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HotpieTargaryen t1_ituw0oc wrote

Well you can’t make Green Lantern without a budget so might as well backdoor cancel this one.


GOLDEN_GRODD t1_itv6my4 wrote

Plus his entire CW universe fell apart both in quality and otherwise so please just hire someone else lol. Surely people got tired of seeing everyone from Braniac 5 to Flash himself be butchered


username11611 t1_itv74vm wrote

Whoa man you seem mad, why don’t you take a walk into the hallway with me to have a conversation?


Kevbot1000 t1_itxnrwt wrote

Can we have the room?


Radulno t1_itzmfba wrote

This is something happening in so many movies/TV that is always weird to me. Like do people ever do that in real life (never seen it)? You're two people, you're going to talk elsewhere, you're not making everyone else move out, lol.


MarvelsGrantMan136 OP t1_itushix wrote

The series is shifting to focus on John Stewart instead of Guy Gardner and Alan Scott

Budget seemed to be the main cause, and its expected to be "significantly less" going foward


>As part of the creative overhaul, writer and showrunner Seth Grahame-Smith has departed the series after completing scripts for a full season of eight episodes. Sources say Grahame-Smith, who signed on as writer and showrunner a year after Green Lantern was announced, chose to leave the project after weathering a number of regime changes at HBO Max, its parent company, producers Warner Bros. Television and now DC Comics.

>The decision to refocus Green Lantern arrives at a pivotal time for DC. Sources say the character of John Stewart was off the table to producers who envisioned the show as focusing on the first Green Lantern, the openly gay Alan Scott, and Guy Gardner as well as a “multitude of other Lanterns — from comic book favorites to never-before-seen heroes.” With DC Comics topper Walter Hamada’s recent exit, a decision was made to start over and build the show around John Stewart, the character who first appeared in the early 1970s and was modeled after Sidney Poitier.

>The show’s budget going forward is expected to be significantly less as HBO Max, under David Zaslav’s combined Warner Bros. Discovery, is focusing on right-sizing its various assets.


TheTaffyMan t1_itv3a2q wrote

A GL show with a drastically reduced budget?

The superhero who flies around the galaxy as a space cop and powers are creating literally anything they can imagine?

Yeah I dont see any red flags here


BillyCloneasaurus t1_itvc76h wrote

Imagining James Gunn's face on his first day at work when he opens up his DC mail inbox and sees "fyi james, we're now doing the GL show with a drastically reduced budget"


Ozlin t1_itwwsnb wrote

"Green Lantern now mostly bikes places and fights only in darkly lit warehouses. His costume is a green shirt and sweat pants. Only he sees the green constructs of his ring. The audience does not see his POV."


BxTart t1_itxypcn wrote

It’s a really sweet vintage Schwinn Stingray though(renting it from one of the producers eats up a lot of the budget).


TheWholeOfTheAss t1_iu102mh wrote

“My ring is not working” is a line GL will use often in the series.


Toidal t1_itvg3n4 wrote

It'll be like Dr. Who, a time and space traveling alien who for some reason spends a lot of time in what looks to be current day Britain


jim-p t1_itxdilq wrote

Or Stargate SG-1, who visited many planets all over multiple galaxies that all looked a lot like places in and around Vancouver.


Radulno t1_itzmycf wrote

If that show is even half as good as Dr Who or Stargate SG-1, it'll be a win though. Budget doesn't make the quality of a show.


CapnSmite t1_itywhyx wrote

At least SG-1 had the decency to have a line in an early episode to somewhat explain it away. Something about how any planet that could sustain human life would end up looking similar.


el-art-seam t1_itvx4s7 wrote

Green Lantern S1 E1 - The Ring

Sinestro takes the ring away from Green Lantern, thus he loses all his powers and has to fight crime without them in Los Angeles.

