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Cutiecrusader2009 t1_it2m02o wrote

All seasons are on AMC+.

Also you get to watch episodes a week early on their streaming services. I can watch episodes 1-3 of season 4.


44problems t1_it3hbo1 wrote

"Yeah but a streaming service I have" - all Redditors


SleazyMak t1_it7k373 wrote

Lol I mean it’s obvious why - there’s like 15 fuckin streaming services and they all have like 3 things worth watching

We’ve come full circle - I think original cable was better than the clusterfuck we have with streaming services now.


zsreport t1_itbqxuw wrote

Yesterday evening I was going through my streaming services to see if there was anything new or at least new to me to watch and ended up settling on some Netflix slasher movie that came out last year.


Mr_Buscemi t1_it3mrlg wrote

It's weird if you have AMC+ through Amazon prime. For some reason season 4 is separate from the other seasons in its own area.


inkista t1_it552vu wrote

As a cable subscriber, I can also see episodes 1-3 on (and S1 and S2, but not S3) with a provider login. But they're airing on IFC a week behind streaming.