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Relocator t1_ix3vmyt wrote

Died at 47, fuck Leukemia. She was the better Meg in Supernatural.


tetoffens OP t1_ix3z2io wrote

Makes me want to go get a full battery of tests. Regularly. Not even an age thing. My friend had it at age 1.


Ghost2Eleven t1_ix41koa wrote

I randomly found I had stage 3 testicular last year at 38. I’m cancer free right now, but I had random back pain and went in just to get my back looked at and found cancer. Thank god.

Be proactive.


MyneMala2 t1_ix43smb wrote

Randomly found that I had Hodgkin’s lymphoma last year due to a MRI on my back due to pain. The scan Found incidental swollen lymph nodes. No other symptoms. Chemo is awful and glad I am past that. Life is crazy

Edit: Added more context and grammar


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bros402 t1_ix8a82i wrote

cancer needs to go fuck itself

do you need any YA survivorship resources?


Ghost2Eleven t1_ix44p29 wrote

Same. I had zero symptoms. My CT showed swollen lymph nodes and that’s what caught mine too.

Happy we’re both past it!


bros402 t1_ix8a9mm wrote


do you want me to send you any survivorship resources? You should pop into the r/cancer discord!


Unfair-Thought5814 t1_ix65gpu wrote

My under arm lymph nodes swell up and ache from time to time. Reason for concern?


bros402 t1_ix8ac75 wrote

If you are worried, go get a CBC and CMP. You can either get blood tests at your doctor, or pay the $200 out of pocket for labcorp to do it.


Unfair-Thought5814 t1_ix8p1hq wrote

Yeah done this two weeks ago, all completely normal.


bros402 t1_ix8pqcg wrote

Do they swell up and ache when you are sick or stressed?


Unfair-Thought5814 t1_ixa9ent wrote

More randomly.


bros402 t1_ixaz8n6 wrote

If it is randomly, it probably isn't cancer. What did your GP say when you asked?

Honestly, just keep a close eye on them - maybe get a blood draw every 3-6 months if you feel that nervous.

Have you ever had mono?


bros402 t1_ix8a5vb wrote

fuck cancer

join the r/cancer discord and do you need any survivorship resources?


fogmonument t1_ix4nbmp wrote

How do you get your doctor to look into these things further? Most just seem dismissive


DoodleDew t1_ix53kn1 wrote

You have to ask and beg for it because If they did it regularly to patients then the insurance companies will go back to the doctor and say “why are you doing all these unnecessary test? We’ll drop you if you continue”

The system isn’t built on preventative care


durx1 t1_ix51a3g wrote

They likely wont. It’s expensive. Studies show unnecessary screenings cause more harm. Insurance wont pay for it. Etc etc


Draxus t1_ix6lmii wrote

ACR guidelines are changing in a way that will help get more of these caught. Technology is also helping. Part of the problem is that often these incidental findings get lost somewhere between the radiologist and some action being taken. It's up to your physician to read the radiologist's report, notice the finding (which is unrelated to the thing you're seeing them for) and make sure the follow-up happens. I work for a startup that's using machine learning to identify and track these things. It will get better!


Dashiepants t1_ix735re wrote

I know a widow whose late husband was having hot flashes and went to the doctor had some testing and scans done and at the time it was a treatable endocrine cancer. BUT no one at his doctors office told him! 8 years later the symptoms were more frequent and he was finally diagnosed, it was terminal by that point. He did survive an unexpectedly long time after diagnosis. They had more good years but I know she still feels so much rage at her unnecessary loss of him. The work you’re doing is very important.


bros402 t1_ix8al5f wrote

You need to push them to test. You might also just need to get a CBC and CMP from labcorp and pay out of pocket for them to do it. A lot of doctors are dismissive of young adults.


untitledmanuscript t1_ix4bzbr wrote

Two years ago today my mom fell outside and hurt her side. We were worried she broke her ribs again so she went to the ER the next day and ended up getting diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

She’s still getting treatment, but if she wouldn’t have fallen she’d probably be dead now.


Alphatron1 t1_ix5r31i wrote

One my professors neighbors had back pain the day after thanksgiving. He thought it might be a kidney infection it was pancreatic cancer and he was dead by New Years. Now that I’m on the second half of my 30’s I’m definitely more nervous about everything.


rcowie t1_ix6y8gy wrote

I had TC nearly 20 years ago.chemo sucked but I'm still here. Glad your on the other side of it.


