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TyrusX t1_iwqwajk wrote

Guys, say what you want about Roku, but their devices are top notch for the price. My five year old Roku express is still going and only cost 49.99 CAD. It is just amazing. I almost feel that I should buy a new one but the old one is still getting updates and it just works.


KitchenReno4512 t1_iwr43j1 wrote

Their UI is BY FAR the best of all the smart tv’s. And it’s not particularly close either. Runs the smoothest. Integrates with my phone the best. Has all the apps.

Samsung and LG’s UI’s are the worst. I have the Frame TV and I actually ended up putting a Roku stick because I hated the ui so much.


Hs39163 t1_iwr9wov wrote

Speaking of their UI, I just found out the other day my TCL Roku tv will let me search for a movie or show and it will check all my apps and tell me which ones have it - and even take me there in one click. Probably a standard feature but it blew my mind and got me so excited. I’ve had the tv for almost 5 years, lol.


jujubanzen t1_iwrgxgx wrote

Honestly that's the absolute best Roku feature hands down. Being able to just search a movie or tv show and see what service has it or where I can rent it is a fucking godsend.


JohnnyAK907 t1_iwruup1 wrote

AppleTV will do this too, which is nice. The app, not the hardware.


epictetusdouglas t1_iwshlvq wrote

I went years before using that voice search button. Not sure why it took me so long.


RealUncleBuck t1_ixctzx0 wrote

There's a search option in the main UI as well, to the left of the channels where you would go for settings.


minusTHEoso25 t1_iwskrj1 wrote

Love my OLED LG but honestly the software is literally a dumpster fire.


Fanfrenhag t1_iwsk3pv wrote

That's my plan as well. I pick up used Roku for 20 bucks or so - they are mostly Roku 3 which is fine since I don't have a 4k tv. One thinks it's in the UK and one in the US so there's a great variety of content. UK is best. (I live in Australia).

I even grabbed a Roku 2 for ten bucks with low expectations, but it seems to work just as well as the Roku 3 and does 1080 just fine.

Although I hate the way they want to control me - and all the rest who do too - the boxes are robust, quality devices with well designed interfaces

Most smart tv's seem flaky not very reliable where their apps are concerned. I'd rather buy a dumb 4k tv and plug in a box but I don't think you can even get them any more


WhipTheLlama t1_iwsr5gl wrote

While Roku is good, I've switched all my TV functionality to a Beelink mini PC. Along with a wireless keyboard/trackpad combo, it's the best way I've found to play any and all media/streaming sources.


Fanfrenhag t1_iwtv85h wrote

That is exactly what I plan to do on my main tv once I get a 4k one. I'll use the Roku boxes on the other tvs...


crystalistwo t1_iwv16wd wrote

Their search function is pretty great too. If I'm on the web, I use, if I'm on the Roku, I don't even think of justsearch.


Thromkai t1_iwrss8f wrote

> My five year old Roku express

Shit, you just made me realize I've had the same Roku in the upstairs room for 5+ years too and never really had any issue.


root_fifth_octave t1_iwr1hml wrote

Yep. My Roku 3 still works fine.


CptNonsense t1_iwr4vm8 wrote

I only replaced my Roku 3 because my 1st gen Roku Ultra I was using for my main tv had wifi issues and so I got a new Roku Ultra and replaced my Roku 3 with the old Ultra. Pretty sure the Roku 3 replaced a Roku stick that went bad at someone's house, so still in use


mrhorse77 t1_iwr8yck wrote

I only recently replaced some of my old Roku 3 devices, and that was more for remote upgrades then the device itself.

and the new ones i mostly bought are so cheap, even when adding the better remote to it.


Blynasty t1_iwr9k8g wrote

I’m a big fan of the ultra and the streaming stick. I’ve never had an issue with their and the remotes work and keep their battery charge for a long time. Amazon fire stick remote dies in like 2 weeks. Also the ability to listen through headphone through the app is very nice when you need silence.


theeasyjakeoven t1_iwro3ji wrote

Literally my dad has a fire stick back home and I absolutely hate dealing with it, my roku is far superior in ui, not being clunky, and most importantly nothing beats their screensaver


MagicMushroomFungi t1_iwuq3jn wrote

Your comment and the thread that follows should be used by their marketing department. Glowing reviews that erased any doubts about whether or not to try a Roku. (Especially the feature that searches all your apps for a certain program and then puts you there with a click ... Sold.)


Zeppo_Ennui t1_iwrx3ga wrote

I've had two stop working; one was oldish, one was new and had just updated. They're what they are.


ihohjlknk t1_iwrxzw7 wrote

I love my Roku devices. I replaced 3 of my cable boxes with them.


antiform_prime t1_iwry1um wrote

I bought a 4K TCL Roku TV for Black Friday in 2017 for $300.

That joker last 4 good years before the screen started to die.

Id say that’s damn good longevity for a smart TV.


CramPackedUp t1_iwsusab wrote

Have a Roku 3 from 2013. Use it all the time and carried it with me on the road for work this summer to remote watch my home Plex library. Works lik out of the box. Can't recommend them enough.


killedbygavrilo t1_iwtmqga wrote

I’m sure they need a decent size team for each tv company they partner with, and that’s a lot of TVs. Plus you have to have a team for each streaming service app that they allow on their platform. So yeah, lots of engineers and sales people needed to keep these things working.


RealUncleBuck t1_ixcuigj wrote

Yep, and they are on sale pretty much all the time somewhere. You can get their 4k stick for like $25usd this week.

I used to be a huge firestick lover until I decided to boycott Amazon so I tried Roku and was pleasantly surprised that they did a better job than the firestick.