 mln per year, with budget started that at $6,5 billion in 2019 which they likely went through by now.

Even with the price hike they are gonna be losing more money than the budget of several other streaming services.


cadtek t1_ito0946 wrote

Considering this almost like a side project for them, they're not gonna feel that hurt.


wujo444 t1_itpeda0 wrote

Kinda, but even then you need some really good arguments after losing north from 20 billion dollars in 4 years on a project. While they can lose more money, they need some evidence that it makes sense in longer period.


Summebride t1_itpm726 wrote

When your cash hoard is hundreds of billions, $20 billion is couch cushion change.

And they HAVE made their argument. Apple, for many years, has stated they're trying to drastically alter their product mix so that hardware/items gives way to services revenue. Apple TV subscription business fits that strategy.

Selling an iPhone requires... an iPhone. Thousands of parts. Intricate assembly. Packaging. Shipping. Sure, there's revenue, but every phone sold means a lot of expenses to design and build the thing. Sell more iPhones, you have more costs because you're building multiple units.

With services, the revenue can be scaled and expanded without degradation or cost. The money you spend making Ted Lasso is the same whether you collect subscription money from 2 customers or 2 million customers.


wujo444 t1_itpwyjj wrote

Saying there is no cost to streaming scaling is not entirely true. The service still pays for the data transfer and running servers per user; and the cost is highest for ATVP where all content is in high bitrate 4k HDR. They are still paying royalties to the creators. And it needs constant updates with new content which is not that easy to aquire.

And while Apple currently outsources production, it's not as trivial as you make it seem. Making a modern TV show is a business for thousands of people. There is big logistic behind each, and Apple orders dozens of them every year.

There are services with low upkeep, but this one has to constantly evolve with new content making it quite costly. Apple supposedly spend 22 bln dollars on R&D in 2021 - compare it to 18 bln dollars that Netflix spend on content creation and something like 7-8bln Appletv plus had budgeted.


Prax150 t1_itmq2b7 wrote

I think they'll inevitably swallow up one of their competitors and merge platforms. They literally have the largest corporate cash stockpile in the world and outside of Amazon they probably wouldn't have much trouble merging with or outright buying any of their competitors, outside of antitrust issues (which, let's be honest, is barely a hurdle anymore in the US).


Radulno t1_itmyaqi wrote

Yeah they would have no problem but Apple isn't known for big acquisitions like that. Beats remains their biggest one IIRC.

Also, I don't think they're going all-in (or even half in) on video streaming, Apple TV+ is like a side hustle to them, it's not their main interest.

They could have gone for Warner when AT&T sold it but apparently had no interest (Comcast and Discovery were the only ones apparently and Comcast dropped it). Now that's it's with shitty reality TV with Discovery, I highly doubt they are more interested


Prax150 t1_itqe285 wrote

You're right I think Beats is pretty much their only 10+ digit buy. They generally make really smart acquisitions so I think it's more a matter of waiting for the right company to buy rather than not wanting to spend the money. I could totally see why they wouldn't be interested in a legacy company like Comcast or Warner that comes with more problems than it's probably worth.

Honestly I'm thinking more Netflix. They've very highly valued now but if the price is right that feels like it could fit.


Isiddiqui t1_itmqnoh wrote

Though one of the reasons they have so much cash is they don't randomly buy up companies. And at this point, they don't have too many options. I don't think they'd want to run a broadcast network (or deal with the increased scrutiny if they did), so Disney, Paramount, and Peacock are out. Maaaybe WBD, but they weren't really in play for Warner Brothers when AT&T wanted to get rid of it before.


TiberiusCornelius t1_itoaq7h wrote

WB apparently had shitloads of debt before the Discovery merger though and their stock is currently about half of what it was in April shortly after the merger went through. Not saying that they will definitely go in for it, but I could see how maybe it could be a more enticing option now that Zaslav has Batgirl'd away some of the debt and it could probably be scooped up for less than what AT&T wanted.


thesmartfool t1_itmdutj wrote

They have a lot of content coming out later this year and next year. Plus, they have sports.


Isiddiqui t1_itmh9ze wrote

None of the sports will be on Apple TV+ at least at this point.


