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Daisy_LaRue OP t1_iya1tdx wrote

Mostly because a Wikipedia page isn't allowed to just make stuff up


WordsAreSomething t1_iya2i6q wrote

I don't think that's technically true.


CMelody t1_iyad7f8 wrote

So far it is mildly entertaining. While Kumail Nanjiani is very likeable in the lead role, the person he is based on so far isn't that compelling to center a series around. The people around him have far more interesting stories. That could change. I do like the tension developing between Steve and Nick, his choreographer.


curiousbydesign t1_iybyzth wrote

You son of a bitch. I'm in. For at least three episodes. That's our house rule.


GolgiApparatus1 t1_iycilk2 wrote

Ive been loving this series, if for no other reason the absolute killer soundtrack it has. The song choice, ambient/background music, even the intro theme is phenomenal. The intro starts out as a purely late 70s disco drum loop, then followed by new wave synthesizers and samples that would be used in the 80s and onward. Seems to me they did this to mirror the overall timeline of the show itself, which is pretty brilliant. Not only that but it still manages to sound 'fresh' in its arrangement, and I honestly couldn't resist grooving to it if I heard it while up and about.

But music aside, the acting has been pretty stellar, Kumail is almost unrecognizable, and everything revolving around the choreographer is just fascinating to watch, dancing included. Honestly this show ticks just about every box for me, love it.


DougDunksDonuts t1_iye17pa wrote

Me too, I love it. I was curious to check it out based on the cast alone who I trusted wouldn't want to involved in a sub-par series. Juliette Lewis, Kumail and Bartlett are all top actors and really deliver here.


flojo2012 t1_iyavumj wrote

I’m liking the show very much!


curiousbydesign t1_iybz2e7 wrote

I wish they would state or label where these things are streamed. I often find content that I would like to watch on Reddit but I have no idea where to find it. I have Hulu and Netflix right now. No clue where this show is streamed.


HumanOrAlien t1_iyc0zxt wrote

Hulu in the US. Star+ in Latin America. Disney+ everywhere else.


cosmicgumby t1_iydmpht wrote

I listened to the podcast about this and am watching the show. Really different vibes. The show makes Steve way more sympathetic - hard to know what he was really like, but the direction he goes down is bananas. I did however feel the inclusion of the murder-suicide was irresponsible because it left out A LOT of backstory there. Like, all of it.


Daisy_LaRue OP t1_iydt8ew wrote

I just started the podcast too — it's called Welcome to Your Fantasy and it's excellent. Doesn't steer away from the dark stuff but manages to be campy and funny at the same time. I checked to see if it has anything to do with the show — like, did the podcaster get paid? — and it doesn't seem like it. The show seems to borrow a lot of real-life characters from it and just give them fake names and slightly different backstories, especially Otis and the Juliette Lewis character.


MrBoliNica t1_iyckc5k wrote

i had zero clue about the real life story of this guy, i did a wiki search after watching the first two episodes and damn. shit is nuts. surprised were just now getting a hollywood version of it.


djinn_tai t1_iyc1169 wrote

The f is true crime? Are all other crimes false?


GolgiApparatus1 t1_iycis2w wrote

Do you think there's actually a hockey mask killer out there named Jason Voorhees?