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SprinklesCharming382 t1_ixe3fbr wrote

Underrated show, Tokyo Vice ended up being one of my favorites new shows of 2022.


mackinoncougars t1_ixenvt7 wrote

Between it being in the 90s and highlighting life in Tokyo, I could just live in that world. Was an awesome slice of life even outside of the plot.


bajesus t1_ixf4zff wrote

I watched that show right after playing Yakuza 0. I feel like it may have made for a strange view of Japanese culture.


kazejito t1_ixg2uod wrote

What do you mean there are no inexperienced dominatrix on the streets waiting for me to train them?


NoNefariousness2144 t1_ixgp4d4 wrote

Or real estate business that are run by chickens and settle land disputes with a 1v1 dance competition?


darkoblivion21 t1_ixgj0tk wrote

Every time I watched an ep of Tokyo Vice I got the urge to play Yakuza


Thelastmudra t1_ixhcwbe wrote

Tokyo is a very unique city, even amongst east asian mega cities


blackmarketmafia t1_ixefues wrote

Show is missing a few things but couldn’t agree more, the Tokyo vibe makes you feel like you live there


[deleted] t1_ixeipfn wrote



MattseW t1_ixf8q0l wrote

This makes sense because there really is no closure to anything in the season finale. Excited to see how it wraps up next season.


AdviceNotAskedFor t1_ixfes88 wrote

Yeah we thought we missed something


Remarkable-Ad-2476 t1_ixfwzfc wrote

I didn’t even know the finale was the finale until there weren’t any more episodes to watch


Hooterdear t1_ixg0a04 wrote

Exactly. We never returned to the very first scene of the first episode. It's all been flashback... I think?


LigmaSack69 t1_ixgs5oz wrote

Yeah horrible season finale. When it ended I was like “that’s it?”. Was a little pissed. All I know is that shit better go down in the first episode of the second season or I will once again be a little pissed.


Hooterdear t1_ixg0ici wrote

Mann's last TV production, Luck, also had production issues and had to eventually get canceled.


MikeArrow t1_ixes827 wrote

It was an odd duck, I really liked parts of it and other parts just dragged on. I can't bring myself to care about Rachel Keller's character, even with her whole Mormon backstory.


rood_sandstorm t1_ixesq78 wrote

Easily the worst written character. Could just remove her or turn her into a smaller side character


idontknowyet t1_ixfbdwv wrote

I’ve read the book it’s based on and it seems like they took multiple female characters from the book and molded them all together into her. Wasn’t a fan either, but the separate characters would have dragged out the story into multiple avenues. I guess they did it to be more concise.


doodler1977 t1_ixfft8x wrote

yeah, i FF'd thru everything with her subplots. did not care, and it did not matter. no effect on the other plots


HotelFoxtrot87 t1_ixeuuwu wrote

I didn’t mind her for the most part, but they had her being really stupid in the last couple episodes.


sparklingvireo t1_ixizf1y wrote

It didn't make sense. She had the choice to eat her financial losses (possibly going bankrupt) and start over, or in-debt herself to the Yakuza, which everyone knows is not something you can easily get out of, if ever.

I get that she didn't want to give up her goal of being her own boss and hostess-bar owner, but what she chose was to accept Yakuza assistance, making her bar essentially, but not legally, theirs and she knew it.

Moving cities and starting over would at least grant her self-control. She wouldn't owe the Yakuza anything.


qb1120 t1_ixeuhlh wrote

Yeah, I think it I would have enjoyed it more if Sato was the main focus


tonelander t1_ixettbj wrote

Yep. Didn’t give one monkeys left goolie about her, totally predictable.


gears50 t1_ixfud4i wrote

Agreed, she definitely seemed more like a vessel to move along Sato's story and character


Thelastmudra t1_ixhd3j9 wrote

That's because she's the worst

In fact the show would've been fine if it was just sato


Powderfingers t1_ixf9so2 wrote

Binged this show with the wife after I came home from a business trip to Tokyo, during my stay I couldn't wait to go home, when we watched this I was yearning to go back.

