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Switched ISPs and ended up going with a cable package (spectrum) and while just casually channel flipping for the past few days - I haven’t had actual cable since moving out of my parents house after hs like 15 years ago - and noticed that every time I go past mtv (it’s sandwiched between most of the sports channels for some reason) it’s always Rob Dyrdek and this show. Did I miss something? I mean obviously mtv hasn’t really aired anything remotely decent in a loooooong time, but do they legitimately just show this one show all day and that’s it?! I’m genuinely confused and curious.



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OldPunk1984 t1_irp47cr wrote

Pretty much. They show it for a couple of reasons. It’s cheap to make and since there isn’t a story or anything, someone can tune in at anytime and they haven’t missed anything.


Alertcircuit t1_irq9gai wrote

It's probably like 50%+ of what my dad watches on TV. He doesn't really use the internet much so my conspiracy theory is that the reason Ridiculousness is successful is because it's how older people watch funny Youtube videos without having to figure out how to use Youtube. The show itself is basically AFV with commentary, from what I've seen of it.


southsiderick t1_irqu78t wrote

My grandpa knows how to use youtube, your dad just really likes ridiculousness.


Iggy_Pops_Lost_Shirt t1_irrv0xx wrote

What a stupid generalization


[deleted] t1_irsojae wrote

It's more of an assumption than a generalization


Iggy_Pops_Lost_Shirt t1_irsrv3s wrote

"My grandpa can do this therefore anyone younger/around the same age as him can do it too" is a generalization


Gopokes34 t1_irrpjjo wrote

My dad loves ridiculousness lol. Even when were all at my parents house we'll end up watching it a little here and there.


Celtictussle t1_irq6s0n wrote

Their CEO also talked about the airing strategy, basically saying "the more often we show it back to back, the better the ratings of each individual airing"

So it's really the perfect storm, cheap, timeless, episodic, and compounds it's own success.


EmbarrassedAd8262 t1_irqr3hy wrote

Where did you watch/read that? I wanna check it out! Also Chanel did a podcast and said that just her alone, she makes $100,000 per new episode


rustyxj t1_irqn0uf wrote

>They show it for a couple of reasons. It’s cheap to make and since there isn’t a story or anything, someone can tune in at anytime and they haven’t missed anything.

Like music videos?


phred_666 t1_irrsn1y wrote

At this point, MTV should be referred to as “Miscellaneous Television” instead of “Music Television”.


goldybear t1_irr8dzh wrote

Also ridiculousness is almost up to 1000 episodes (despite being in for only about 10 years) so they can replay them constantly and a new viewer may not see a repeat for a long ass time.


boundbylife t1_irr7qrg wrote

It's be better if they could do shorter form content, maybe 2-5 minutes in length, so you're just seconds away from the next piece. Maybe set them to music of some kind...


respectthegoat t1_irphjyg wrote

Every channel has basically fallen to replaying the cheapest thing they can make or whatever they can get I syndication. IFC is the one that hurts me the most, it helped broaden my horizons when I was younger by playing tons of cult films totally unedited it introduced me to so many of my favorite directors and movies… tonight they have a 12 hour block of everybody loves Raymond.


officeDrone87 t1_irqceww wrote

> tonight they have a 12 hour block of everybody loves Raymond.

Jesus christ. I don't have ELR, but that is so far from what IFC was "about" it's not even funny.


notorious98 t1_irrcczy wrote

You think that's so far away from a channel was about? Just wait until I tell you about The Learning Channel and the Discovery Channel.


thatoneguy889 t1_irrq3xu wrote

TLC stopped calling itself The Learning Channel in 1998 and began distancing itself from the name as early as 1992. It became just the letters with no meaning behind them. MTV did the same thing in 2010.


patrickwithtraffic t1_irqhgol wrote

You might cry bullshit over this, but I genuinely think IFC is showing But I’m A Cheerleader actually began my path where I wouldn’t be homophobic. A mid-2000s middle school white boy being shown that gay people are people and not a punchline kinda blew my mind at the time. Not to mention, IFC really did have insane films that really did shape my tastes for a while, from Boogie Nights to Gregg Araki’s 90s surreal stuff and their original programming with a hipster twist on comedy. I don’t know where it really went downhill, but it pains me to see what’s it currently is.


