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wongo t1_iwzejyo wrote

His performance has been great, but I can't be the only person who thinks Dominic West is way too attractive to play Charles


Makaiskorpio t1_iwzfd6c wrote

Its so off putting. Dominic is built and moves like a British Bruce Wayne and then you see the real Charles...


HortonHearsTheWho t1_iwzh6z3 wrote

Our boy’s come a long way from the marine unit


KryptonicxJesus t1_iwzlaoe wrote

The fuck did I do?


Rosco13 t1_ix04gue wrote

I was hoping for him to say that as Charles


hygsi t1_iwzqovw wrote

Charles probably picked the actor "yes, totally me at that age! The resemblance is uncanny" meanwhile I was impressed with Diana's actress cause they made her look very similar, my dad often asks what we're watching but he immediatley knew who that was


Oikkuli t1_ix088lj wrote

Gonna go out on a limb and say charles didn't pick the actor to portray him


Ha55aN1337 t1_ix1bp7h wrote

The way this season is written, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an executive producer credit for him…


Oikkuli t1_ix2uv0k wrote

I did notice they spent a lot of time making charles look good compared to the queen, and in general. Philip too. I miss the more cynical view of s4 where philip was an asshole and charles was akward and weird.


Ha55aN1337 t1_ix2yf5k wrote

Maybe they decided not to stop the show when it reaches september 2022 and are building up a new protagonist. :)


Oikkuli t1_ix2zaoe wrote

They won't get close to 2022. If I'm remembering right season 6 is set in the 2000's and is the last one


Ha55aN1337 t1_ix36z3h wrote

That’s a shame, since we got the ending to it now.


Oikkuli t1_ix37dpl wrote

I'm glad. It's supposed to be a period program. Just spanning multiple periods, but not the current one. Also the problem of nothing that interesting happening to the royals was already apparent this season. Can't imagine how boring a 2020's the crown would be.


Ha55aN1337 t1_ix3j6t7 wrote

Just everyone dying, two huge funerals and a coronation. 3 episodes and that’s it :)


hygsi t1_ix0fce7 wrote

I know, it's just a joke cause I don't know who thought he looked like Charles.


Lil_Mcgee t1_iwzgjew wrote

Definitely but I'd take a good performance over scouring the planet for an actor who looks as goofy as Charles.

They've done a good job with the hair and makeup, accentuating his ears etc. It works for a dramatised show.


NoNefariousness2144 t1_iwzim2n wrote

The actor who feels the most off to me is Tony Blair. He really doesn’t look like him at all even if they sound similar.


ChronosBlitz t1_iwzvwz4 wrote

Yeah, Blair’s actors a little too stocky when the actual man was quite wiry.

They also made him a little too openly car salesman sleazy, I know a lot of us know that he IS that sleazy but it doesn’t change the fact that he WAS extremely charismatic and people initially liked him until he mass murdered innocents when he became Bush Jr’s Bitch.


J__P t1_ix0ydcx wrote

were you paying attention to the rest of the season lol. they got jonny lee miller to play john major.


Tundraspin t1_ix14b70 wrote

I luv Jonny Lee Miller, in this role.


J__P t1_ix19e7i wrote

he was very good as am image of a fictional prime minister, but he wasn't john major.


ChickenInASuit t1_ix1l5qv wrote

Johnny Lee Miller as JM was a hell of a lot more believable to me than the guy they got to play Blair.

I walked into the living room while my family was watching the show and I knew from just looking at him without hearing his name who he was supposed to be. I doubt I'd have recognized Blair that easily.


jmt2589 t1_ix07qnx wrote

He looked like a British Bill Clinton to me


ChickenInASuit t1_ix1lbs3 wrote

Agreed, he was way too big. Blair is tall and thin.

Credit where credit is due though, he absolutely nailed the voice and mannerisms.


FangornOthersCallMe t1_ix072c6 wrote

They got way closer than I ever thought they could have with Josh O’Connor as young Charles, would be hard to get that lucky a second time. Also the ears do a lot of the heavy lifting.


NamisteHome t1_ix0c0jr wrote

> an actor who looks as goofy as Charles.

David Thewlis would have been an impeccable choice.


LiterallyOuttoLunch t1_iwzgt13 wrote

He got Charles' mouth tic down pretty well. It's subtle and well done.


Frangiblepani t1_iwzk0zz wrote

He's a damn good actor. I loved in The Wire when he's playing Baltimore native Jimmy McNulty pretending to be British for a sting. His accent is hilarious.


wongo t1_iwzkmi9 wrote

It's like Mel Blanc playing Bugs pretending to be Daffy, so good


LiterallyOuttoLunch t1_iwzkbfr wrote

He was great, though as a supposed Baltimore native he didn't have the accent. Contrast that to Jon Bernthal's Baltimore accent in We Own This City.


antelux t1_ix008xe wrote

I think Bernthal is from DC so that would surely help him a bit, no? I’m from Chicago but I think I can mimic a good middle Wisconsinite haha


HortonHearsTheWho t1_ix0xkm1 wrote

Wouldn’t surprise me if he was local, his Baltimore accent was spot on


xenolingual t1_ix2ee1w wrote

There were a lot of times that he broke, especially with stress and diphthongs.


