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tetoffens t1_iu1fune wrote

Their streaming service is a small enough percent that it wouldn't really be the difference maker. They make their money selling products, the TV division is one of Bezos hobbies. Same for Apple TV+.


reddig33 t1_iu1h8xd wrote

Problem with Amazon isn’t streaming. Streaming is an add on. People have returned to retail shopping, and Amazon’s quality reputation is in the toilet due to large amounts of continuously rebranded junk and counterfeit merchandise. It is morphing into headquartered in Seattle.


cagenragen t1_iu1t3t5 wrote

Streaming is negligible to their share price. Retail and AWS are how Amazon makes money. Bad article.


jogoso2014 t1_iu1urjs wrote

Their cloud services are what dragged the stock down. It made less profit than before.

Whether steaming makes them money or not is irrelevant if Wall Street factors that into the price which they do and they had a good quarter on the streaming side.


reddig33 t1_iu1vu9a wrote

If you can even get two day shipping from prime. Most stuff takes a week’s worth of “handling” before it even gets to the shipping stage now.

Edit: I’m Not saying Amazon should crack the whip. Amazon warehouse workers are already overworked and underpaid. Just wishing they’d drop the pretense that shit’s gonna show up in two days if you pay for prime. Just call it “free shipping” and be done with it.


Necessary-Image-6386 t1_iu1w7pw wrote

I would have thought the boys and Vox Machina would get more praise this year


lightsongtheold t1_iu20gc1 wrote

I thought the problem for Amazon was investing billions into buying companies that have absolutely tanked and the write offs have been happening all of 2022?


museumstudies t1_iu2k8bg wrote

Thursday night football is always the least anticipated game of the week


redavid t1_iu2m8bz wrote

i'm not sure the last time i ordered something from amazon that made it here anytime within their 2 day shipping claim. anything seems to take at least 5 days


Teamnoq t1_iu32cle wrote

Yet the GDP increased. Hmmm


Locutus747 t1_iu37m1n wrote

That’s a good point. There are certain things I won’t buy on prime due to counterfeit products out there. Also if any review mentions damaged or weird looking or counterfeit products I’m out.


Tunafish01 t1_iu3odm3 wrote

Of course they did their shares were propped up by Covid and forced stay at home early on.

All these companies thought the buying habits permanently changed? It wildly unrealistic


BlackKnight2000 t1_iu43wu6 wrote

That’s part of it, yeah:

> “There is obviously a lot happening in the macroeconomic environment, and we’ll balance our investments to be more streamlined without compromising our key long-term, strategic bets,” Jassy said.