The setting and atmosphere is spot on. Biggest surprise of the year.


Thelastmudra t1_ixhcxkz wrote

Tokyo is the best character of the show

Then it's sato


Wadep00l t1_ixel2ti wrote

My wife and I really liked it. That whole early 2000s Tokyo aesthetic


lawschoolredux t1_ixfganh wrote

As a trance fan, the scene with ATB’s 9PM blaring in the club had me grinning ear to ear.


hithereworld2 t1_ixkkvm2 wrote

That scene was so great. Same with the faithless insomnia


beachguy82 t1_ixf33er wrote

Same and it’s not always easy for my wife and I to find shoes we both like.


PartyMcDie t1_ixf7tsn wrote

Adidas Superstar looks good on both genders. (Assuming you’re a dude).


Regula96 t1_ixe5v3o wrote

Same for me. Not among the best things I've seen this year but the whole vibe of the show was great.


qb1120 t1_ixeuiec wrote

If Sato dies, we riot


dyurk t1_ixfelqb wrote

That man is damn nice to look at


Krinks1 t1_ixf3p6d wrote

Same here, I really REALLY enjoyed it. Loved the atmosphere of the whole thing and the opening credits are great. I also really liked the relationship between Jake and his editor and how it developed into a kind of odd friendship over time.

Only thing negative I have to say (and it's nit-picky) is that I felt the season finale was a bit weak. It felt like the 2nd last episode and one more should've followed.

Having said that, I'm eagerly waiting for season 2!


Equal_Newspaper_8034 t1_ixftzrs wrote

Amazing how HBO always gets actors to perform at such a high level. Never a sour note


gregd303 t1_ixewc1b wrote

Wow crazy timing . I just watched the first episode of this screened on the BBC . Without reading too many spoilers here it seems like everyone approves of it. Must say I really felt the vibe of Tokyo from the outset I visited there in 2003 so not far off timewise. Looks like I'll be watching a lot more.


Random_frankqito t1_ixfuu3a wrote

Great show easily one of the best. My man learned Japanese for the part. Can’t wait for more


ieatalphabets t1_ixeqflk wrote

Loved how all the characters are mixed up in cultures they don't really belong in, but they are still making a go of it and even succeeding. I feel like season two will be all about "I know what I'm doing, but why am I putting myself through this?" I got to watch this again, it was so good!


EvilSporkOfDeath t1_ixfhqul wrote

Felt blueballed the whole time. Like I was enjoying it enough to keep watching, waiting for some big moments to happen, but when they did I never felt very satisfied. I never hated it, but just didnt feel like I got payoffs.


waitmyhonor t1_ixfs9v1 wrote

Except for that horrible ending. I think they need to tone down on the main character being this guy who have all these connections out nowhere and taking on two yakuza guys. The first season really could have benefitted from 2-3 extra episodes. Before people say it’s based on a true story, the book has been criticized by other journalists and people in that book as untrue


towehaal t1_ixfnwd2 wrote

Are there a lot of subtitles in the show?


PhantomWD t1_ixgj0n5 wrote

No, they expect viewers to speak English and Japanese /s


ACrask t1_ixfb520 wrote

Definitely a solid show worth a binge


Tinkeybird t1_ixfgr4p wrote

Loved this show. So glad to hear we’ll see a second season.


AidilAfham42 t1_ixfmx6y wrote

It was a good show but I was actually expecting it to be a limited series, didn’t know its just thr first season so the ending felt abrupt to me. Still a good show with really great Japanese actors.


ShadowXJ t1_ixfwgl8 wrote

I loved it as well, just found the world believable.


Cyrano_Nose t1_ixgfw53 wrote

Underrated and over criticized if you ask me.

Very enjoyable.