BSC25M t1_itmnf13 wrote

Which would be a true statement if there weren’t already sports on Apple TV+…


Isiddiqui t1_itmnll0 wrote

There are literally no sports on Apple TV+ right now. There is Friday Night Baseball which is on the Apple TV app, free to everyone. No TV+ required.


BSC25M t1_itmojdy wrote

How many times do you want to be wrong?

They have the contract for MLS next year…this isn’t a situation of “well maybe the price increase will be worth it if they get sports” it’s “we have exclusive sports programming so we’re worth more now”


Isiddiqui t1_itmoq4m wrote

MLS contract is a separate subscription service on the Apple TV app. Likely will cost $50-$100 a year. Season Ticket Holders (of which I am one) will get it for free.

> Fans can get every live MLS match by subscribing to a new MLS streaming service, available exclusively through the Apple TV app

They'll throw a free game of the week on the Apple app and probably a few more on Apple TV+ but the entire thing is going to be on a separate subscription as well Sunday Ticket if they get it.

Want to try again?


BSC25M t1_itmpc3z wrote

As part of the agreement, season ticket holders will get free access to MLS related content. All Apple TV+ subscribers ($4.99 month) will also have access to every MLS game with several matches available for free to anyone with Internet access

Are you done being wrong yet? You’re just getting annoying at this point…

Blocked either way because I’m not in the mood for ignorance today…


Murky-Insect-7556 OP t1_itmz9d7 wrote

In the official Apple press release, they mentioned that only a few select games, will be available for free for TV+ subscribers.

If you want to watch all the games, that’s a separate subscription, available through the Apple TV app. Has nothing to do with Apple TV+


MadeByTango t1_itn4q5p wrote

Dude, don’t use Forbes contributors for sources, they’re glorified Reddit self posts and have almost no editorial oversight.

The “contributor” you’ve linked to misread the press release. Here is a better source for you:

The deal was for “matches on the Apple TV platform via an MLS streaming service within the app.” You’re wrong, but if that article is why then it’s understandable.


Nude-Love t1_itnu51u wrote

My mans is super committed to being absolutely wrong here lmaoooo 💀


random_encounters42 t1_itnegc6 wrote

Modern Apple has never completed on price for anything. It's always more expensive than their counterparts.


HumanOrAlien t1_itmqxlh wrote

It's Apple we are talking about. Of course they are going to increase the prices. Except for Apple Music I don't think they have any other good product that they don't sell as the most expensive alternative to everything else.


Murky-Insect-7556 OP t1_itlyrho wrote

Apple TV+ previously costed $4.99 in the US. Similar price increases will also happen in international markets.


[deleted] t1_itm400f wrote



Zhukov-74 t1_itm6yd7 wrote

The lack of content on Apple+ is what made me unsubscribe a long time ago.

I very much enjoy For All Mankind but that’s kind of it.


Josiah425 t1_itm8cqy wrote

Black Bird, Ted Lasso, and Severance were also good. I just watched those shows, for all mankind and a few others over 3 months and then I didnt need the subscription anymore.


Zhukov-74 t1_itm97uo wrote

Don’t get me wrong Apple+ has a lot of good shows but they aren’t really for me.

And the problem is that Apple doesn’t have a large content library to keep me subscribed until the next Apple+ original show comes out.

Atleast Amazon,Disney,Netflix, HBOMax and a few others have a large content library, for example i am currently watching The West Wing on HBOmax but Apple+ really doesn’t have that.


HumanOrAlien t1_itmqmma wrote

But the Apple library is too small and it's not really a service I'd pay monthly for. I plan on subscribing when the next season of Ted Lasso drops and I'll catch up a few other shows but I can't justify paying monthly for that library.


[deleted] t1_itmcsj7 wrote



jogoso2014 t1_itmn46w wrote

Most other streaming services cost more. I watched more stuff on this than i did AMC or Showtine and both were more expensive.

I actually watch Apple more than Netflix at this point.


uziair t1_itn31qy wrote

why are you subscribed to platforms you dont watch stuff on.


jogoso2014 t1_itn976x wrote

Where did I say I’d didn’t watch stuff on services I have?

Besides different people in my household watch stuff I don’t. So I may never watch anything on Frindly that doesn’t mean no one’s watching it.


