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BelgianBond t1_ix7tby5 wrote

It sounds like I've arrived at this one too late. I'd be lost if I tried to jump in the middle of a 50-year span.


methosofninive t1_ix7w5ro wrote

What do you mean? it's just 1217 (+13) 90min episodes, a little binging and you'll be caught up in no time /s
That said all the cases are self-contained and some locations have only a handful of episodes. My gran and her friends in the pensioners' club usually binge a few location specific episodes before they go on a trip to one of the cities.
That also said I promise you won't miss anything if you don't check out Tatort.


natus92 t1_ix92gkd wrote

Just wanted to add that Tatort is not for old people only, there are a few public viewing events in bars and stuff. I usually also watch the austrian episodes for patriotic reasons. There is a team from Switzerland too.


methosofninive t1_ix9c9pa wrote

oh I didn't mean to imply that! Sorry, Tatort really is for everyone. My entire family watches it. I just meant that those lucky enough to have the time and resources to make both regular sightseeing trips all around Germany as well as go on binging sprees sometimes combine the two because apart from interesting cases you also get to see nice landmarks of different cities.


Nacknack26 t1_ixc85v8 wrote

Really? I personally feel like everyone I know my included who is younger watched Tatort with their parents. Its either a family or a boomer thing, but I would never catch a episode alone.


AmIFromA OP t1_ix7vrt7 wrote

Nah, the episodes are standalone. New teams are also introduced pretty often, and only some of them have something akin to an arch. There are also huge differences between the episodes of each team, with some having more of a comedy approach, some being thrillers and some being action films (like the Till Schweiger ones back in the day), and depending of the popularity of each team / city, the ratings are different (the one in question was from Dresden, which is on the air since 2016 with now 14 episodes).


AndiamoABerlinoBeppe t1_ix7w8wj wrote

The episodes are usually not connected, though most detectives have an overarching backstory that sometimes is developed in episodes. Even if such development occurs, it takes a back seat to the main whodunit. So no problem to jump in. Different cities have different detectives and styles, though it could and probably should be more varied. Many Tatorts are fun, but formulaic. Notable exception is the Wiesbaden Tatort, which is experimental and really fresh. People dig the humor of the Münster Tatort. I wish I could give you more on the other cities, but I usually only watch the Wiesbaden ones. But so anyway the point is: no worries, jump right in :)


BelgianBond t1_ix896ua wrote

Okay I've jumped in at episode 750 on Youtube and like the retro title sequence:

This cold open is interesting with its time jumps and tonal jumps but what's this... the accents are a bit hard to follow. What vernacular is this? I'm going to have a hard time working out the mystery if I can't make out all the words.

Wait... are these characters speaking German?! I don't speak that!



ebrythil t1_ix8rk73 wrote

Who would have thought that a German tv series is in German?


Cookie06031 t1_ix8r8fs wrote

I only watched one Tatort in my life, which i believe was a Wiesbaden one - "Im Schmerz geboren". That was just as you said - pretty experimental and surprisingly good. Not at all what i expected (even though many people at the time recommended it to me).

That was back in 2014 though and i have yet to see my second Tatort. But still, i remember it fondly.

Edited for clarity


AndiamoABerlinoBeppe t1_ix9ks4v wrote

That’s indeed a Wiesbaden one, and coincidentally my favourite Tatort also! Close second favorite is „Wer bin ich?“, and „Murot und das Murmeltier“ comes in at third. All of these are Wiesbaden. I will not spoil them for you other than to say they’re very good fun to watch also :)