EatsRats t1_ixhr5wk wrote

Hmm…I’m going to give this one a shot. Been looking for a good show. I’ll give it a go based on you liking it so much!


jenkirch t1_ixx1m05 wrote

Beautifully shot & good story. Shame they had to cast a sexual predator like ansel ergot


drskeme t1_ixfiobf wrote

Overrated show. 1st 2 episodes were good then it was such a dramatization. They tried so hard to make this journalist look like a bad ass.

I’m sure he fucked the boss’ girl and was taking down hit men where it took 3 to defeat him. Became too cliche


doodler1977 t1_ixffply wrote

i survived that show by FF'ing thru everything w/ the white guy. if Rinko or Watanabe weren't in the frame, i was bumping the 10sec skip


PhantomWD t1_ixgizci wrote

What a waste of your time. If you're not going to actually watch the show why even bother ff through it.


doodler1977 t1_ixh5ahf wrote

b/c i like the aesthetic and crime storyline. don't care about the white people


anasui1 t1_ixe8248 wrote

good one, but the foreign perspective has gotten freakishly stale. Wish they eliminated the American altogether (yeah I know it's supposed to be the author's story), since Elgort is also a charisma void


ArchDucky t1_ixea5m2 wrote

Still remember that scene where the main guy went to the fruit store and it looked like a fucking Apple store. That shit was crazy. Here in Kansas we just get fruit from the grocery store. Its kinda nuts that you have specialty fruit stores in Tokyo that sell really pretty and expensive fruit. I wonder if that would even fly here in Kansas?


kingofsomecosmos t1_ixelqww wrote

Its crazy, but right on the mark it seems.


Ram3ss3s t1_ixgsxh3 wrote

It’s kinda horrible actually, all fruit is really expensive.


Thelastmudra t1_ixhd93y wrote

It makes sense

Their logic is they can never compete with south east asia in terms of quantity of fruits produced, so they'll fill a niche of quality

Hence the hundred dollar fruits


buyer_leverkusen t1_ixi4mo1 wrote

That’s just fruit for gifting, Japanese people buy daily fruit at the grocery store just like you.


MJTony t1_ixeib60 wrote

Do people in Kansas eat fruit?


ArchDucky t1_ixeinrc wrote

Yes? I eat fruit all the time, and use fresh citrus in my dishes. Hell the other day I made lemon braised potatoes and they were literally the best potato I have ever had.


ihohjlknk t1_ixep01z wrote

I was worried this was going to be canceled in the wake of Zaslav's slash-and-burn policy at HBO. It looks like it's safe for one more season, at least.


austinrose7 t1_ixepdmj wrote

Zaslav has yet to cancel a good show.

S1 is a good show, so this was safe.


beachguy82 t1_ixf366x wrote

Raised by wolves was a true science fiction show at its finest.


nightfishin t1_ixf71jo wrote

That one was a mess and had some slog episodes.


austinrose7 t1_ixf68pd wrote

That show was a mess imo but I’m glad other people enjoyed it. I didn’t get past the second episode.


Pleasant-Article8131 t1_ixfl292 wrote

In my experience for some shows it takes a little time before it gets its claws in you. The Wire took me 5-6 episodes but at that point there was no turning back

Felt like this show is similar in this regard.


bruiser95 t1_ixgxop6 wrote

And then went on to shit the bed in the season 1 finale. Was doomed after that anyway


APiousCultist t1_ixkrszf wrote

That's definitely more of a 'huge fucking cash sink' sort of a show. Sucks that people are losing out, but it's not one that got memory-holed like all the cartoons.


BalticsFox t1_ixf0yi8 wrote

Wasn't Westworld a good one?


mug3n t1_ixfi8qj wrote

After season 1, the quality dropped off. Season 4 picked it back up and recovered imo but a day late, dollar short. Those 2 year gaps between seasons also do not help with building interest.


austinrose7 t1_ixf6591 wrote

Haven’t watched it tbh but the near-unanimous consensus seems to be that after S1, the answer to that is definitely no until S4, at which point it was too late to rescue its own reputation.