Problem solved- no more $$$$ intergalactic, superpower CG effects needed.


matthieuC t1_itx186i wrote

Using his space cop experience, Green lantern becomes an advisor to the LAPD.


zero5reveille t1_itzse6p wrote

“My god, this is one gifted writer.” - some CBS executive


silvermember t1_iu00agb wrote

"Crime solving lantern, it makes sense, don't over think it."

- Lucifer


_night_cat t1_itw3snb wrote

Lots of Terry Gilliam style animations instead of CG


Regula96 t1_itybb8g wrote

A television series always sounded strange to be considering Green Lantern has to be one of, if not the most CGI demanding live action project possible.


SmashedPumpkin30 t1_itye32o wrote

Yeah but it is a Berlanti production so Green Lantern will only have 2 minutes or so to use their powers after dealing with whatever crazy love triangle he is tied up in for no reason.

That should save some $.


jessie_monster t1_itybk7f wrote

He is going to get to use his powers once a season, Legends of Tomorrow-style.


garlicroastedpotato t1_itxqgjw wrote

I don't think it necessarily has to be bad. The Flash was a good enough show and for what was produced, had a very low budget. Word is it cost $50M to make a season of the show.

TV shows should be episodic and not just a movie split into 8 little parts. Refocusing TV shows like this allow you to reduce your casting costs because you can sit with a smaller central cast of characters. Flash was rather unique because the villain was mostly an "unknown entity thing" that rarely ever required an actual actor.

John Stewart can have some fairly cheap CGI animations compared to the others. Stewart was most known for using a green fist or green hammer. That could save a lot of money compared to Alan Scott or Hal Jordan who used a lot of.... creative constructs.

They can also save money by restricting a lot of the conflicts to Earth. Paralax comes to Earth and starts infecting super villains that Green Lantern has to stop? And then the final episode can involve his wife getting infected and having to choose between killing his wife or letting Paralax live? Sure, great show.


Radulno t1_itzmu0s wrote

To be fair, since we didn't know the initial budget, it may not be bad news, if it was like 20M$ an episode (House of the Dragon budget), it's not worth that much (and really doesn't need that much, space stuff isn't that expensive, reminder that Star Trek, Stargate, Farscape and such managed it on pretty small budgets decades ago). It's also way too risky for a company so in debt to spend on a completely unproven property (only movie it got being a huge failure)


WordsAreSomething t1_ituui8i wrote

The budget getting reduced is a huge red flag. Green Lantern will flop of they try to make it a CW show.


subjecttomyopinion t1_itv2zpl wrote

That's a shame. This is the one DC hero I can kind of grasp onto and would love to see something developed.

Was the Reynolds movie any good? I need to sit down and watch it just haven't.


DoIrllyneeda_usrname t1_itv6bbs wrote

You're better off just picking up the Geoff Johns run. The movie is just really boring.


subjecttomyopinion t1_itv6kra wrote

I read one book from.the library. I cannot remember which and after enjoying it found it was book 3 or something. Want to get more, unfortunately I'm inundated with media the library finally bought for me specifically that I should be grateful and get through.


WordsAreSomething t1_itv433j wrote

I remember enjoying it despite it not being very good.


subjecttomyopinion t1_itv4fho wrote

So riddle me this batman. What's a good DC hero that's worth looking into?

Don't like the bat. Superman out. Honestly what else is there? Wonder woman might be ok although I'm not sure I care too much.

To me and obviously an opinion marvel just has better story development and I love a lot of their characters


bengringo2 t1_itv7t3n wrote

Doom Patrol but honestly, If the light heartedness and humor of Marvel is a selling point to you then DC isn't for you.


RobDaGinger t1_itv8d0y wrote

Theres supposed to be a Blue Beetle movie in 2023 that im cautiously excited for. Hes probably my favorite DC hero.


Team7UBard t1_itx1pzt wrote

The new CEO who isn’t James Gunn is one of the producers so it seems at the very least it’s unlikely to be canned?