TiberiusCornelius t1_itoc8gb wrote

I enjoy a lot of their stuff personally. It's been my favorite streaming service of the last few years. But they definitely don't have a super deep library, even with it being bigger now than when I first signed up, although they do still have things in the pipeline. I think they've maybe got to get better about getting more things out quicker too; not that they need to flood the market Netflix style, but there's definitely gaps between things, whereas other streamers tend to have something coming basically as soon as something else ends to try and justify keeping people signed up. Personally I'm comfortable with continuing to pay monthly for what I get out of it, and especially when it's still cheaper than just about everyone else, but I totally get why some people wouldn't find enough to appeal to them to stick around.


cmrunning t1_itnje4i wrote

The proper past tense of costs is "cost". Just trying to be helpful.


DrMonkeyWork t1_itpg5xm wrote

Just had a look and it’s already at 6.99€/month and 69.99€/year in Europe (from 4.99€ and 49.99€ in the past). But maybe that was from the recent inflation and $/€ price increase and there is more to come.


WeDriftEternal t1_itlzfmg wrote

I don't know anyone who actually pays for this, everyone is on free subs or a friends. My guess is, the bulk of subs come from people not realizing they need to cancel their free trial.

Not that there isn't good stuff there, but its not really great recurring offer, its good to go binge a show or two then cancel, and I dont need an account for that, I can ask a friend.


jl_theprofessor t1_itmb6v8 wrote

I pay for it using my Apple One subscription, which gets me Apple TV, Apple Games, Apple Fitness, Apple Music, Apple News, and iCloud.


Fmarulezkd t1_itne06i wrote

You could had skipped mentioning apple for each product individually btw.


ADsbigboipants t1_itnev6q wrote

PR workers have to use official brand copy. It's company policy.


Prax150 t1_itmqaws wrote

Yup same here. I use Apple Music and needed the iCloud space so it's simpler to just get that family plan and have Arcade/TV in perpetuity.


ascagnel____ t1_itpzyyq wrote

My family is at the point that we need more than the 200GB package, so even the more expensive bundle is more than worthwhile for what we're paying.


Pool_Shark t1_itml51c wrote

How much does that cost?


jl_theprofessor t1_itmli8l wrote

$17.00 or $32.00 for premier. Premier has the Fitness and News app; I think the bulk of the pricing goes toward the News app since they have to pay the papers. But then again, the Fitness app has lots of training programs you can watch and work out alongside, so I presume they have to pay the trainers.


Pool_Shark t1_itmlz7g wrote

Yeah I just looked it up. Actually seems like a good value and if I wasn’t already set up in Spotify I’d probably make the switch. I do need to add more space to my iCloud which makes it tempting


cerezadietdrpepper t1_itmo8jd wrote

I made the switch when google stopped supporting google play and made me get YouTube premium. Idk how i got started on google play in the first place but I’ve been happy with Apple Music


jl_theprofessor t1_itmmk4e wrote

Yeah I used to have Spotify. There's an app to switch playlists over. Am I happy with the switch? Yeah. The audio quality is higher and if you have apple headphones they have the whole spatial audio thing. For me it made sense because I'm deep in the Apple ecosystem, but a few years ago I wouldn't have made the switch.


Kaiser_Allen t1_itn0f62 wrote

Playlist transfer is no longer allowed by Spotify, unfortunately.


Ttmode t1_itmdqxt wrote

I paid for it for a while. Had a year and a half free, paid for maybe 6 months? Currently on another 3 free months, may buy another Apple TV for the SO so we may get more free who knows.

Overall though, this has to be a money pit for Apple to this point


Pool_Shark t1_itmld23 wrote

I do and it’s simply because I never canceled it after having it for free for a year or two


Harbinger2001 t1_itndqnr wrote

They’re no longer extending your free subscription even buying Apple products so I ended up canceling rather than start paying after 2 years of free service.


pm_me_your_last_pics t1_itm75on wrote

People without iOS devices like me pay for it. Saved a little by paying for a year in advanced through Costco. Honestly, it's worth every penny. The quality is comparable to HBO already. As each year passes their catalog is getting bigger with their originals.


lightsongtheold t1_itm0dyb wrote

Even with the price increases it is still under half the price of HBO Max. TV+ gives you an equal or greater volume of new TV shows weekly than HBO Max. All they are missing is the Warner and HBO library but that is not worth the extra cash.