Viewership declined after S2 and absolutely plummeted after S3.


kidgorgeous62 t1_ixj2550 wrote

Season 3 had great ideas but absolutely fumbled the ending it was borderline embarrassing. I don’t blame people for being turned off. Season 4 was better though.


Corteaux81 t1_ixghfaw wrote

After the park, it just goes downhill. It also tried way too hard to "subvert expectations" and shit... It just wasn't good, even though season 1 was great.


UXyes t1_ixfzhin wrote

No. It was trash after the first season.


APiousCultist t1_ixksh3n wrote

Wasn't he responsible for memory-holing several highly rated multi-season animated shows though? Like Infinity Train or Final Space might not be things you've watched, but they ran for multiple seasons and had very high ratings. I suppose that's different than cancelling them, but it's also much worse. Now the only practical way to view them is yar-har-yiddle-de-dee.


earhere t1_ixeg7fq wrote

Hopefully Michael Mann gets to direct more episodes. The ones he did were fantastic. I found the show kind of lackluster. Didn't really care for the girl trying to start her own club arc.


Kapheon t1_ixek0p4 wrote

I think he only got to direct the pilot and it was so excellent, you can feel the difference in the rest of the episodes. The exam sequence in the pilot is phenomenal.


mybadalternate t1_ixf0q86 wrote

The drop off in quality between the pilot and the rest of the episodes was a cliff.


dahmerpalms t1_ixep02a wrote

The pilot was great. Really tense and you wondered where things were going. Unfortunately I agree that you can feel the difference in the rest of the episodes, I really didn’t love this show.


powercorruption t1_ixfib7s wrote

Her character in general is just unlikable. A mormon that made it to Japan to push her religion, constantly making bad decisions and gets combative when people try to help her.


polloloco81 t1_ixesfbt wrote

Agreed. Show started out amazing and the finale was just goofy.


Corteaux81 t1_ixghifg wrote

Agree mostly. Show was good (not great, but definitely good), but the finale was a mess.


ItCouldBeWorse222 t1_ixhpqhh wrote

I didn't like her character either, but it did it's job which was create reach into tokyo underworld culture from the perspective of a westerner.

It could have been worse. Some white savior interpol FBI bullshit that japanese cops bow down to. And I say that as an anti-progressive.


ectowel2000 t1_ixfbj9f wrote

It has changed the way I think about the Backstreet Boys song.


Shafu808 t1_ixejdo7 wrote

Loved the beginning, bored af by the end.

The storyline about the girl and the club is whack.


Curl_of_the_Burl_ t1_ixg27gk wrote

It hit a bit harder for me but I've been in east Asian countries and been in date bars like that. The human trafficking is very real and rough to see in person. The character motivation was more transparent for me.


dahmerpalms t1_ixepzvk wrote

Fr it is. Could have potentially been an interesting storyline if it didn’t go into left field that has nothing to do with the main plot


jl_theprofessor t1_ixeizfy wrote

Season 1 had a bit of a blue balls ending but overall I liked it.


anonyfool t1_ixft8ye wrote

IIRC the raid they show part of in the first episode in media rez does not appear in the rest of season one.


detrydis t1_ixh5k1g wrote

Nor does the cool direction and cinematography return…


_Jetto_ t1_ixeisvm wrote

Great great vibe and atmosphere around it. Worth a watch if someone hasn’t seen yet


pearlsandplumes t1_ixev10r wrote

Oh wow, what a gorgeous man. The juxtaposition of his photo next to Elgort's who just looks like a thumb is... something else.


toddybody t1_ixegqqq wrote

my favorite show this year, hands down.


MacualayCocaine t1_ixff0u1 wrote

So should I give this show a shot?

I read the book before I ever knew they were making it a show and it was complete garbage. I’m totally convinced that almost none of this guys stories happened. It reads like a 15 year old lying to his friends about the girls he banged over summer vacation.