TheSeventhAnimorph t1_irpmebd wrote

> Every channel has basically fallen to replaying the cheapest thing they can make or whatever they can get I syndication.

I don't think that's quite it. I think the actual reason is that reruns aren't appointment TV at all anymore, so when new episodes of stuff aren't airing, they just constantly play the most popular things they have the rights to because they're the most likely to get people to stop on the channel and watch rather than keeping on channel surfing. Play a several-hour-long block of something popular and you'll catch people during that whole period and maybe keep some of them for a while; play a bunch of different less popular things and your odds of catching people go way down, as do your odds of keeping the people you did catch.


ExultantSandwich t1_irq184g wrote

If you’re not into the marathon a cable channel is showing, you can always go to On Demand, or stream your preferred shows through Hulu / Netflix / HBO / whatever.

They’ve basically given up all pretense that their cable streams are relevant at all.


Coolman_Rosso t1_irr7fvl wrote

IFC is such a bummer now. Back in 08 I had a friend who had one of the fancier cable packages and that summer they would air big blocks of Whitest Kids U Know, which was a real treat for my basic cable ass.


terra_cascadia t1_irs0gbh wrote

I was just thinking this the other day. It used to show really fantastic and/or obscure filmed unedited, and was later responsible for Portlandia and other original content. Now it’s nothing but Two and a Half Men, which is a shame.


cuckoodev t1_irrzmgz wrote

I miss the old IFC. I found so many amazing movies through that channel. Logo, too.


[deleted] t1_irqv6l7 wrote

Hahahahaha omg. Welll I do love that show tho …


retz119 t1_irq54mj wrote

Nah they put some catfish in there sometime


robdiqulous t1_irq6hp7 wrote

Holy shit they really weren't kidding though... I knew it was a lot but... Wow.


reddig33 t1_irpa825 wrote

It amazes me that it makes enough money to stay on the air at this point. Their ad buys must be part of a Viacom package deal, or the infomercials in the middle of the night are still enough to keep the lights on. It’s pretty much devolved into a broadcast subchannel.


ScabSwallower t1_irpgb2r wrote

Carriage fees are the #1 answer for this. Reruns of this show still perform reasonably well, which is why they're on constantly. Viacom/Paramount control a huge number of channels and negotiate favorable carriage fees with cable providers to carry their channels. MTV is still fairly well rated all things being equal so the channel average boosts the appearance of demand which ups their carriage fee negotiation power. Couple that with the parent company controlling other more highly rated channels and you get the combination you have today. Want to carry VH1 and Paramount Network? Great, take these 8 other channels including MTV at a high rate. When MTV was the big fish the calculus was reversed to include other lower tier channels like VH1 & CMT. But it's the same situation.


MercilessShadow t1_irpceii wrote

Well they had The Challenge but now that is on Paramount+


Mysterious_Palace t1_irpofsa wrote

Crazy that pretty much the entire cast of The Challenge this year agreed that Paramount+ did not know how to run that show. I read Tyson's comments and it was pretty surprising how unprofessional the production seemed to be.


cuntyroastedpeanuts t1_irpulic wrote

The unprofessionalism had nothing to do with Paramount, but rather Bunim-Murray, the production company. Every Challenge season ever has had the same unprofessionalism issues.


HardcoreKaraoke t1_irq8o1i wrote

That was Tyson being Tyson. It's his whole shtick, being a pissy contrarian.

Bananas, Wes, Long and other Challenge vets all defended BM. They said they have their issues with rules but guys like Tyson and Leo expected something different and that's on them. Leo is a conspiracy theorist who thought production was out to get him.