WeDriftEternal t1_itm0iin wrote

Are you really trying to compare Apple TV to HBO. Come on dude...


lightsongtheold t1_itm2bdt wrote

Yeah. TV+ delivers similar quality programming in a similar or higher volume at half the price.

For November HBO Max has The White Lotus, Titans, Pennyworth, and Sex Lives of College Girls. For November TV+ has Shantaram, Echo 3, The Mosquito Coast, Mythic Quest, and Acapulco.

Tell me again how HBO is better value nowadays than TV+? TV+ beats them on volume and matches them on quality and still costs half the price.


iamdew802 t1_itm3j36 wrote

Pretty sure they were talking about the total catalog size, not just the number of new releases.


lightsongtheold t1_itm45rf wrote

I’m saying the catalog is not worth the extra $8 a month vs TV+. It is the best library of content in the industry but I’m not paying an extra $8 a month to rewatch shows I’ve already seen when there is so much great new content getting made here and now.


Soulwaxing t1_itmj86h wrote

You've seen every HBO show and all the movies they have on there? I find that hard to believe.


lightsongtheold t1_itmkhwe wrote

I watched pretty much all the TV shows I’m interested in watching years ago when they actually aired. Chances are if I was super interested in watching a TV show or movie I’d not have waited years to do so.

If I was interested in watching a specific show again I’d be happy to sub for the month but I’m more into watching new TV I’ve not already seen before. Next big rewatch I’ll do will likely be Justified (in anticipation of the new limited series) but that ain’t on HBO.


Soulwaxing t1_itqzvh7 wrote

> Chances are if I was super interested in watching a TV show or movie I’d not have waited years to do so

I mean, I guess. But there was lots of great TV that I know I missed. That I waited years later to pick up which have become some of my favorite shows. There's a ton of HBO miniseries and 1-2 season shows too that I think go under people's radar as well.

Just saying, the HBO show catalog is deep and it's quality. IMO the best TV shows are HBO shows by and large. And their new shows that are releasing are still maintaining that quality pretty much.


boogersrus t1_itmd1xm wrote

Sheesh. Better add some content then. Pretty slim pickings out there for 7 bucks a month.


wujo444 t1_itmhaei wrote

Tbf, they did add lot of good TV this year, more than D+ without Hulu or Prime. The problem isn't new shows, but old content, which they have none.


hoopheid t1_ittvhxl wrote

I get your point but why add old content that you can find elsewhere? I actually like that they focus on originals only.


wujo444 t1_ittywg6 wrote

A) iTunes sell movies. They are literally doing what you suggest right now.

B) Don't just buy content. Buy competition. Amazon bought nice cozy library of old movies when they took over MGM as well as Bonds. Or collaborate with some other streaming service like Peacock, which struggles to be relevant alone, but if you could get in one pack both Apple originals and giant library of NBCUniversal's old titles, that becomes good deal.


hoopheid t1_itu09cj wrote

iTunes isn’t Apple TV+ though. I think Apple were also close on the MGM deal but walked away in the end because it didn’t include exclusivity for everything that they wanted.


Murky-Insect-7556 OP t1_itme5c8 wrote

Yeah, they should’ve waited until 2023 and also release a preview of new shows coming next year. Could’ve built some hype and been understandable. Right now, we’re only getting like 2 maybe 3 shows a month which isn’t too worth it.


huebomont t1_itnfcl6 wrote

other streaming services definitely have way more quantity but I’d say a good third to half of what I actually watch and like is on Apple TV these days.


switch8000 t1_itm7yr0 wrote

Costco still is selling 1 year subs at $44.99, might be good to pick one up.


fdjadjgowjoejow t1_itnc3gi wrote

> Costco still is selling 1 year subs at $44.99, might be good to pick one up.