Flaky_Seaweed_8979 t1_ix76t4l wrote

Found a lump in my breast, made a mammogram appointment for the next day, went in and was refused service because I told them I had a lump in my breast. Found out at 3:30 on Friday before Thanksgiving week that they would not screen me without a doctor’s orders if I had any symptoms. Am currently waiting to hear back from my “doctor” I’ve only met with once, remotely, over a year ago, to gatekeep my needed medical care. Really awesome.


bros402 t1_ix8a4de wrote

fuck cancer

Do you need any survivorship resources?


Surca_Cirvive t1_ix45t40 wrote

My friend was perfectly healthy. Completely normal. Would never suspect he had cancer. Got real sick for a few days and went to the doctor. Was diagnosed with leukemia and died 3 weeks later.

Crazy how quickly things can change.


benny_greaseman t1_ix4exle wrote

Honestly, if you can and you’re worried then you definitely should. I caught covid in March got over it relatively fast bust kept having weird pressure behind my left eye that turned into seeing stars with extreme tunnel/double vision, went to the eye doctor they took some images and immediately sent me to the emergency room. One MRI later and turns out I had a sizable glioblastoma in my front left lobe. Had to have brain surgery not even two weeks later.


SomeKrazyGuyUKno_v2 t1_ix4uow9 wrote

As a shlubby guy that drinks a bit too often and smokes socially, eats a lot of red meat and similar types of food, I actually fear my yearly check-up. Some day I’m gonna get the bad news.

My grandpa on my dad’s side had heart disease, my grandpa on my mom’s side had cancer, and my dad’s side of the family overall has a prolific history strokes and early onset dementia/Alzheimer’s.


unitedsasuke t1_ix5ss2t wrote

So why don't you not do the things that you think may cause the bad news?


Dashiepants t1_ix73z7c wrote

Because we’re still going to die. It would be one thing if avoiding unhealthy things meant we wouldn’t

but you can do everything right (like my Mom and step mom who were both health nuts, ultra fit, never/rarely drank, never smoked and both died of cancer in their 50’s) and still die young

or you can do everything wrong and live to 101 ( like Grandpa) and live to 101.

We all die. Most of us unpleasantly. We all gamble.

And if I were in his genetic shoes I’d be hoping for the heart attack to get me before the dementia arrived. I hope the same for myself having done Alzheimer’s care for the last decade.


unitedsasuke t1_ix74qq4 wrote

I'm really sorry about your family but I find your take backwards. Just because being healthier doesn't guarantee you won't get ill it infinitely increases your chances. Nothing is guaranteed.


bros402 t1_ix8aobn wrote

Getting your yearly physical is good - it will catch something if you have something


frugalflapjacks t1_ix5e7f6 wrote

Every year Directlabs sends me an email when their Men's health screening is on sale for $99 bucks and I always do it. It's good for peace of mind but also could be useful baselines as I age.


bros402 t1_ix8a3bh wrote

Just go to your doctor and get your yearly physical - CBC and CMP should show signs of most cancers.


Barkasia t1_ix457s3 wrote

Katie Cassidy was by far the best female demon 'companion' in Ruby (compared to the atrocious choice that was Genevieve Padalecki), but yes Nicki was better than Rachel.


ksixnine t1_ix46og7 wrote

You might wanna check that anger issue —Genevieve met Jared on the Supernatural set after Katie left ~ no nepotism to speak of.


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tetoffens OP t1_ix47ny6 wrote

She was bad but made worse because the previous version was fantastic. If she came first, we'd probably be nicer.


Barkasia t1_ix4fvxx wrote

Agree to disagree, her portrayal sucked


daedalus_was_right t1_ix4ewrb wrote

No, you have anger issues because you think a thread that's discussing the death of an actual human being is the appropriate forum to criticize artistic choices in their profession.

Read the room you fucking rube.


Barkasia t1_ix4g02t wrote

I didn't think it was the appropriate forum, I made a passing comment in the context of her most well known role and I was jumped on for it.

I still don't get how that gives me anger issues, mind


Sochan_Solo t1_ix5f8tg wrote

I just almost died 2 weeks ago at 39 because I was in denial and tried to wait to go to the hospital and waited until I could barely breathe.

