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lostmonkey70 t1_itli7m6 wrote

You are correct. Its an editor problem since everything has worked fine up until the last few years. Now we suddenly have audio and visual issues.... Because the editors are focused strictly on the highest equipment calibrated perfectly.


Zalack t1_itruzpu wrote

Editors have nothing to do with the color at that level of production. There will be a dedicated colorist doing the work in a program like Baselight or any of the other dedicated professional finishing programs and hardware out there.


Radulno t1_itmk8pn wrote

That's what happens if you want high production quality stuff. It's a good thing IMO


lostmonkey70 t1_itmks6l wrote

High quality requires ruining the experience for many people? Shocking if true


BlobFishPillow t1_itn64ka wrote

What a weird reply. Lots of people watch actually high production value movies on their televisions and have no problem whatsoever.