[deleted] t1_itvmjip wrote



subjecttomyopinion t1_itvmwnv wrote

I like bat villains. Not Bruce. He's got the best villains imo


roox911 t1_itvtq9u wrote

Did you try the new "the batman" though? Quite different than any other barman movie/show. Closer to a detective thriller.

Wonder woman was OK, '84 sucks though.


subjecttomyopinion t1_itvvx81 wrote

Dark knight was good. Bc of two face and joker.

I just don't get the bat.


berserkuh t1_itw3fql wrote

>I just don't get the bat.

His mom and dad died to a mugging in front of him when he was very little.

Unresolved trauma + extreme anger + extremely smart and also rich man = "i'll just beat up criminals so much they'll be too scared to do crime"

If the bat itself is the issue, IDK it just stuck, blame Bill Finger.


subjecttomyopinion t1_itw968k wrote

That I get. Just not why he's cool. In this situation I'd prefer iron man or moon knight. Or both.

Edit. Will also say it took me forever to warm up to iron man. But think he's pretty interesting now. One of my top picks.


berserkuh t1_itwh6pj wrote

He's basically a super smart Terminator ninja.

Strikes from the darkness, solves murders, has tons of cool gadgets and never gives up until his job is done.

Some of his popular stories are him solving some really horrific shit, or him being extremely old and executing a plan 20 years in the making after he retires, or him being shot with Omega beams, and then travelling back through time while being an amnesiac and also a reality bomb, all the while fighting cavemen, witch-hunters, pirates, cowboy bandits, some mobsters, the Justice League and finally programming a race of time-computer aliens to merge with him in order to come back to the present so the Justice League can kill the time-travelling beast that's been hunting him, then medically die and be revived (to defuse the reality bomb) so he can immediately return to Gotham to resume his role as Batman (immediately as in like an hour later he's there and ready to fight a villain who shoots Dick Grayson in the skull).


afineedge t1_itwicsp wrote

The John Rogers run of Blue Beetle. Barely needs any introductory information.


DMPunk t1_itv6j26 wrote

Parts of it are great, parts are merely okay, other parts are terrible. It's a mess, unfortunately. But the villains are good. Hector Hammond is a better character in the film than he is in the comics. And Mark Strong as Sinestro is the best casting of a DC villain ever. Sinestro is my favourite DC villain, and Strong just completely embodied the character. I would forgive all the failings of the film if it meant we got a sequel where his Sinestro was a bigger focus. He was perfect.


inkista t1_itwf1ne wrote

>That's a shame. This is the one DC hero I can kind of grasp onto and would love to see something developed.

Just me, but the best GL series I've seen is already up on HBO Max: Green Lantern: The Animated Series. While it isn't technically a DCAU/Timmverse show, Timm was involved in the development, and it's the best translation of his design aesthetic to CGI I've seen. It was showrun by Giancarlo Volpe (Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Dragon Prince) and Jim Krieg (who among a gazillion animation writing credits was the ringer Supernatural hired to write the "Scoobynatural" episode).

>Was the Reynolds movie any good? I need to sit down and watch it just haven't.

It was meh. To me, GL:TAS was everything I wanted from the Green Lantern movie and never got. :)

-edited to fix link


tfresca t1_ity0rs9 wrote

I liked Jon Stewart in Justice League cartoon.


alpacasarebadsingers t1_itv46zn wrote

It wasn’t bad, until the bad guy showed up. The last third of that movie was trash and ruined the first part completely.


NockerJoe t1_itw8vqn wrote

Deadpool makes several jokes about Green Lantern being an awful movie and the suit sucking. The post credit scene for Deadpool 2 is literally deadpool going back in time to shoot Ryan Reynolds before he can accept tbe role.

Green Lantern has kind of become the ur example of a comic book movie that just didn't work, surpassing Daredevil or the Punisher movie in this regard.


