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Just been a long time since one of these types of posts have been here. What do y'all think are the best singular seasons of any TV show that were released in the 2000s? With so many amazing shows, it was really hard to come up with my list, but I'm curious to see what I am missing. My main picks are as follows (limiting myself to 1 season per show):

  1. The Wire Season 4
  2. West Wing Season 2
  3. Veronica Mars Season 1 (Someone in the comments please show this season some love)
  4. Sopranos Season 2
  5. Arrested Development Season 3

Other nonranked include, House Season 1, HIMYM Season 2, The Office Season 4, The singular season of Freaks and Geeks (BARELY in the 2000s), Mad Men Season 2, 24 Season 1, and Community Season 1 (Barely stays in the 2000s)

Obviously there are so many more good seasons, but I am curious to see your choices.



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smolo_19 t1_iu3o7ih wrote



SerDire t1_iu4ziiw wrote

I love Lost and will defend it till I die but S3 was not the best. S3 was the reason people began to run on Lost because it felt like the show was just sputtering on auto pilot. Gave us the two worst episodes of the series, Jacks tattoos and Nikki and Paulo. It’s gotta be either S1 or S2. That was top tier mystery and “wtf” is going on


Breaking-Lost t1_iu6ktep wrote

Season 3 had the best run of episodes though, like the last 6-8 are amazing.


sergiocamposnt t1_iu4hfqb wrote

1st The Wire season 4

2nd Six Feet Under season 5

3rd The Wire season 3

4th The Sopranos season 6

5th Dexter season 4


simplefilmreviews t1_iu4cvzm wrote

LOST season 1

Fargo season 1

Breaking Bad season 4

Arrested Development season 2

True Detective Season 1

Chernobyl Season 1


wildwalrusaur t1_iu3yb3n wrote

Carnivale season 1.

I'll never forgive them for cancelling it. It was "too expensive" at 2 million/episode.


thisishardcore_ t1_iu4bp8t wrote

The Wire Season 3

The Sopranos Season 4

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 2

To be honest there's a case to be made for any of Seasons 3-6 being the best Sopranos season.


Cyrano_Nose t1_iu3kn7z wrote

Considering how much I love #1, 2, 4 and 5. Maybe I should try watching Veronica Mars?


Carlo459 OP t1_iu3ks2i wrote

It's a little different from the other 4, but Season 1 of Veronica Mars is in my opinion the best season long mystery arc ever done on television. It's also one of the few times I couldn't predict anything. Usually I'm pretty good at sussing things out but this show did a damn good job of making me really think. Definitely give it a shot. I watched the entire season in about a week when I had covid last year, and it was so good I watched it again while I was recovering. The rest of the show is meh (Season 2 is worth watching as well, but not 3 or 4), but nowhere near the level of season 1.


PainStorm14 t1_iu3mtka wrote

Yes you should, it's amazing

Movie is the end point which wraps everything beautifully, don't waste your time with "season 4" because it's dogshit


Nightgasm t1_iu41yoj wrote

Let me guess. You were okay with S4 til the last 5 minutes. That seems to be where most people hate it.


Carlo459 OP t1_iu59rsa wrote

I'll be honest. Yep. 100%. I did like season 4 but under no circumstances should anyone watch the last 5 minutes. Although unlike Seasons 1 and 2, I did figure it all out pretty easily.


Funny_WalkerN t1_iu3o7fi wrote

Dexter season 4 and LOST season 4 (I know most people would say season 1 though)


-Frances-The-Mute- t1_iu3q60n wrote

Deadwood - Season 1
Firefly - Season 1
Rome - Season 1
Oz - Season 4


slardybartfast8 t1_iu40dqv wrote

The Leftovers S2

My Brilliant Friend S1


cedped t1_iu4zizq wrote

The Leftovers is the most overrated show I've ever seen!


Nightgasm t1_iu41tra wrote

Jessica Jones S1

Brutally dark and uncompromising in how it deals with rape trauma and PTSD. Also an amazing performance by David Tennnant who makes Killgrave (the villain) somewhat likable and sympathetic even though he is utterly narcissistic and evil.


HyperHyper4 t1_iu3kn4o wrote

Sons of Anarchy Season 2