Evil_Mini_Cake t1_ix1ihfi wrote

Agree but wow his character in punisher war zone was comical


IdfightGahndi t1_ix0twn3 wrote

I think they put some weird prosthetic teeth on him. It gave him a mealy mouth.


Frangiblepani t1_iwzjudy wrote

TBH everyone in The Crown is way hotter than the real life person. Even the real life hot ones like Diana.


hygsi t1_iwzr1k6 wrote

The queen in the first season was waaay prettier, same with Margaret, and Philip, and Jacqueline, know what? Did they make anyone uglier?? Real question lol


MrDabollBlueSteppers t1_iwzykm6 wrote

Actors in general are much more attractive than people in real life


Frangiblepani t1_iwzzx6m wrote

Often English productions are quite good with casting normal looking people.


MrDabollBlueSteppers t1_ix00d18 wrote

True, but it’s more applicable to productions meant for the British market (especially noticeable in shows about teenagers). But the prestige shows meant for an international audience are quite Americanised in this aspect


regretfullyjafar t1_iwzv8us wrote

To be fair, other than Diana the casting in terms of looks is a bit all over the place this season. Imelda Staunton looks absolutely nothing like the Queen, same for the Tony Blair actor. Even the actress who plays Diana is noticeably far skinnier than she was.

But as long as the performances are good I don’t think it matters too much. The crown has always been more about the incredible acting for me than having uncanny look alikes.


eidbio t1_ix00c2o wrote

>Imelda Staunton looks absolutely nothing like the Queen

Neither did Olivia Colman


regretfullyjafar t1_ix084h9 wrote

I’d say she definitely looked more like her than Staunton, and more importantly fit well as an aged up Claire Foy. Staunton doesn’t really fit either of those.

But she’s still a great actress, which like I said is the most important thing for The Crown.


eidbio t1_ix08fzl wrote

Agree to disagree. Colman looked nothing like the queen.


flutterstrange t1_ix3e0oq wrote

Colman is a great actress and I tend to love her in most things, but her casting as Elizabeth II really took me out of those seasons of the Crown. She was a really bad fit. Staunton is much better.


timsadiq13 t1_ix4b5u8 wrote

I think she's a good actress as well, but at least in the Crown she just seemed to be playing a version of herself instead of the Queen. I somewhat prefer Staunton, even though she doesn't really look like the Queen either, but she's at least more immersed in the role.


eyearu t1_ix0nya9 wrote

She had too much soul in her eyes


ChickenInASuit t1_ix1lkbc wrote

> Even the actress who plays Diana is noticeably far skinnier than she was.

And taller. It's funny to see her absolutely towering over everybody else. Diana wasn't short (5'10") but Elizabeth Debicki's 6'3" and they didn't really try to hide it.


letsallchilloutok t1_ix2939b wrote

Imelda Staunton has this charming sparkle in her eye that makes me really sympathize with Elizabeth, more than I do irl.

Which is surprising because Umbridge.


Oikkuli t1_ix08imh wrote

She looks much more like the queen, and also claire foy than olivia colman did.


heyboyhey t1_iwzxnhd wrote

Younger Charles was a lot more attractive as well, yet he managed to pull off the awkwardness much better imo.


J__P t1_ix0yogp wrote

i liked his acting but i wish he'd had put a bit more effort into the accent, it's important not to sound like a parody which is easy to do with his voice, but i think its still too understated.

debicki was spot on though.


Ghonaherpasiphilaids t1_ix18uax wrote

Sweiously. This is the first casting decision in this show that I've really questioned.


thechowsinone t1_ix02jim wrote

He's fantastic, but a little too charming for Charles I think.


StasRutt t1_ix24qb4 wrote

Yeah he’s just way too charismatic in a way Charles isn’t


Turbulent-Tea-1773 t1_ix1n4bt wrote

The season 3-4 Charles was spot on. This season makes it heed to hate Charles because of Dominic (granted I’m only on episode 2 of season 5)


SevoIsoDes t1_ix3w4i1 wrote

Literally the first thing I said to my wife. Way too generous to Charles in that casting choice. But he has the mannerisms down perfectly, so I’ll give it a pass


lordofsurf t1_ix2i9sv wrote

I kept forgetting it was Charles. I think this is poor or lazy casting imo.


Jayfore t1_ix3po45 wrote

Yes. When I saw he was supposed to be Charles, I was very confused.