TheNerdGuyVGC t1_itv9kta wrote

I don’t think the movie deserves the hate it gets, but it definitely wasn’t great. If you like Green Lantern, I’m sure you’ll still enjoy the movie though.


Xp717 t1_iu0g2n5 wrote

It was terrible. The villain looks like literal diarrhea


RealJohnGillman t1_itv9by7 wrote

Maybe literally? The various The CW series have been teasing the John Diggle (Stewart) character being John Stewart over the past few years, down to having a ring box emanating green light — I could see them using him.


Damocles1710 t1_itv74rz wrote

Agree. But the show would probably work better if they strip down the power ring to its basic abilities: flight, energy beams, force fields, space travel, tractor beams, scanning. When they use rings to create cartoony constructs, it starts to get goofy.

Granted, those constructs are the signature move for Green Lanterns. But they don’t work as well in live action, even with CGI.


RecommendsMalazan t1_itvaq3j wrote

Not gonna try and say it isn't a red flag, but for a CW show... I'm really loving Star Girl, and have since it came out. And it does the Green Lantern effects really well, IMO.


NockerJoe t1_itw8ekz wrote

Thats why it never became a CW show. Hal Jordan basically completes DC's secondary trinity with Flash and Green Arrow and they teased several appearances for him that never materialized. Diggle getting rewritten to be John Stewart also kinda fizzled out because there was no way to make it work on that budget consistently.


Regula96 t1_itybq17 wrote

IMO there's no way a television adaptation can be good. It's just too CGI demanding if done properly. This should be one of their next big movie projects instead. I mean Black Adam just released. Next is Aquaman, Flash and Shazam right?

Time to start development on their movies after those. I'd guess a Superman movie is getting worked on now but what else. Seems so odd to leave Green Lantern for television.


Radulno t1_itzn7xv wrote

Not necessarily, budget doesn't mean quality, there is plenty of expensive shits and cheap gems on TV.


WordsAreSomething t1_itzno6v wrote

Budget matters depending on the genre of show. If you tried to reduce the budget of HotD it would make the show significantly worse.

The budget of a sitcom or straight drama program probably doesn't matter that much, but for a show of this nature is changes the quality dramatically.


Radulno t1_itzo480 wrote

Shows about space have been done on cheap budgets decades ago (so you were paying more for less, effects wise). Star Trek, Stargate, Farscape, BSG and such. If that show is even half as good as those classics, first I'll be very surprised and I'd call that a win. It'll likely still cost more (even with inflation) and be way shittier though.

We don't even from what budget they reduced it, if it was huge it can still be big even with a big reduction (like going from 20M to 10M an episode, it's a drastic reduction of 10M per episode but it's still a lot left). It also simply depends the story they want to tell and we don't know that.


WordsAreSomething t1_itzotgn wrote

Shows that are set in space have been done on a budget because the setting for a show in space doesn't need to be more than a set of a ship with some windows with space comped onto it.

Those shows don't have a character interacting with space regularly. And even if you took space out of it entirely like the Green Lantern movie did, the CGI required to make action scenes with the character high quality requires a budget.


iamdew802 t1_itv0yaj wrote

Damn and now we won’t be getting a gay green lantern even though scripts were written for the full season! Sad. The people that made the beautiful and amazing Everything Everywhere All at Once on a famously low budget need to start giving out classes


lightsongtheold t1_itvezdw wrote

Sounds like they cancelled a very expensive Green Lantern show and just told Berlanti to make one on a CW budget instead!


jak_d_ripr t1_itv3jre wrote

Just give us an animated green lantern series. I don't understand why they even considered live action to begin with.


IsawaAwasi t1_itv4of3 wrote

Green Lantern: the Animated Series got pretty good after a slow start for the first few episodes.


jak_d_ripr t1_itw1llr wrote

Oh yeah, I loved that show, I was counting down the days until the Sinestro Corp plotline.... and then that shit got cancelled. Still not over it.


