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Isiddiqui t1_itmqnoh wrote

Though one of the reasons they have so much cash is they don't randomly buy up companies. And at this point, they don't have too many options. I don't think they'd want to run a broadcast network (or deal with the increased scrutiny if they did), so Disney, Paramount, and Peacock are out. Maaaybe WBD, but they weren't really in play for Warner Brothers when AT&T wanted to get rid of it before.


TiberiusCornelius t1_itoaq7h wrote

WB apparently had shitloads of debt before the Discovery merger though and their stock is currently about half of what it was in April shortly after the merger went through. Not saying that they will definitely go in for it, but I could see how maybe it could be a more enticing option now that Zaslav has Batgirl'd away some of the debt and it could probably be scooped up for less than what AT&T wanted.