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KingPizza1 t1_irjbe2r wrote

Insane! Still not sure there was any way to salvage this script, though. It's weird that you would pitch tv film about a time-travelling good-Samaritan to a new audience and then have it focus on a lore-intensive fight between the time traveller and his arch nemesis exclusively in contemporary san francisco and then also have him switch faces partway through the film. This movie was about as beginner unfriendly as it could've possibly been.


TiberiusCornelius t1_irjcw4g wrote

Ultimately as a fan I'm glad we got something that fits better into the overall continuity than some of the initial ideas that were discussed for an American reboot, but ironically those earlier ideas probably would've been a better starting point for onboarding new fans.


caspy7 t1_irmy4fw wrote

Funny they went to the trouble of fitting into the lore but still made him half human.


TiberiusCornelius t1_irn8qjg wrote

That was one of the few things that carried over from Segal's original attempt at a reboot that he was working on with Spielberg's production company of all people. The Doctor and Master were supposed to be half-brothers who shared a Time Lord father but the Doctor had a human mother and the Master was fully Time Lord. I think the fact that they carried it over means he was probably still pushing for that story arc to turn up if the series had been picked up after the TV movie.


marasaidw t1_irk38hv wrote

I think SF debris has pitched the only decent way to save it. start at the regen wake up in the locker not knowing anything due a a poor regen then get memories, bits of the 7th and what not over the course of the episode Play it as a mystery


Angelwind76 t1_irk9b84 wrote

Even Sylvester McCoy has gone on record to say they should have done an origin story after the series was established. I get why they kept him in ("Look, this alien can change his body when the old one is about to die!"), but as a pilot they should have just came in TARDIS a-blazin' and let the Doctor do his thing.


MyredShadow t1_irlg021 wrote

And that’s basically what they did with Eccleston… and that’s how I got hooked. I knew classic who existed but Eccleston was my first doctor. It took 3 episodes before I was googling the older stuff and trying to find out if it was a reboot or a continuation.


Angelwind76 t1_irli8ij wrote

Eccleston was my first official Doctor too. I've seen some of the older Doctor Who on and off (and without context), but the return of the Doctor was my actual introduction to the show.


bhind45 t1_irljkmt wrote

Pretty much why it failed in the US