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ProfGilligan t1_ixknyur wrote

It’s a great ride :) Be sure to enjoy El Camino (epilogue of sorts on Netflix), and then Better Call Saul (the prequel series) once you’ve finished Breaking Bad.


IAmUninteresting23 OP t1_ixko3ps wrote

Tysm!! I haven't heard many people talk about el Camino, is it good?


RunningToStayStill t1_ixkp0ry wrote

It brings closure to the story of one of the protagonist, Jesse, who you will soon grow to love and sympathize with.


IAmUninteresting23 OP t1_ixkp65j wrote

So, I'm guessing it's good? Thanks!!


thesunshinest4te t1_ixledgl wrote

El Camino was good, not extraordinary like peak Breaking Bad, but definitely worth the watch. Better Call Saul is fantastic, though.


FknPitsy t1_ixmgol6 wrote

I feel like you’ve just spoiled part of the show there.