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Nato7009 t1_irsvoxx wrote

Dude I won’t spoiler anything but another amazing thing about this show is the actually knew where they were going and weren’t just throwing shit at a wall and hoping an interesting concept would drive the show forward. If you liked it so far your gonna keep liking it


arca5 t1_irt3nbv wrote

The creators have a new show coming out soon called “1899.” Really looking forward to it.


Nato7009 t1_irt98zu wrote

That is awesome. Dark is one of the most well thought out shows I have seen in a long time. A show that didn’t just either drone on purposelessly, or worse leave a cliffhanger and get cancelled after a season or two, was a breath of fresh air


arca5 t1_irtavda wrote

It’s coming out really soon, hopefully next month. I know at least one actor from Dark is going to be in it. Typing from phone and don’t want to look to much into it.