I've been watching for 20+ years and I've never seen people complain like Tyson and Leo did. Leo even got special treatment with his video chats but still bitched.


Wazzoo1 t1_irq6xc6 wrote

The main Challenge is still on MTV. New season premieres this week. All-Stars is on P+ (and the language is uncensored). The CBA one just wrapped up. There are so many Challenge spin-offs now I can't keep track.


evanmav t1_irq25qw wrote

The newest challenge season is airing on MTV this week and the spinoff Challenge show just aired on CBS. So your comment is completely false. They are doing a World Challenge that is going to be on Paramount +, but the normal series is staying on MTV, at least for now.


kewlacious t1_irq5hpg wrote

I remember when MTV was basically just Road Rules marathons all the time, except on Weekday afternoons when TRL was on for an hour.


StichMethod t1_irpnie9 wrote

This explains a lot


Viper1089 t1_irqpgad wrote

I was just about to post this. Kind of an insane story tbh. Rob flew under the radar for me after Fantasy Factory but seeing the time slots for ridiculousness and hearing everyone talk about how that's all that is on MTV blew my mind. Then someone posted this video and was like holy shit... he essentially is MTV now.


Bashley96708 t1_irpzvud wrote

I work the overnight shift. We have TVs but can not turn up the sound… Ridiculous is great for us


emusabe OP t1_irq0li2 wrote

I could see that, and I do remember last time I had to stay overnight at a hospital that was all I could find…


Kdj2j2 t1_irpg1uc wrote

Dyrdek accounts for approximately 70% of the programming on MTv.


CptNonsense t1_irri22j wrote

And that's not even accounting for any other show he made with them


mecxhanus t1_irpwj4k wrote

Outside of the US, there are a number of countries that get MTV Live, which is more like what MTV used to be. Music videos and recorded live shows.


Wazzoo1 t1_irq72ra wrote

MTV has music video channels in the US. Unfortunately, they're littered with commercial breaks. They used to be commercial free.


Matto_0 t1_irpjrph wrote

It's what I consider a laundry folding show, something you can have on in the background when doing things. Miss a few minutes and no big deal.

I'm sure MTV realizes how insane it is to have it on so much, and they still do it. So it must be working out for them lol.


kewlnamebro t1_irq3vec wrote

If your lucky you should see if you have mtv classic. Nothing but music videos as far as I can tell.


otomennn t1_irqg51d wrote

Or try Pluto TV, they have MTV Biggest Pop and it's free


mroboto2016 t1_irqhkp7 wrote

Why, back in my day, they used to play music videos 24/7.

Can you imagine such a thing?

Now can someone tell me how a lineup of stupid reality shows has anything to do with music?


deadbeatdad80 t1_irry3sc wrote

Because no one wants to watch 2022 music videos.


_Meece_ t1_irv17r4 wrote

Music videos are probably more watched than ever,

People just stopped watching MTV cause now they can choose what music videos to watch.


mroboto2016 t1_irsqet0 wrote

True. The new "music" sucks. Of course, so did disco. There's no accounting for bad taste.

Long live rock and roll.


fezfrascati t1_irqd7f7 wrote

Most cable channels have devolved into rerun farms, but I've noticed it the worst with Paramount-owned channels (Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV, etc.)


dajadf t1_irpuqc2 wrote

Yeah man cable is slipping. Not much reason to have it outside of live sports.


Bandsohard t1_irpwsmm wrote

Looking and seeing that they literally have days where that's all that plays is ridiculous(ness). I knew MTV pretty much only played a few shows over and over, but seeing legit only 1 show for days is crazy.

The last time I had cable was 2012. I didn't watch it much, my roommates did, but I do remember watching a lot of Jersey Shore one weekend to be ironic and annoy my roommates by pretending to be about it in like 2011. But back then, I feel like they had decent variety still. Cable is long dead.