Has anyone ordered this since the price increase announcement and been able to add it on to their current subscription? I'm wondering if Costco will cancel the order. I'm good until August 2023 but if I can get it for another year at that price I'm ready to sign up. TIA.


switch8000 t1_itqbouu wrote

I ordered it last night, got a code that I just redeem. Says I have 1 year to redeem it, so gonna wait till all my trials run out. :D


3758232352 t1_itoy5g6 wrote

If it works like the Target promotion, it just stacks onto your existing subscription and would push your expiration date out to August 2024.


fdjadjgowjoejow t1_itpulzw wrote

> If it works like the Target promotion, it just stacks onto your existing subscription

Thanks. Yeah, it did it work. Grateful too since I would not have signed up for another year after August 2023. With the $20 annual price increase it would have been time to rotate and catch up with TV + in a year or two.


3758232352 t1_itq1i3w wrote

Yep, since my comment I also purchased and confirmed it works this way.

Now if only a similar deal for Disney+ happens…


illuvattarr t1_itmh8za wrote

This was of course inevitable and while they are putting out great shows pretty consistently and building their library in a good way, it still feels a bit early for a price hike since the library is still quite small.


redavid t1_itlyvue wrote

no shocker there. they'll probably even throw in more pre-roll ads soon enough


JohnnyAK907 t1_itm85rn wrote

Cool. Time to cancel a service I don't even watch at the moment until the next season of Ted Lasso drops. Thanks for the reminder, Apple.


Bovey t1_itmm9zx wrote

In my view the content quality justifies that, but the quantity not so much. I'm look forward to the next seasons of Ted Lasso, Mythic Quest, and Severance, as I really enjoyed all three, but those are the only shows that I've really enjoyed on Apple TV+.

I'll probably check out the second season of Foundation eventually, but season 1 didn't grab me enough that I'm really looking forward to it, and it wouldn't be a factor in a subscription decision at this point.


bitca57 t1_itmf48l wrote

I don't mind the uptick in pricing if they have the content to back it up, but I don't think they really do, though. Outside of Ted Lasso, what are they putting out that's actually getting attention? I guess *maybe* The Morning Show? Severance seemed to be a hit with award nominations, but is the general public aware of that show? I watched The Mosquito Coast simply because I adore Justin Theroux and Melissa George, but I've literally never heard anyone else talk about it. Lol They don't seem to have a large amount of hits on their service. Wracking my brain how they can justify upping the price. Oh well, though. Is what it is. Just a mystery to me how they can justify it. Lol


HumanOrAlien t1_itmrvpe wrote

Most people on this sub don't realise that everyone doesn't love high concept dramas. Apple TV+ doesn't have anything more than that.


Number224 t1_itozffg wrote

They grabbed Best Picture this year with CODA as well. Good movies have to count for something.


Isiddiqui t1_itmsfwt wrote

Apple TV+ is already a service that, if I don't have a free trial - which keep racking up somehow - I was planning on just buying for a month and binging the few shows I want to see. This just solidifies that decision.


Sharkus1 t1_itmnoq6 wrote

Glad I just got my year in. Can’t wait to see what becomes of Pachinko and Severance.


girlsareCREAMY t1_itn9fdg wrote

well im cancelling. I was looking for a reason to cancel since I really dont find much on there.

click done.


shadowdra126 t1_itmhmne wrote

I haven’t payed for Apple TV once since I started my free trial. They always somehow give me another free trial to extend it somehow.


icup2 t1_itn11gz wrote

If you're a Costco member, you should take advantage of their $44.99 year subscription before they go up in price or sell out.


bazzbj t1_itnpzym wrote

I have a trial running till like mid 2023… not sure I’d pay though. I can’t find anything that looks interesting to me


ReflexImprov t1_itnygqa wrote

I've had Apple Music for years and bundle TV+ with it, so it's not too painful. The thing that really sets Apple TV+ apart is, with the exception of a few classic movies and shows, it's pretty much all exclusive content to them. They don't have as much as other services, but what they have is high quality - doesn't feel like the bargain-bin offerings that Amazon and Netflix mostly have now.


Redline65 t1_itodhuw wrote

I just got a free trial for buying an iPad and there’s nothing on it I’m remotely interested in. Haven’t watched a single thing yet, definitely won’t renew.


