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MulciberTenebras t1_iycp76x wrote

As great as this would be, it's also fucking pathetic that Warner Bros/DC has to go elsewhere just to do animation... after decades if it being one of their best in-house productions.


donuteater111 t1_iycthvw wrote

From a selfish perspective, I don't mind since I have Amazon but don't have HBO Max. From a logical perspective, you're absolutely right. The whole aftermath of the merger has left me so baffled with how much of a wrecking ball stance they've taken with their properties. I'm glad we may still be able to get these properties in some form though.


ijakinov t1_iydbg5y wrote

I don't see what's unlogical about it. They will likely make more money licensing it out and take a lot less risk. Even before the merger many DC animated shows didn't last very long. Now you are going to have someone who is not your sister company footing the bill and ordering a shit to of shows, it's great money for them and very low risk versus keep trying themselves with their own moeny to see what works.


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ijakinov t1_iydn82u wrote

That’s just what people assumed would happen but it doesn’t make sense to not make content for other people willing to pay if they don’t plan on making it for themselves. And for other content contrary to popular belief Warner* can’t just put stuff on HBO Max for free it cost money and the business is bleeding it.


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ijakinov t1_iydsgbx wrote

But they don’t want or care for this type of content. If they weren’t making it for amazon they probably wouldn’t be making it at all. HBO max is not just bleeding money they can’t even get eligible users to use the service they bad churn, technical problems and struggling to get new hit shows. They growth is extremely slow, companies usually burn money for hyper growth.

The reasons to make a streaming service is to make money eventually and not simply be in the business of making content for other people who may or may not buy their stuff. The service was arguably poorly managed. They burnt a bunch of money and don’t have a lot to show for it.they even burnt bridges. You can justify losing the money if you don’t have problems gaining, retaining and enticing customers. But even still this strategy during these economic times is no longer favourable as it was maybe a year ago.

HBO Max is simply not interested much in animation as part of their new strategy. But the higher ups aren’t going to prevent some of their subsidiaries from doing business because one subsidy doesn’t want to do it. Maybe Disney blocks this today, I don’t know if that’s a real rule but they’ve been willing to make stuff for other distributors in the past. Unless there’s strong reason to believe you shouldn’t make it at all if you aren’t going to make it for yourself regardless of the money because you maybe believe it would hurt the overall company indirectly. Then maybe. But at face value it’s a lot more money than doing nothing.


MulciberTenebras t1_iydjnre wrote

But now instead of having all the DC stuff on one app... they're gonna sell it off to multiple ones. It's bullshit for viewers to have to pay different services to watch just because the company is too cheap to keep it on the same one.


ijakinov t1_iydmth8 wrote

That’s nothing new they’ve always made content for anyone willing to pay for it. It’s either they don’t make it at all for themselves or anyone or they make it for other people.

And it’s not being “cheap”. The company has more debt than it’s worth to buy and it loses hundreds of millions of dollars every 3 months. In the last 6 they’ve lost $1.1 Billion.


PayneTrainSG t1_iye5fdg wrote

I think trying to sell some TV to someone who will pay a lot more than what you can get for it on your own service is very logical, and probably one of the more obviously smart deals to make. If Amazon wants to overpay for some original Batman show that would otherwise not get made, it's a win-win-win for the IP holder, studio, and customer.


KumagawaUshio t1_iycua48 wrote

What are you talking about this isn't about Warner not making animation it's about selling it to other distribution platforms because they can't afford a money furnace like HBO Max without a rich sugar daddy like AT&T to pay for it.

It's why Sony doesn't do streaming and why Disney is also seeing its share price collapse streaming just doesn't make money.


StarWarsFan229321 t1_iyd4drq wrote

I mean this is true Disney burned like 1.5 billion last quarter and that’s with the fraud the old ceo was doing saying a few Disney plus shows were from linear to lower the cost lol


GarlVinland4Astrea t1_iyd9y1z wrote

You do realize at its peak, DC animation was still sold to other distributors to buy on their networks/platforms?


preppytarg t1_iycqd8f wrote

That's unnecessarily harsh. Producing for only one platform (HBO Max) limits revenue potential. Zaslav acknowleged that not long ago, and stated intentions to license more of their content to other platforms.


ClaymoresRevenge t1_iydgb1l wrote

They have every reason to have the best animation stay on their streaming service but the greed and stupidity of leadership can't get out of it's own way


krazy_kat_laddie t1_iycle0x wrote

Fingers crossed on another Young Justice revival.


votchamacallit_ t1_iyd778b wrote

Do you think they can spare some more animation frames for that show if they get it revived again?


RecommendsMalazan t1_iydm5eq wrote

Eh. I think YJ has run its course, I'd rather a new show.