Citizen_Lunkhead t1_irpz2x5 wrote

Honestly, saying this as someone who has put on Ridiculousness many times to fall asleep to, they should just make a 24/7 Pluto TV channel of Ridiculousness and broaden the broadcast schedule. It's a win-win for both fans and haters.


jackleggjr t1_irq912g wrote

The only time I ever watch cable TV is when I'm traveling for my job and staying in a hotel. Even then, I usually only watch something while I'm perched on the edge of the bed eating takeout. No matter the time of day, I know I can reliably bounce between a handful of channels to get an endless supply of Ridiculousness, Naked and Afraid, The Office, South Park, Storage Wars, Hoarders, Family Guy, and the occasional Shark Tank.


SashaWoodson t1_irq9mgd wrote

Giant teeth laughter intensifies


Kbdiggity t1_irq9o2k wrote

"...and that's what we call Busting Flim Flams"

(rubs hands together)

"We'll be right back with more Ridiculousness."


Midwest__Misanthrope t1_irrhitv wrote

It might be my least favorite show on tv. I can’t believe these people make a ton of money to give the least funny commentary possible.


dragonmp93 t1_irpdodk wrote

Well, I sincerely prefer him and his two friends talking about internet videos than any of those shows that end in Shore.

Or Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant.


Century22nd t1_irq3m3i wrote

MTV is still around? I haven't really heard much about them in about 20 years.


nikodolt t1_irqzjbr wrote

TLC enters the chat


Nobodycares2022 t1_irpbyml wrote

Don't forget that nasty Jersey Shore crap too.


WienerJungle t1_irprt5k wrote

Time filler when the Challenge isn't on.


LocalInactivist t1_irpty0r wrote

Don’t worry, they’ll do a new version of Jersey Shore any time now. They just need to figure out how to dumb it down.


lapinatanegra t1_irq8rxr wrote

Last time I open up cable there were multiple MTvs. One had nothing but reruns and the other had the traditional shit. I belive Ridi was on MTV2


44problems t1_irrioni wrote

MTV is all Catfish and Ridiculousness. MTV2 is Teen Mom and old sitcoms (Fresh Prince and Sister Sister)


lapinatanegra t1_irrjknc wrote

Oh gotcha. Thanks for the correction....MTv still sucks lol.


44problems t1_irrk2sv wrote

These cable channels are beyond saving. Anything new from these big media companies is going to the streaming services like Paramount+, Hulu, or Peacock.


IWasOnThe18thHole t1_irq96jb wrote

My wife and I turn it on whenever we travel lol


emusabe OP t1_irs3rge wrote

Like leave it on at home? My parents had this weird ritual of leaving tv and lights on and purposely leaving the other car in the driveway instead of the garage while we were on family vacations. Always reminded me of Home Alone.


IWasOnThe18thHole t1_irs54dv wrote

In whatever hotel we're staying in


emusabe OP t1_irs7yr7 wrote

Oh word. If I’m in a different state I usually just leave the weather channel on


Jknowsno t1_irqazur wrote

Ridiculousness was one of my late husbands favorite shows


Sunflower2025 t1_irqbsd8 wrote

The only thing I watch on MTV is Teen mom and sometimes Catfish


withmirrors t1_irqede0 wrote

There's few MTV channels, so it depends on which one you watch. I have MTV Live HD running background noise a lot of time, & that's all videos.


MrValdemar t1_irqx0uv wrote

Today I learned MTV is still a thing.


FlaccidGhostLoad t1_irqyvtt wrote

I've gotten to the point where I don't even consider basic cable when I want to find something to watch because of that reason. It's Ridiculousness on MTV, it's South Park or The Office on Comedy Central, it's channels that are just wall to wall home reno shows, there's channels that is just murder mystery fear's all bullshit.


[deleted] t1_irqzuup wrote

Don’t forget all the hot tempered chefs on cooking shows


goatiewan1 t1_irqz2p5 wrote

They canceled Tosh.0 but kept this hot garbage


McFlyyouBojo t1_irr0729 wrote

I cannot STAND the show.