With that being said people seem to love the show? Anybody else read the book and end up liking this?


itak365 t1_ixfzh2k wrote

As a Japanese person- I and all of my family who’s watched it enjoyed it for the sake of having a well-done, truly bilingual and multicultural Japanese show, but I just treated it as 100% fiction at face value since I hadn’t read his book and had no frame of reference.

Sort of in this category, you might also like Giri/Haji, which is a BBC/Netflix original which directly deals with the Nikkei/Japanese expat experience and is also a bilingual drama.


Shower_caps t1_ixht5nr wrote

Do you recommend Giri/Haji?


itak365 t1_ixi5lfj wrote

Oh hell yes- maybe even before Tokyo Vice but they are pretty different shows. It only got one season and was cancelled, so it’s more of a miniseason, but the ending ties up pretty much everything so there’s definitely payoff.

It’s got competing British and Japanese storylines, with half being set in London and the other half in Tokyo, but both are written and acted very well. Imagine Guy Ritchie got into a motor accident with Tokyo Vice and a Nordic noir show from mainland Europe and that’s what you get in this show.

I’m half-Japanese, so I’m biased as one of the mains is Anglo-Japanese and the show makes many generational and cultural comparisons between all of its Japanese characters.


zEeXUrqVR7DeM7M8yac3 t1_ixfhjxa wrote

Same opinion on the book and author. Complete fraud and egomaniac. That being said he doesn’t get a cent if you watch it on the high seas.


Thelastmudra t1_ixhdgfw wrote

That's because it never happened, it's literally a white male in asia fantasy, the guy could never produce a single yakuza source he had when asked to

The show tries to tone it down a bit, but it's still present whenever the white male self insert shows up on screen


Unlucky_Clover t1_ixfjklx wrote

Loved this show. Started off a little slow and not knowing how it’s going to go but the writing really took off. Sucks there were only 8 episodes in the first season.


MickBizzo t1_ixez2fi wrote

Having lived in Tokyo around the time this is set, I love this show. It’s so well done and really captures the city I remember. Can’t wait for the new season.


mug3n t1_ixfhzvi wrote

Is it just me or is it really damn strange that this show hasn't seemed to confirm any of the other main cast members for season 2? at least it just seems like there hasn't been a lot of noise on season 2 about a show that has done fairly well for its first season.. does it have something to do with Ansel Elgort's SA allegations?


2cimarafa t1_ixgvztx wrote

The show is literally filming season 2 in Japan right now. Hollywood Reporter ran a recent interview with one of the EP’s in late October that said filming was starting “next week” (from then). So I think the core cast clearly returns, otherwise they’d have announced. Elgort seems back in polite company, for the most part.


Cheap_Blacksmith66 t1_ixfiobk wrote

Really worried that HBO was cutting all their good content. Glad this remained.


nightslap t1_ixfoqwy wrote

Yes! This show was so good!


kadauserer t1_ixf415r wrote

I loved the show. It somehow made me nostalgic for 90s Tokyo even though I was barely born then. Though I have lived in Tokyo much later and love the city.


myassholealt t1_ixf62vf wrote

Fun show, but I feel like it kinda flew off the rails by the finale with some of the paths they chose to take character arcs. But will definitely be watching season 2.


jeffbizloc t1_ixf7dty wrote

Can't wait for season 2


mister-misses t1_ixfypzk wrote

Ooooo, good lord.. Mr. Yuki-Zuki is kinda fine.


orderinthefort t1_ixgiyq1 wrote

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the show more than the show itself, though probably because Ansel Elgort is a charisma vacuum. I think almost anyone else would've been better.


spate42 t1_ixir8ge wrote

I need to revisit season 1. I couldn't get past 2 episodes; Ansel Elgort is so void of charisma it hurts to watch.