Not that I don't like YJ or the past two seasons, though I do have some complaints... But I'd rather a chance at something new vs continuing on as it has been.


MeronDC t1_iydvd1n wrote

The theory is an animation of the international justice league in the same universe since you remember those several post credits of them talking about the construction of the new headquarters of the league?


RecommendsMalazan t1_iydx6s0 wrote

You mean for the next season?

See, that makes me want it even less. Just give me the damn Darkseid story they've been teasing since the end of season 2.

Also, I'm sick of Vandal Savage.


MeronDC t1_iydxmdq wrote

From what I understand there was always the idea of ​​creating an animation of the league within the universe of Young justice

and since the new dc wants to focus on the trinity an adult justice league animation would make sense


RecommendsMalazan t1_iydy03r wrote

I mean, it's been a long time coming. They've basically tried to make YJ an entire DC universe show since season 2, have shoved way too many characters in there.


MeronDC t1_iydv51c wrote

I need 10 more seasons of this show


donuteater111 t1_iycszwf wrote

Please be true, and please include that Caped Crusader series.

I've just recently gotten back into Batman TAS. I'm not too far into it (12 episodes, in production order), but I'm already really enjoying it. I like how it can go from lighter action, or even comedy, to some more grounded, serious stuff. It can be a lot more mature than you'd expect from a kid's show. That being said, there are some stories that just couldn't be done on that kind of show, or at least not done right. One example (and looking into this, it doesn't look like they've used the character in any animation, but please correct me if I'm wrong) is Zsazs. The guy's a creepy psycho, and would work really well in this kind of series. And I'm sure there are other examples as well.

And of course any other show they add on top of that would be a nice bonus as well.


Shrekt115 t1_iydbuwp wrote

Why even have an app if they aren't going to have content on it


sgthombre t1_iye6plb wrote

For everyone freaking out over this not going to HBO Max, I wouldn’t be shocked if there was an exclusivity window thing, where it’ll debut on Prime but will eventually be on both Prime and HBO Max


Dangerous-Hawk16 t1_iyczemx wrote

More DC animated stuff is good. Based on James Gunn saying some of it will connect to his DCU 10 year plan I like it. This could mean a Midnighter or challenger of the unknown animated series. Or even etrigan/ Merlin medieval series


jak_d_ripr t1_iydbcx5 wrote

DC animation has been MIA for too long, really hoping we get some solid shows out of this deal. Maybe give the green lantern corp another chance to redeem themselves or maybe wonder woman can finally get her first animated series.


CleverZerg t1_iyf0978 wrote

This is so bizarre, a couple of years ago they launched a streaming/reading service exclusive to DC stuff and now they're makings deals with 3rd parties instead of just producing all this stuff themselves and putting it on HBO Max.


AZAR0V t1_iydhh2z wrote

Why would they go to Amazon when Max is right there?


BrewKazma t1_iyck2b8 wrote

Ugh. Amazon streaming is the absolute worst.


logicalnoise t1_iycnj67 wrote

But their animation department is killing it. Invincible, vox machina for examples.


BrewKazma t1_iycno3g wrote

They have good shows, but the interface and whole system sucks.


January28thSixers t1_iycvsg0 wrote

It's the only service that I'd pirate the content even though I'm paying for it because I hate how it works on every device. I also hate how many ads they have mixed in. No, I don't want to buy a subscription to another service, no I don't want to pay $4.99 to rent that movie, no I don't need to see trailers for other shows before every episode.


BrewKazma t1_iycwet7 wrote

Its the searching for something and then finding out I have to pay for it, that pisses me off. That needs to not exist on there.


Salmakki t1_iycpgou wrote

Vox Machina isn't really an amazon show, they're just distributing it. I don't think they had much of a hand in production, it was preplanned and funded by kickstarter. Basically like how Netflix buys rights to shows and then calls them "Netflix originals," it wasn't an actual in-house production like Invincible was.


RecommendsMalazan t1_iydme6t wrote

Pretty sure the Kickstarter only funded like one or two episodes, the rest was entirely Amazon.

It's definitely way more of an Amazon original than, say, Arcane is for Netflix.

But I really don't have issues with either being referred to as such.


Patrick_Bait-Man t1_iyddms5 wrote

> But their animation department is killing it. Invincible, vox machina for examples.

Give a third example.


Most_Victory1661 t1_iycquoi wrote

I forgot to cancel my prime and re upped for another year. Prime is the five dollar dvd bin at Walmart of steaming services you occasionally find a gem but Jesus there’s so much shit to go thru to get it. Really outside of the boys and boush there’s not much else. Man high castle crashed bad. Mozart in the jungle went sideways fast. Marvelous mrs maisel is infuriating in how such a premise is wasted on midge being so clueless. I could go on. I used to only use prime but as more and more shows got pulled it just the leftover crap I never watched.