I'm sure in real life, everybody on the show are probably cool, but Rob always felt like he was trying too hard, and that one chick adds NOTHING to the show except her god awful laugh.


xenon2456 t1_irrdavq wrote

occasionally they have the yearly award shows


Fletcherbeta t1_irrdjkc wrote

It's America's Funniest Home Video's rebooted

Also, it is all I see most elderly people watch these days besides FoxNews and CNN.


openletter8 t1_irrdzpu wrote

It's to the point that I'm wondering if it's not MTV but the recording industry that ruined MTV.

Music videos are post scarcity on youtube, right? There can't be much of a cost associated with playing these on a Network, ad nauseum. So, as far as I can tell, this means that one of two things must be true. The recording industry is charging a ton for television broadcasting rights for these music videos or untold millions just fucking cannot get enough of Ridiculousness.

It seems like such a no brainer to fill dead airspace with Vimeo's most played of the week on youtube. Toss on recorded concerts on occasion. Break it up with reruns of Ridiculousness to break up the monotony.


kornkid42 t1_irrmyoe wrote

Yep, that or catfished


droc595 t1_irrmz7e wrote

Check this out I was actually curious myself after seeing a meme on Twitter. This channel really put it into perspective pretty well


GaimanitePkat t1_irrnkbk wrote

They used to show True Life reruns in the late morning..... about seven years ago.

Apart from that, yeah, it was pretty much all Ridiculousness with a little Catfish sprinkled in.

I liked True Life. I wish I could watch it on streaming.


hplp t1_irrnq0b wrote

I think The Challenge is about to air a new season


silent--onomatopoeia t1_irrrue8 wrote

The real question is why hasn't MTV changed their name. It's got nothing to do with music anymore...


Biglaq t1_irrsfos wrote

I cut cable along time ago and when I get sick and end up in the er. It’s always the one thing I know I can watch any time of the day.


GaryTheCabalGuy t1_irrvhqp wrote

Rob Dyrdek made some kind of deal with the devil didn't he?


itsalllintheusername t1_irsbkgq wrote

It's the same thing with Impractical Jokers. I forget which channel it is but I swear that's all they ever show. I can watch a couple minutes of it but it gets old so fast idk how people are still watching it


emusabe OP t1_irseqbf wrote

I can’t fucking stand that show. If you actually watch a full episode, there is so much middle school homophobic humor that it’s actually surprising it’s still on tv. And none of it is funny. Fuck those guys.


Fettrobban t1_irsc2mu wrote

Its either that or catfish. They should have ended it all before going downhill.


ironwolf56 t1_irt87k0 wrote

I saw some youtuber a few months back do a programming breakdown for MTV for like a given month and it was something crazy like 90% Ridiculousness programming blocks.


mickeyflinn t1_irvovp0 wrote

This sub is a trip.

You have heaps of people who are so proud that they have discontinued watching traditional TV yet love to complain when traditional TV is gone.

> I haven’t had actual cable since moving out of my parents house after hs like 15 years ago Did I miss something?

Yeah 15 years of what is on cable channels....


emusabe OP t1_irwyl8r wrote

The point wasn’t not knowing what was on tv - I use YouTube and would watch football on local channels so it’s not like I don’t see ads and promos for current tv shows - I was more so confused at how a channel can literally air ONE show over and over and still be on air.


joe-biden-updates t1_irvs0u3 wrote

This isn't something exclusive to MTV. A lot of channels have been playing 1-2 shows the last few years.

At one point in time, History only played Pawn Stars, Cartoon Network only played teen titans go, A&E only played Duck Dynasty, etc


Thromkai t1_irvuvme wrote

It's Ridiculousness, Catfish, and a bunch of reality shows now.

Even Ridiculousness cast has poked fun at the insane amount of episodes and how much it runs on MTV.


jjjbabajan t1_irvzl7y wrote

It’s impossible to know, no one watches it.


totallyawitch t1_isdagv9 wrote

I don’t know enough to have an opinion on WHY they keep playing this show over and over, but I really miss the MTV of my youth.

