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L-System t1_iu7ih6z wrote

Why do all doctors make such good villains? Matt , David, and now Peter. Great casting all around.


silashoulder t1_iu7mavn wrote

Thor 2 notwithstanding. (Sorry Chris.)


TheNerdChaplain t1_iu7subf wrote

Eccleston was incredible in The Leftovers though for sure. He deserves his own credit, even if it's not as a villain.


Mrsparkles7100 t1_iu7tyed wrote

How can you forget his role for Gone in 60 seconds :)


horseren0ir t1_iu83k4b wrote

And G.I. Joe and 28 days later


taatchle86 t1_iu858hd wrote

He was also in The Others as Nicole Kidman’s husband.


silashoulder t1_iual3ka wrote

I wouldn’t count that as a villain role.


taatchle86 t1_iubhwdy wrote

No, but I like to mention it here and there in case somebody hasn’t seen it in 20 years or so.


riegspsych325 t1_iu936qm wrote

I still giggle when he begs Cage to put the wooden chair down in the middle of trying to kill him


Riverdale87 t1_iudn6eq wrote

Then big brother takes the fall for the slip-up. It don't matter much to me. One Raines is as good as another. It never rains but it pours.


Muisverriey t1_iu80dn0 wrote

Chris played the army major in 28 Days Later, he was very good there.


ackinsocraycray t1_iu7ro0p wrote

Man, I was genuinely excited for him but his character was so poorly written in the movie.


americansherlock201 t1_iu8xtza wrote

He actually was a good villain. The story just kinda sucked and didn’t let him actually do much with the role


jkilla88 t1_iu7s6l1 wrote

Arguably because the doctor is a villain in a way.


L_Cranston_Shadow t1_iu7xydr wrote

The Doctor is a fearsome creature, as seen at the end of Family of Blood. Even the most fearsome races, including the Daleks, fear him, and for good reason. He can be civil, polite, and even cheerful and jovial, but he is not a nice "person".

One of my favorite moments is when Matt Smith has an alien race look up what happened to every race that opposed him and then tells them to run.


SalukiKnightX t1_iu8lhhr wrote

>He never raised his voice. That was the worst thing… the fury of the Time Lord… and then we discovered why. Why this Doctor, who had fought with gods and demons, why he had run away from us and hidden. He was being kind…

> Good men don't need rules. Today is not the day to find out why I have so many.


DK_Art t1_iu9dmve wrote

Just reading the quote i hear it in his voice. Chills


nevereatpears t1_iu89ybd wrote

The doctor is clearly not a villain


GuyWithLag t1_iu8ha9r wrote

>The doctor is clearly not a villain

The Doctor is a deity. Major or minor is debatable, but tends towards chaotic good...


nevereatpears t1_iu9jgg0 wrote

So you think he uses his powers for evil. That's what you're saying?


LadyLazaev t1_iu9s30w wrote

That's not what "chaotic good" means.


nevereatpears t1_iu9v7df wrote

Nope, but you're arguing that the doctor is in someway a villain even though he saves the world and civilizations throughout time on a consistent episodic basis.

This whole argument is nonsense. Plus to go the other route on your argument, he's not a deity or a god. He's a god like figure. Closer to a fallen angel as his whole mythology (forgetting the Chibnall shite) is about him stealing a tardis and fleeing/being cast aside by the timelord race.

You've only been upvoted for the poncey statement. It in no way supports your argument that the doctor is a villain i.e. evil in some way.


LadyLazaev t1_iua5e4l wrote

The Doctor generally isn't a villain, but occasionally cleaves close to it. Remember the whole "Time Lord Victorius" thing? Or the other times where the only thing to keep him from doing terrible things is his companions. The Doctor has said it many times himself that when he's alone for too long he goes.... wrong.

I also think that you've got me confused with somebody else and you really should double check who you're replying to in the future. But what they said is correct. The Doctor is a deity and a terrifying existence--whether he is good or bad; hero or villain, is often down to perspective. Most of the times he comes across as good, but he is always capable of doing terrible things.


Mrbrionman t1_iuba91w wrote

The doctor has a lot of elements of ‘The Trickster’ archetype, which works well for villains.

I also think that it’s just one of those characters that you need to be good at everything to play well. You need to good at being comedic, emotional, intimidating, charismatic, etc. So it attracts very well rounded actors.


anasui1 t1_iu9lm5y wrote

because the Doctor has to have a terrifying streak, which comes out rather frequently. Watch Runaway Bride for some really cold, evil Tennant