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Zhukov-74 t1_itm6yd7 wrote

The lack of content on Apple+ is what made me unsubscribe a long time ago.

I very much enjoy For All Mankind but that’s kind of it.


Josiah425 t1_itm8cqy wrote

Black Bird, Ted Lasso, and Severance were also good. I just watched those shows, for all mankind and a few others over 3 months and then I didnt need the subscription anymore.


Zhukov-74 t1_itm97uo wrote

Don’t get me wrong Apple+ has a lot of good shows but they aren’t really for me.

And the problem is that Apple doesn’t have a large content library to keep me subscribed until the next Apple+ original show comes out.

Atleast Amazon,Disney,Netflix, HBOMax and a few others have a large content library, for example i am currently watching The West Wing on HBOmax but Apple+ really doesn’t have that.


HumanOrAlien t1_itmqmma wrote

But the Apple library is too small and it's not really a service I'd pay monthly for. I plan on subscribing when the next season of Ted Lasso drops and I'll catch up a few other shows but I can't justify paying monthly for that library.


[deleted] t1_itmcsj7 wrote



jogoso2014 t1_itmn46w wrote

Most other streaming services cost more. I watched more stuff on this than i did AMC or Showtine and both were more expensive.

I actually watch Apple more than Netflix at this point.


uziair t1_itn31qy wrote

why are you subscribed to platforms you dont watch stuff on.


jogoso2014 t1_itn976x wrote

Where did I say I’d didn’t watch stuff on services I have?

Besides different people in my household watch stuff I don’t. So I may never watch anything on Frindly that doesn’t mean no one’s watching it.


TiberiusCornelius t1_itoc8gb wrote

I enjoy a lot of their stuff personally. It's been my favorite streaming service of the last few years. But they definitely don't have a super deep library, even with it being bigger now than when I first signed up, although they do still have things in the pipeline. I think they've maybe got to get better about getting more things out quicker too; not that they need to flood the market Netflix style, but there's definitely gaps between things, whereas other streamers tend to have something coming basically as soon as something else ends to try and justify keeping people signed up. Personally I'm comfortable with continuing to pay monthly for what I get out of it, and especially when it's still cheaper than just about everyone else, but I totally get why some people wouldn't find enough to appeal to them to stick around.