I didn’t grow up in a home with much musical variety (mainly rap and R&B, which I love)…but I remember discovering so much more in the mornings I turned on MTV before school. The first time I ever heard The Killers was on MTV one morning before school, and I fell in love.

One of my silly little childhood dreams was to be on The Real World.

Maybe I’m just being silly and nostalgic, but I miss those days.


jpowell180 t1_irp50w7 wrote

They should bring back music videos, with the only TV shows being Beavis and Butthead.


One-Adhesiveness5434 t1_irpagvd wrote

They tried. There's no point when people can just watch music videos on youtube.


jpowell180 t1_irpau9b wrote

The difference is, you can show all the new stuff without having to go search for it like you would on YouTube.


One-Adhesiveness5434 t1_irpcrdv wrote

I don't know how you can even begin to believe that waiting to watch music videos on tv instead of instantly online is more convenient, but whatever.


El_Giganto t1_irr6ymi wrote

Did you even read their comment? People don't always know what they want to listen to so going to YouTube and searching for that is impossible. If I'm in the mood for a specific artist, then yes, going to YouTube is very convenient. If I don't know what I want to listen to, then having MTV's programming used to be very convenient. That used to be a great way to find new stuff to listen to as well.


One-Adhesiveness5434 t1_irrz4pz wrote

You know youtube also has an autoplay function, as well as an entire list of suggested videos that are determined by your tastes, right? It's literally better in every way.


El_Giganto t1_irsc5qp wrote

Yeah, sadly I do know it. Because I think it's dogshit. Here on YouTube Music it recommends me this lmao. Look at how unhelpful this is.

Edit: Why even respond and then block? Over me liking MTV over YouTube's algorithm even. Imagine getting upset over that. Do you own stocks in Google or something wtf?

/u/One-Adhesiveness5435, you are so lost lmao.


One-Adhesiveness5434 t1_irscmto wrote

Yeah but that's still an algorithm that you can curate. How is that in any way worse than just random songs you have no control over? You are so lost right now LMAO


redavid t1_irpdczf wrote

YouTube is already pretty good at recommending new music videos based on your interests


44problems t1_irrie6l wrote

MTV has multiple channels on Pluto that are all videos. There's ones from Vevo too.


Nogatkee t1_irpavsv wrote

Why would people wait to see videos on MTV when they can see them instantly on YouTube?


[deleted] t1_irpdihm wrote



jpowell180 t1_irq7qac wrote

Some will be good, others, as Beavis and Butthead would be happy to tell you, would suck.


Solidsnakeerection t1_irroigz wrote

Even before youtube only showing videos wasnt viable. Their ratings were inconsistent which made selling ads hard.


pierrekrahn t1_irpsu4k wrote

Music videos are best viewed on Youtube.

I'd rather see music themed shows on MTV. Behind the Music, all music Jeopardy, making of music videos, and things like that.


NotWorriedABunch t1_irpslhz wrote

Yes. That host has dirt on the higher ups at MTV, only explanation.


stacy_lou_ t1_irq0wa3 wrote

I hope someone at MTV reads this and decides enough is enough. Get that shitty show off the air!!!! It is so sad that MTV has become so unoriginal. Ridiculousness, really? That’s it? How did this happen? Why has nothing been done? Why god, why? I want my MTV!


Djinnwrath t1_irq2cwu wrote

Now? Pretty sure that's been the case for the last decade.


sambamamerican t1_irq7vxa wrote

I’ve never watched Ridiculousness. I had a brief Tosh.O phase when I was like 15 or 16.


PeteRose4HOF t1_irqa7p4 wrote

Well there certainly isn't music on it


xDXxAscending t1_irqh4ui wrote

A yes the g4 strategy with cops and ninja warrior, maybe the will switch to youtube streaming next since the gotta be slightly different.


