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Candid-Jaguar-326 t1_iuizf9r wrote

What the hell is Disney thinking? Sinclair is gleefully shredding the social fabric of America.


KumagawaUshio t1_iuj6nci wrote

That Sinclair owned stations have been airing ABC for years and that not doing so would mean many parts of the US would no longer get ABC.


helpmeredditimbored t1_iujalyb wrote

Sinclair owns 30 ABC stations and has so for many years. If Disney yanked the ABC affiliation from these stations that’s 30 markets where you gotta find a new affiliate. Factor in time and cost of doing so - plus the fact that viewers are creatures of habit and likely wouldn’t follow ABC to some low rated last place replacement station - it makes sense that Disney renewed the contract


InconspicuousD t1_iuk0r5w wrote

Curious, do you actually believe that or are you echoing what what you see in other comment sections?


sweetcuppincakes t1_iujxkod wrote

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.