Tessst1 t1_ixebplg wrote

this show was mid.

started off super cool tho. it had like one of the coolest openings ever.


sandroller t1_ixeem05 wrote

I felt the same way. There's something about Ansel Elgort that really rubs me the wrong way - in this show and in other roles - although I have a hard time defining what that exactly is. I really enjoyed the other story threads of this show that didn't focus on his character, and unfortunately I think it has more to do with the actor than character or writing.


dahmerpalms t1_ixeqhd3 wrote

Michael Mann directed the first episode, that’s why it started off so well. Totally agree the rest was well below the typical HBO standard.


_10032 t1_ixfc1f7 wrote

You got downvoted, but you aren't wrong


YggdrasilsLeaf t1_ixerffa wrote

This show is fantastic. I’m excited to see there’s gonna be a second season!


beaverhausen_a t1_ixetaah wrote

Starring alongside Bob Cadillac and Raquel Renault.


TheLastDesperado t1_ixevh00 wrote

Good timing. Season one has finally made it's way to UK today. Looking forward to watching it.


deffjay t1_ixewic7 wrote

What a wild ride of a show. Happy to hear this


FeFiFoShizzle t1_ixf9csr wrote

This show started off ok but I couldn't finish it tbh.


ricklessness t1_ixfgysp wrote

Yes I loved season 1 thought it was some of the best TV I’ve watched


Cheeze_Pleeze t1_ixfjpfm wrote

I thought they cancelled this?!?!


rwine29 t1_ixfrqsm wrote

Show freakin rules


Equal_Newspaper_8034 t1_ixftua4 wrote

Oh thank god season 2 was picked up. With that scumbag from Discovery taking over I thought this show was a goner


Spork-in-Your-Rye t1_ixfzov8 wrote

It’s happening!! Thank god I was scared this would get lost in the shuffle of the merger


Sanguinius t1_ixg120q wrote

Caught the first half of this show on a plane ride last week. Highly underrated!


EN1009 t1_ixg1i3a wrote

Loved this show. The city was a character in itself. Looking forward to this 👍


Dull-Lead-7782 t1_ixg908i wrote

Loved this show but did anyone else feel like it abruptly ended? I was surprised there weren’t more episodes


Virel_360 t1_ixgoxbe wrote

I love season one, can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in season two.


lakhyj t1_ixgqlkn wrote

They've just debuted the show in the UK, and it's funny seeing my friends going crazy over it now, but it's been out in America since April. A similar thing happened with You when the 1st season came on Netflix.


Bad-Bunny t1_ixgsqg2 wrote

Read the book, I honestly don't know what they are gonna do in season 2. They almost finished all the stories worth telling.


detrydis t1_ixh5gcw wrote

Season 1 started off on such a bang and then just fell apart. Don’t even get me started on how the season ended halfway through any single story line…


hagbardceline69420 t1_ixh99kl wrote

wow! another Tokyo Vice post, marketing people are busy.


Shower_caps t1_ixihpjd wrote

It’s just casting info, at least it’s not berating viewers for not watching


hagbardceline69420 t1_ixillz4 wrote

astroturfing!, get this off my feeeeeed, too many Tokyo Vice posts, must be paid ads, too many Tokyo Vice posts!

annoying isn't it?


Shower_caps t1_ixhsnlx wrote

Um…I’m going to start watching the show just for him and I hear it’s good anyway.


zogurat t1_ixir9yj wrote

Really enjoyed the first season, had some issues but such a unique show. Glad to see more.


LeoLaDawg t1_ixk1ru7 wrote

I can taste the cigarette smoke now.


Samanoskue t1_ixexk8j wrote

I can wait for this. It was a surprise how good season 1.


careless_swiggin t1_ixgbvkb wrote

love how unhonest it was, between how it is based on a biased autobiography the MC is obviously full of shit, and it is obvious that events are not all true but in some regards, pieces fell the same way.

fun how it portrays the ridiculousness of either sides very well.