IsawaAwasi t1_itw8s0o wrote

That damn Ryan Reynolds movie. Shelves were full of unsold GL movie merch, so no stores would pre-order new GL toys even if they were for a show unconnected to the movie. Animated shows live or die on their toy sales and GL:TAS barely had any made, let alone sold.


DaoFerret t1_itvv6s9 wrote

And we even got a follow up episode in the latest season of Young Justice (before YJ was cancelled … again)


bongo1138 t1_itv9w8a wrote

Green Lantern in theory would need to be DCs most expensive film franchise, what with basically being superhero Star Wars. This sucks but hopefully with the new DC leadership we get an actual good GL movie or show.


D3monFight3 t1_itvabrb wrote

So it will suck, not only because it is Green Lantern so without a huge budget you can't do it justice, but also John Stewart is not solo leading man material, I loved him in Justice League Unlimited and the comics I got, but he always had other protagonists around him, in fact he is at his best when he is with Guy, Hal and Kyle Rayner. Honestly I feel like only Hal and Kyle can be solo leads imo, Hal because he is the og space Green Lantern and has the most depth, and Kyle because of his artist angle making him pretty interesting.


MrBoliNica t1_itvuwt2 wrote

Of course they reduce the budget and happen to recenter the show around a prominent black character at the same time. Of course.


MasqureMan t1_ituw8pk wrote

The dream is getting a show to the point where something like Sinestro Corp War can happen. Green Lantern is more of an ensemble story with all of them playing off of each other, but the trouble is building up the story to get there.


tetoffens t1_itv18el wrote

I'd love the Parallax stuff but that would obviously not be something you open with.


bongo1138 t1_itva1zf wrote

Green Lantern movie: oh yeah? Watch me bitch


GarlVinland4Astrea t1_itv5ay4 wrote

Unless they use Hal it’s not worth doing SCW


redesignyoself t1_itw5nzo wrote

Agreed, Hal and Sinestro’s relationship before Sinestro turns is a huge part of the emotional complexity of SCW.

Though I guess that’s an easy retcon, you could make any of the Earth GL’s from the comics the first… except Kyle.


GarlVinland4Astrea t1_itw9641 wrote

You could. I just think Hal fits it more. Being king of a reckless hot shot mix of Han Solo and James Kirk kinda fits the undeniable “ring chose him” motif and plays way better off of Sinestro who is a stickler for order.


Theo1130 t1_itv4ek7 wrote

Where’s my static shock HBO series? Do it you cowards


DeppStepp t1_itvfic4 wrote

A Static Shock movie is in development (with Michael B Jordan producing it)


mcon96 t1_itwzjas wrote

Wait seriously? That’s amazing news. Michael B Jordan is great


ExoSierra t1_ituu7ph wrote

the bar is not too high with green lantern. it just has to be less shit than the movie but I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be worse


nkantu t1_itv2ktl wrote

The bar is high for me, green lantern could be a major sci-fi blockbuster franchise if they did it right. The show could be twice as good as the movie and still suck and I’d be disappointed


GarlVinland4Astrea t1_itv5jfu wrote

Yup. GL could legitimately flesh out a huge cosmic portion of DC and be it’s own mini franchise. When GL got hot 15 years ish ago in the comics it was the only thing close to Batman for DC


RandomDude94 t1_itvg7tx wrote

Literally could be DC's Star Wars and it's just sitting there unused for 11 years.


Hi_Im_zack t1_itv9pd6 wrote

Wish they'd introduce the GL world with a big budget blockbuster film tbh. I can see it doing just as well as the first guardians film at least. And if it's great enough then it's an easy 1B. F'n Aquaman was able to achieve that.


bongo1138 t1_itva74t wrote

Man I was a HUGE GL fan when that came out. Read all the books from Geoff Johns. The opening to that movie seemed pretty cool then it just went downhill.


Andxel t1_itvbmcj wrote

Major bad vibes.

