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BordersRanger01 t1_ixh1ok4 wrote

I remember when they told him he had less than a year to live and that was nearly a decade ago. Fair play to him


Proof_Eggplant_6213 t1_ixhfakq wrote

Yeah, surviving ten years post pancreatic cancer diagnosis is about the best anyone could hope for, in that situation. Sounds like he even got to enjoy his remaining years. What a blessing for him, may he Rest In Peace.


Frogs4 t1_ixhjwv0 wrote

He was mis-diagnosed, so he was treated successfully for a non terminal cancer.


Proof_Eggplant_6213 t1_ixhl5zs wrote

The cancer he had can definitely be a terminal cancer, it just has a better survival rate than the other type of pancreatic cancer. Around 60% 5 year survival, but his odds were likely less as his was stage 4 when they found it.

“ Johnson did not have the more common adenocarcinoma of the pancreas. It was later discovered that he had a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumour (PanNET), a less aggressive and more treatable form of the disease.[40] Johnson underwent radical surgery to treat his illness, and the doctors were hopeful that his prognosis would be good.[41] At the Q Awards on 22 October 2014, Johnson accepted the "Icon Award" and announced that he was "cancer-free" having undergone "removal of his pancreas, spleen, part of his stomach, small and large intestines and the removal and reconstruction of blood vessels relating to the liver". Johnson said: "It was an 11-hour operation… This tumour weighed 3kg…”

So yeah, I’d say he was still pretty lucky.


bros402 t1_ixhndro wrote

Ahh, he had the Steve Jobs pancreatic cancer.


Frogs4 t1_ixisp8e wrote

Thanks for the additional info.


redditravioli t1_ixjmj35 wrote

Wait they can remove your pancreas?? I didn’t know it was an optional organ??


jmcgit t1_ixk5vfn wrote

If absolutely necessary, but you're on insulin, a specific diet, and certain drugs for the rest of your life. It's not something you want to do unless it's life-saving.


Proof_Eggplant_6213 t1_ixl2rcy wrote

Not really optional, no. You need it. You can survive for a while without it if you take insulin but it basically means eating nothing but pre-digested slurries for the rest of your life. It’s not fun, but it can be done to spare someone’s life. Or at least buy them time.


jfkk t1_ixl7pyo wrote

I read an interview with him where he said he'd been depressed for pretty much his entire life. When he got the "one year to live" -diagnosis, apparently his depression lifted instantly. Later, when his cancer got cured, the depression returned just as quickly. It's interesting how the human mind works.


megwump t1_ixh60hy wrote

The dude defied a lot of odds, including medical. A good man gone.


gsauce8 t1_ixiu27a wrote

He stared death straight in the face and pulled out his monster dong and death had to look away.