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*Just want to have a discussion, not trying to start a fight. Please share your thoughts.*

Both were very popular, highly rated and long-time sitcoms of this century. I remembered they were often being compared together like 10 years ago. Now both series was ended. Which one do you like more and why?

I have been watching TBBT for more than 10 years (I started when I was just a kid) and I have been watching it again and again. I have definitely watched every episode more than 10 times.

I just watched Modern family this year, but I immediately fell in love with it. Now it's my favourite sitcom of all time and I prefer modern family over TBBT.

What's your thought on these two?


**Update: I'm surprised that most people prefer MF here because there were more people who watch TBBT in my country.



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RestSnorlax t1_ist4rid wrote

Big Bang Theory cons:

• Scenes in later seasons are given no time to breathe or develop. Many scenes are created for a singular joke, but cut to the B plot before we can see the aftermath or reactions. Scenes in Big Bang Theory were just so short

• Midway through its run, the show stops being about nerds doing nerdy things and almost completely begins to focus on relationship drama exclusively


Modern Family cons:

• Almost all the Mitch/Cam plotlines are built on dishonesty. They constantly don't want to tell each other something, which leads to farce.

• All the kid actors aged out of their cute, quirky personalities. Manny was an "old soul" in a little kid's body. However, when he was high school/college age, the schtick was insufferable. For Luke, it stopped being "dumb kid" and became "mentally disabled adult"

• Haley and Alex's characters graduated High School, so the show struggled to find reasons to keep them in the house and with the family


Overall, I would say that Modern Family's characters were more endearing and their comedic plotlines more consistent than Big Bang Theory.


nschoeny t1_ist3by9 wrote

Modern family by a long shot


tregorman t1_ist3p56 wrote

I don't hate big bang theory as much as many here do, but it's definitely modern family by a mile.


thesnapening t1_ist4jpp wrote

I prefer modern family as I love the office and parks and recs so the mockumentary stuff hooked me.

Big bang is great but it felt I dunno too smart for its own good at times.


4_teh_lulz t1_istbdyv wrote

Modern Family was the better show IMHO.

However I don't understand why reddit has such hate boner for BBT. It's a classic sitcom format couched in geek/nerd culture.


coastal_elite t1_isz1sd6 wrote

A lot of people (including me) can’t stand laugh tracks, especially in modern shows. Multicam comedies seem much more broad in their humor style


smesch83 t1_ista761 wrote

BBT seemed to say "Let's tell a fake and myopic story" but then sometimes gave me moments of sincerity that were a pleasant surprise.

Modern Family seemd to say "We are a sincere and progressive show" but then often felt fake and myopic.

I still prefer Modern Family, by a long shot, but I often felt underwhelemed - while with BBT, I expected nothing and then was pleasantly surprised from time to time.

I think BBT will age well in the way "Three's Company" aged well: it is sexist trash, but many things about it worked surprisingly well or were better than they had to be.


Latter_Feeling2656 t1_isti4tv wrote

Big Bang Theory. Modern Family had a great start, but ran out of gas relatively fast for me. Big Bang had about five very funny years, got somewhat lost in the relationships for a few years, then surprisingly reinvented as a domestic comedy the last three years or so. The way it was going, Big Bang probably could have run for another 10 years if they had wanted to keep going.


sfxer001 t1_ist3ysm wrote

Modern Family 100%

Big Bang Theory is cringe unfunny dweeb trash.


oopsytoots t1_istnk05 wrote

Sounds like you were conditioned to hate BBT honestly.


sfxer001 t1_istoia7 wrote

It wasn’t funny, so I stopped watching. The show conditioned me.


oopsytoots t1_istp1v7 wrote

Nah, your response goes beyond a simple "this isn't funny to me". You seem to be hostile towards it.


quinnbeast t1_ist3u07 wrote

Big Bang Theory set this country back 25 years.


anasui1 t1_istjen6 wrote

I find MF considerably better written and funnier, at least in the first three seasons


Reddwarf53 t1_istwi8g wrote

Only watched Modern Family on YouTube reruns and cannot believe I never saw it before. It is leagues better than Big Bang, and I enjoyed that show as well.


fdjadjgowjoejow t1_isv7h6w wrote

I've only ever watched encore performances of MF and I found the Dunphys funny but soon enough the other characters were too much to bear and I stopped watching. Julie Bowen was a rock star.

I watched TBBT religiously until the season when Howard went to space. After that I never looked back but the show is on 24/7 and if KC is on particularly if her scene partner is Jim Parsons I'll stop and watch.


fothergillfuckup t1_iswvylj wrote

Everyone loves to hate the big bang. It was brilliant when it started, but like everything, it petered out towards the end. Didn't mind modern family, although practically every character was a caricature? Personally, I choose Malcolm in the middle?


chuck354 t1_isxt8b2 wrote

I came to BBT late and enjoyed it, but MF is really next level with how they weave together A/B/C plotlines that also follow a common theme.