They are reducing the budget and a Green Lantern show needs that as much as the viewers need air.

Guy could've been incredibly fun as a new recruit, but Kyle would've made more sense in that role with Hal being the veteran Lantern.

Alan being openly gay is just a recent thing and it's the least interesting thing the character has going on in his entire publication history.

Starting with John is short-sighted, you either gotta build to his introduction as a recruit or introduce him as a veteran lantern already who is equal to Hal and Sinestro.


SeanOuttaCompton t1_ituzbki wrote

Could see this being in development hell until James Gunn finishes up his duties at marvel and can focus on DC full time- if you’re looking to get your money’s worth out of him, you turn him loose on something intergalactic


DonDove t1_itvnajr wrote

RIP lost writer you will be missed /jk


julinay t1_itw8y97 wrote

Yeah... it's been a decade and I'm still angry that they canceled the legitimately excellent animated series because the live action movie was a flop and toys didn't sell. Green Lantern has been so mishandled.


matthieuC t1_itx1mvk wrote

If you don't want to spend much money maybe adapt a different hero?


McLovin1826 t1_itw2z27 wrote

Green Lantern is a franchise that could easily become the next big epic space opera. It has so much potential as a franchise. I don’t understand why they keep fucking it up.


DFu4ever t1_itwuiwy wrote

“We are going to have to watch the budget. Oh, and we already slashed it a bit.”

Not something you want to hear when making anything related to Green Lantern.

Prepare yourselves for the storyline to be centered around some bullshit that keeps him from using the ring.


MeronDC t1_itwwmfd wrote

I've already accepted that this series is just a collective delusion in our heads


CollateralSandwich t1_itxzffm wrote

There are few properties in the DC universe that should be as much of a spectacle as a Green Lantern joint. The galactic setting, the powers and abilities of the rings...a neutered budget sounds non-trivial in that context


ArsBrevis t1_itur914 wrote

I'm not sure how anyone would rather have a John Stewart series before a Hal Jordan series... guessing there's some committee meddling going on here.


wubbbalubbadubdub t1_itutpx8 wrote

John Stewart was actually my first green lantern because I watched the justice league cartoons.

I wouldn't mind a show with him as the MC at all.


WordsAreSomething t1_ituudph wrote

Yeah I was going to say, a lot of people's first introduction to Green Lantern is John Stewart and he's always been my favorite of the big 3


MiserableSnow t1_ituu1fr wrote

Most people know Green Lantern through the Justice League cartoon which was John Stewart. Only thing people know Hal Jordan from is that terrible live-action movie.


ThatIowanGuy t1_ituxah3 wrote

> Only thing people know Hal Jordan from is that terrible live-action movie.

We are living in a day and age knowing that there are Joker, Batman, and justice league movies all in separate universes but you don’t believe that people will understand that the Hal Jordan we saw is not canon to the current universe? Also don’t you think people might recognize him as the main Green Lantern in the comics?


tetoffens t1_itv0ree wrote

...and 60 years of being one of the best selling comic books on the planet.


Heckledeckledorkle t1_itvns9t wrote

Which still is only a few hundred thousand people. Comics are best selling with respect to other comics, not with the general audience.

People know Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman because they’ve had several beloved live action adaptions. Same with the flash. Green Lantern has one bad movie so far.


GarlVinland4Astrea t1_itv5zc3 wrote

While this is true, GL worked in the context of being on an ensemble in that show.

Hal Jordan has the personal ties to the main villain (Sinestro) the second biggest villain (Star Sapphire) is the central figure in Emerald Twilight, Rebirth, Sinestro Corp and Blackest Night. He starts the GL legacy on Earth.

Also unlike Jon, Hal is pretty consistent character. Jon Stewart has been reworked and altered so much over the years


NockerJoe t1_itw9948 wrote

To be fair Hal was in cartoons before that and even appeared first in the DCAU in the Superman cartoon.


talkinpractice t1_itv2d08 wrote

John Stewart is a more interesting character than Hal Jordan (granted, neither one of them is all that interesting outside of their powers). And as has been said, a lot of the target audience grew up with John Stewart Green Lantern from the Justice League.