MeronDC t1_itohraj wrote

$9.99 before in Brazil is now $14.99


Gastro_Jedi t1_itosbk7 wrote

They gotta pay for Masters of the Air!


mushaslater t1_itotml8 wrote

I wouldn’t mind if this included Friday Night Baseball and a few MLS games every week (they’ll likely put some games for ATV+ every week). But bummer that FNB is not available in my country, since they’re noy available in the MLB app (unlike Amazon and Peacock’s game). Here’s to hoping that FNB will be worldwide next season)


Kyserham t1_itoxcvn wrote

I only have it because I’m paying for Apple Music, but they already increased it 1€ a couple months ago.


Century22nd t1_itoyvdq wrote

I still don't know anyone that has Apple TV+ , surprised it's still around.


militantcookie t1_itqci0z wrote

Apple has billions in cash they can run it for years before it becomes profitable or they give up.


conkeee t1_itp7bmp wrote

Still worth it


Nepflea t1_itqoioq wrote

I recently signed up and already thinking about leaving. The stuff that’s free to watch is kinda lame and so far the app seems a bit buggy.


hoopheid t1_ittvkhw wrote

Really? They have the best shows on tv right now imo


Nepflea t1_ittvusw wrote

What do you suggest? I like sci-fi, action, comedy, mysteries, suspenseful type stuff that I can binge watch.


hoopheid t1_itty6s6 wrote

Oh then 100% watch Severance, Servant, Ted Lasso, Mythic Quest, Finch, Swan Song, For All Mankind, Invasion.


Nepflea t1_itum983 wrote

I started off with Servant and totally got sucked in. That scene when Mr. Turner yanks up “his baby” by the feet got me! I literally gasped out loud and immediately thought, “what did that little shit on Reddit trick me into watching”?! Lol Im trying to avoid spoiling so I will just say, they got me good on that one. Thanks again for the recommendations.


hoopheid t1_ituner1 wrote

Awesome, no problem at all! 😀 you’re in for such a ride with Servant. The others are great too. Enjoy!


spq2013 t1_itsblws wrote

So I do and have been paying all these different subscription streaming services for a while but they are all creeping up. I like the idea of paying for content so that those involved in it's creation are rewarded but if it keeps going up, there are plenty of freebie sites I will just go back to. You play by the rules and you get shafted so why bother. I can think about 40 sites where I can get similar definition streams for free. Yes I have to put up with the odd ads some of which are in very poor taste but a small price to pay. Also, the cost of a VPN to make sure your ISP doesn't get on your case is negligible compared to what Netflix et al are charging.


hoopheid t1_ittvpd2 wrote

Thankful for Apple One. For 32 bucks a month, you get TV+, Apple Music, Fitness+, 2TB iCloud storage, News+ and Apple Arcade, all of which I use. You can share it for 5 other people too, so I have 5 family/friends on it and we all just pay a few bucks a month. A great deal, if you can find people to share.


mrj9 t1_itmweot wrote

They need to just buy wbd and get rid of the d. They don’t have enough content to justify that price. When I don’t have it free for something it’s a get a one month out of the year type of service.


getgtjfhvbgv t1_itp7f99 wrote

Apple TV is so ass. There’s no shows worth watching


Gypsymoth606 t1_itmhwuj wrote

Jeez, they’ve only been out there for a minute and already a price increase? Don’t have it and not planning to if that’s any indication of raises in the future.


Radulno t1_itmyvfm wrote

Apple TV+ launched in 2019 like Disney+ (which had price increases way before)


Spud_Spudoni t1_itn8c5q wrote

At least Disney+ has a back catalog of media and constantly adding multiple shows and movies quarterly to justify it. And this is coming from someone that enjoys roughly 10% of their content. Apple+ hasn’t produced enough content in my eyes to warrant a price jump.


jogoso2014 t1_itm3nzt wrote

It’s worth it as a b tier service.

They’ve got a lot of good stuff.


Rynox2000 t1_itmtzwd wrote

Still don't have it.


Neo2199 t1_itm7l0k wrote

That's within acceptable range for me.

If they're going to increase it a lot than that in the coming years, then they need to buy one of the smaller services like Paramount+, Peacock or Starz so then can add their back catalogue to Apple TV+


badchad65 t1_itn2sr2 wrote

...and I bet the 15 subscribers are pissed.