Stashmouth t1_irqjjwx wrote

No. Sometimes they mess up and show Floribama Shore by mistake


Rybutz t1_irr4yhs wrote

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyes it is


LiveFromNewYork95 t1_irp35ad wrote

>Did I miss something?

Yes, this has been covered a ton for like 5 years now.

I say this every time it's brought up. I don't get it, everyone was so giddy to to kill cable and now they go back to something like MTV and go "I don't get it, the only thing they show is like the cheapest thing to produce and re-run." This isn't what MTV became, it's what we made it.


jereezy t1_irp6ell wrote

>This isn't what MTV became, it's what we made it.

Bullshit. Fucking bullshit. MTV ran Real World down our throats before streaming was even a pipe dream. They've been playing to the lowest common denominator for decades.


LiveFromNewYork95 t1_irp95yw wrote

Playing the lowest common denominator is different than this.


CableCoShow t1_irproud wrote

Reddit can never handle truth based on critical thinking. As you say, lowest common denominator isn't the same as playing 2-3 shows over and over every single day, which is what MTV and Comedy Central do now. I assume they're shelling out $0 until their cable license agreements run out and then they'll shutter the cable channels and move what's left of those brands to sections of Paramount+.


jereezy t1_irswjm4 wrote

Except playing the same 2-3 shows over and over has been MTV's modus operandi for the last 3 decades. This is not something remotely new from the era of streaming that MTV was forced to do. The show that they're pushing may have changed, but that's all.


CableCoShow t1_irsx6qf wrote

That's not true at all. There was tons of different programming throughout the 90s and early 2000s.


Snuggle__Monster t1_irpa76a wrote

MTV and Viacom did this to themselves over the past 10 years.


jereezy t1_irpb2rz wrote

>MTV and Viacom did this to themselves over the past 10 30 years.


kjhwkejhkhdsfkjhsdkf t1_irqs8vm wrote

Early to mid 90s it was still pretty good. While less music, the programming was watchable. Liquid TV, Beavis & Butthead, early seasons of Real World, etc. But second half of the 90s it really started to go downhill.


emusabe OP t1_irpcbk5 wrote

I was just legitimately curious, really only got the tv part of the package cause it was only like $10 more for like 550 channels or something. The only ones I really even cared about were the sports stuff (finally big ten network!) but I just was confused as hell that mtv literally has one show in its lineup. I read some more about it and it seems like this horse has been beaten to death and back a bajillion times so sorry for posting yeeshhh

I do remember a handful of tv shows from Mtv when I was like middle school to hs age (looking at you, Jackass and whatever the spin off was called about bam and the cky guys) but I do remember really enjoying Daria* later as an adult


LiveFromNewYork95 t1_irpcstg wrote

Sports is why I kept cable for so long, and I still think streaming isn't prepared to fully take over the task of broadcasting the full slate of major professional and NCAA sports. But honestly I just like the format of cable better than streaming so I'm gonna stick with it until it goes down.

The interesting thing to me is when they aren't showing Ridiculousness, like on Saturday afternoons they have a pretty good mix of movies, especially early and mid-2000's comedies.


thevictater t1_irpuxx8 wrote

You act like we should feel bad about choosing streaming services. Wouldn't everyone prefer to watch what they'd like, as opposed to being force fed whatever the station threw in the timeslot? Fuck cable, I'd kill it again and again.


dontttasemebro t1_irpqb46 wrote

The host of that show is ridiculous himself. I’m a guy about his age and I promise you if he came up to me and my friends dressed the way he dresses and talking the way he talks he’d absolutely be considered a loser. He’s like 40 trying to be 15.


ALIENMONKEYHUMAN t1_irq4wm5 wrote

He’s a retired pro skater and multi millionaire lol. I’m sure he wouldn’t give a shit if you and your friends laughed at him for not wearing button ups.


Airp0w t1_irq0fvd wrote

He's a shitty fuck with luck. Grossness.