GarlVinland4Astrea t1_itv68ob wrote

Jon Stewart is not more interesting as a character. He literally doesn’t have a consistent character. He started out as an angry black man stereotype, then shifted between military hardass and ultra passive. He basically just is whatever the story requires

I like Jon Stewart, but he works way better when he’s in a supporting role like Justice League. Hal and Kyle are the only two that have succeeded as the main GL


talkinpractice t1_itv6qll wrote

And Batman started out using guns. Sometimes characters find their footing after their first appearance. I'm mostly referring to the JL version of the character.


GarlVinland4Astrea t1_itv7645 wrote

Batman changing methods and adding to the lore isn’t the same as radical character swings. Also the JL version has only succeeded in the context of being on a show with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. That show wouldn’t be any less well received if you put in literally any other Green Lantern. In fact the irony is they only put Jon in there to avoid a fan flame war with Hal and Kyle fans


talkinpractice t1_itv7iik wrote

I'm glad you have such strong opinions on this, but I really don't care.

John's a great character and a rare black superhero getting his own project. He is a more interesting subject for a GL series for me.


KingMondo1 t1_ituw000 wrote

>I'm not sure how anyone would rather have a John Stewart series before a Hal Jordan series

And what makes you say that?


Kevbot1000 t1_itv9fk5 wrote

John Stewart was the Green Lantern for a huge chunk of us.


Deakul t1_itvwk2r wrote

DC is absolutely cursed.


sgtmanson t1_itvyn5k wrote

So they didn't have the budget for what fans wanted which is, objectively, Guy Gardener Alan Scott and the sub plot of Soranik and Sinestro. So instead we get to see the green lantern that all 3 of these characters dislike and that has next to no interesting side character plots within green lantern corps. I can see it now, they probably warned them saying "if you can't deliver xyz with your GLC plot then we reserve the right to go with another cookie cutter green lantern story". Like for fucks sake the GLC plot was the only thing that could branch DC into cosmic DC and they just don't get it.


testperfect t1_itvzj9v wrote

Give it two, maybe three eps. Why do they bother if they can't front the funds?


rjistheman t1_itvzr7q wrote

please just fire this guy and make actual good content with the DC universe instead of B grade crap he usually churns out


muffman81 t1_itw3tkj wrote

Anyone that’s 28 and older knows the green lantern as John Stewart from the justice league cartoons. That’s the lantern everyone wants to see.


mistercartmenes t1_itwbso8 wrote

I had no idea he was in charge. Canceling it is probably for the better.


WayneAerospace t1_itwpago wrote

>loses writer

Oh so they are starting with season 4 first then.


Towel4 t1_itvr6fp wrote

No one wants this.


stalinmalone68 t1_itvsi8k wrote

Why do all these projects go to Berlanti?


LegoLady47 t1_itxd3xx wrote

He has exclusive production deal with WBs until 2024 valued at >300M


stalinmalone68 t1_itxoofd wrote

Who ever honors the whole deal signed. Just put him in a closet until it runs out.


LegoLady47 t1_itxshnz wrote

Yeah, Berlanti does suck that's for sure.


TiaxTheMig1 t1_itx8p0d wrote

Wouldn't be surprised if it loses another writer under Berlanti


chookalana t1_itvbhu8 wrote

It better be John Stewart.


2Hours2Late t1_ituv4d0 wrote

I really don’t see Green Lantern working as a live action anything. No one on earth has the cgi budget necessary to really capture the powers we see in the comics.


