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Nightmare_Pasta t1_iu9x0r7 wrote

Nah. He doesn’t owe you anything, not a satisfying conclusion or even an explanation for that matter. You chose to buy his books and get invested in his story, clinging on to a nonexistent and unspoken social contract that is based on nothing more than your extreme sense of entitlement

That is all this is


YoyoDevo t1_iu9xbtz wrote

Imagine if all authors thought this way. The book industry wouldn't survive. Who wants to start a series and risk never knowing the ending? There HAS to be the expectation of completion or people just simply won't buy book series anymore.


__Hello_my_name_is__ t1_iu9y5kj wrote

> Who wants to start a series and risk never knowing the ending?

Let me introduce you to television shows that get canceled before their story finishes.

Weirdly enough, no one ever holds a 10+ year grudge against television producers who are responsible for that.


BlueTeamRuless t1_iu9z1r0 wrote

Yeah, they just hold them against the companies who produced the content. Not a day goes by where I don’t see “never trusting Netflix again after they cancelled x”


YoyoDevo t1_iu9z6ot wrote

>no one ever holds a 10+ year grudge

You must not be on reddit very often. People here still talk about what a tragedy the cancelation of 10+ year old shows was. Remember Firefly?


__Hello_my_name_is__ t1_iua0j2i wrote

I definitely don't remember people writing passive aggressive comments whenever the Fox Network comes up, no.


Okavski t1_iuabsjl wrote

I dont know, probably plenty of people disappointed or angry about the cancellation of Firefly still. Additionally when something is cancelled there is a some closure in knowing that it will never be finished. But with ASOIAF there is hope dangling in a thread that it one day will reach a satisfying conclusion, but the longer it takes the more resentment starts to grow from the possibility that it never will. The longer hope exists, the bigger the disappointment if it doesn't pan out.


__Hello_my_name_is__ t1_iuafvfn wrote

Some people, sure, but not enough for a highly upvoted passive aggressive comment about it every single time the Fox Network is mentioned.

The closure argument is fair, though. Honestly, at this point it makes sense to just consider the books cancelled and be positively surprised when they happen after all.


[deleted] t1_iu9ynz9 wrote


Thinking Martin is stupid for not finishing his story is a completely valid opinion. And probably true from both a fandom and business POV.

But he doesn't owe anyone anything.