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Raffy87 t1_ixr8nhr wrote

>If we assume that acting is something that men and women can be equally good at

Why would you make that assumption? Unfortunately how 'good' they are at acting is entirely dependant on how they are judged, the two are linked. So if one group is judged to be better than the other, that's the reality of the situation, as unfair as you may deem it.


JohnTDouche t1_iy2xb6a wrote

We must assume that because the entire argument hinges on it. If you think men are just naturally better performers when it comes to acting then that is an entirely different issue altogether. That' belief would make this discussion completely pointless.


Raffy87 t1_iy2xj5f wrote

the only metric of their performance is the votes they receive, so if they get more votes they are better, that's the system


JohnTDouche t1_iy2yw6x wrote

Votes reflect the biases of the voters, they're not the measurement of objective reality. I'm trying to present a statistical argument here, a very basic one. Statistics covering large numbers of people is used to flatten out our biases in the attempt to present a more objective view of reality and lay bare the biases of these large numbers of people. If you can't agree to that then this has is utterly pointless. You still seem to think this is about individuals judging performance.


Raffy87 t1_iy2yzf8 wrote

because it is


JohnTDouche t1_iy30cpc wrote

So statistics aren't real. This is supremely silly.


Raffy87 t1_iy30pfo wrote

statistics are real, but you can't conclude gender bias from voting results with no objective measures. If there were objective measures and the votes went against this then you would have a point, but there isn't.


JohnTDouche t1_iy30ydf wrote

I don't want to start repeating myself. I and that other fella explained all this to you already. You're just not understanding.


Raffy87 t1_iy31s71 wrote

I understand your point, I just don't agree with it.