GarlVinland4Astrea t1_itv6h86 wrote

They could do a film series that focuses on Hal/Kyle/Jon and then a Green Lantern Corp television show


2Hours2Late t1_itv7o2r wrote

It would be a character drama like Green Arrow was for the CW, which was awful. The movie was a perfect example of why GL doesn’t translate well to live action. You need the creative freedom that comics or cartoons give you to explore the galaxy and GLs powers.

I would love to see a quality movie or tv show but it’s just not possible.


JerrodDRagon t1_ituu8qi wrote

Why can’t we get a John Stewart GL?

Justice League the show was very popular and liked of not loved by most DC fans that are now adults

Give the people what they want


Gatchay t1_ituzed7 wrote

…did you not read the article? It’s being redeveloped into a John Stewart GL show.


Gh0stMan0nThird t1_itv0itp wrote

Jon Stewart as Green Lantern

Stephen Colbert as Blue Lantern

Steve Carrell as Yellow Lantern


WebHead1287 t1_itv1ehu wrote

We don’t read articles on Reddit. We just speculate based off the title


JerrodDRagon t1_itv3ve2 wrote


Yeah my bad. Very happy we are finally seeing the best GL in live action


IsawaAwasi t1_itv57xy wrote

I'd be happier if they were only shunting off Guy to pair John Stewart with Alan Scott. A tech GL partnered with a magic GL could make for some fun dynamics.


bongo1138 t1_itvab97 wrote

A Hal Jordan/John Stewart led show is what I hope for. Maybe bring Kyle in later.


pm_me_reason_to_livx t1_ituwy2z wrote

a green lantern series... but why?? of all the superheroes, who gives a shit about green lantern?? who's ever said, "you know what'd be great? a green lantern series."


tetoffens t1_itv128j wrote

What? It's been a highly popular franchise for 60 years. What with these type of comments where people pretend popular things must be unpopular? They're more popular than several Marvel characters that have had hit movies.


pm_me_reason_to_livx t1_itv4ut3 wrote

> It's been a highly popular franchise for 60 years

now tell me how that is when the only green lantern movie i'm aware of barely made its budget back?? 😑


PsychoFlashFan t1_itv2jq9 wrote

You've clearly never read a Green Lantern comic, then.


pm_me_reason_to_livx t1_itv4696 wrote

ummmm.... 😐 well no. why would i? lol.


PsychoFlashFan t1_itv4uey wrote

Because it features some of the best cosmic storytelling in superhero comics.

And your opinion is blatantly wrong considering the Green Lantern comics are among DC's bestsellers, so clearly tons of people give a shit about them.


pm_me_reason_to_livx t1_itv50yq wrote

bruh... when i made my comment, comic books weren't anywhere even close to my mind.


Heckledeckledorkle t1_itvo9rl wrote

It’s a… comic book… character…


pm_me_reason_to_livx t1_itvugaa wrote

y'all keep coming here telling me about comic books... bruh, i don't care about comic books. the majority of people needed to watch this series for it to be a success don't care about comic books. it's a dying medium. young people don't care, and old people who grew up reading comic books are too old to still care.


Heckledeckledorkle t1_itvojwb wrote

So the only films and shows that should be made are ones that the public specifically asks for?

So we shouldn’t have breaking bad, The original Star Wars, iron man, the original Adam West Batman, Batman 89, etc.


pm_me_reason_to_livx t1_itvtyu1 wrote

lol bruh, don't take my comment so seriously. it's more me making fun of green lantern than trying to dictate what is made. there's a tv series about batman's butler for christ sake. lol. i don't really care what they make, i'll probably watch it if i have the time to anyways.


Jim-be t1_itv3kqi wrote

I agree with you but I’ve been proven wrong before. When ant-man was announced I was thinking they were jumping the shark and it would be soooooooo dumb. But nope it’s awesome. But DC looks for ways to fail. Having a guy with a magic ring and not provide a budget for magic ring to do things sounds eye-bleeding bad. Also, they will probably get some god awful actors like they did for the arrow show who have an emotional range of an old shoe saying dialog written by Mexican novela writer.