Just a PSA:

Once you’re in your 30’s and 40’s you can’t fuck around. If you aren’t feeling right, get it checked out. The worst that happens if you’re overreacting is you’re out a few bucks and are reassured you’re ok.


windigo_child t1_ix6h6ea wrote

A few bucks? You must not live in the USA


Sochan_Solo t1_ix6l582 wrote

I am. I’m on Medicaid so didn’t cost me anything. Of course most Medicaid doctors are just running a Medicaid scam. So ya know…


tetoffens OP t1_ix3u9kw wrote

Not sure who was the better Meg but loved them both. Probably favor her. Her acting was the more convincing truly evil demon. The other more played her as just badass, basically. It was good but different. Nicki would be the one I was afraid of much more. One of their best side characters.


ehxy t1_ix7vdpf wrote

Holy crap I'm in the middle of a rewatch and have the screen paused exactly on her when I saw this news.



SomeKrazyGuyUKno_v2 t1_ix3vm52 wrote

Wow. That's so sad.

I remember her from the first season of Supernatural. She was great as Meg. She was also in Jeepers Creepers 2 and did a great job.


Billitpro t1_ix4ca1d wrote

>She was also in Jeepers Creepers 2 and did a great job.

That's the one I remember her from the most she kicked butt in that part I thought.
Thank you for the entertainment and RIP


DragonTonguePunch t1_ix5vums wrote

She was in quite a number of productions films in Vancouver. I have met her once on set during break and she was very friendly to everyone.


safe-word t1_ix40ecc wrote

Very sad news to hear. It seemed like she was everywhere during the mid to late 2000s. I remember her from the short-lived Dylan McDermott show Dark Blue. May she rest in peace.


WilmaNipshow t1_ix4brcj wrote

That show Dark Blue was great. So sad they ruined the last season and canned it.


cupcakepnw t1_ix4kj7h wrote

I was so disappointed in how Dark Blue turned out. Started off so good and really just squandered the potential to be a great show.


Intelligent-Age2786 t1_ix3ycfk wrote

Bro what. Supernatural is one of my favorite shows. She was awesome as Meg.


WilmaNipshow t1_ix4by77 wrote

Mine too! I am watching the series again right now and just got to the Leviathans…sigh.


Intelligent-Age2786 t1_ix4g5yr wrote

Off topic but at least ur about to get the worst season done with


ElNido t1_ix6clqe wrote

It's not a terrible season - they just forgot to give the Leviathans enough to do.


nextact t1_ix6wwpy wrote

Same! And suffering Sam is the worst Sam. It’s ok. We’ll both power thru season 7. Lol


DoAsIDontSay t1_ix3y25v wrote

I loved her as Meg in Supernatural. Rest in peace.


th3dj3n1gm4 t1_ix45ehi wrote

Between this and Jason David Frank, I'm REALLY hating waking up this morning. 😥


Dim_e t1_ix489xw wrote

She was a great Meg and as the person that used to be Meg, and did a great job as the messy sister in Cool Case and as the infuriating messy daughter in CSI.

I liked her work.


leo-g t1_ix4j3f1 wrote

Is it me or it seems like more people are dying /down with cancer.


probablypoo t1_ix4mv6y wrote

Cancer has always been common. Afaik the only reason why cancer is more common nowadays is because people generally live long enough to get it.


usafnerdherd t1_ix5mnvi wrote

I believe an uptick is predicted partly because of the pandemic. People weren’t exactly rushing to the hospital if it could be avoided and two years can make a big difference in something that typically requires early detection and intervention.


plutoforprez t1_ix5n25t wrote

Just watching X-Files for the first time and she was there too. Very sad, so young.


powabiatch t1_ix4454e wrote

Oh no. I remember her from Ed as Carol’s little sister. RIP.


flatearthisrealmayne t1_ix5qpsm wrote

that role is cursed, the other actress (rachel miner) has MS.


peanutdakidnappa t1_ix4ajcn wrote

Man that’s sad, I’ll always remember her role in the show, still love watching the s1 scarecrow episode where she pops up


crownhouses t1_ix4ohdr wrote

Just watched her in jeepers creepers and was raving about how I wish she stayed on as Meg In Supernatural as I liked her much better. That’s so sad. Fuck cancer


silashoulder t1_ix601ta wrote

I never saw Supernatural but I remember her from one of the funniest episodes of 3rd Rock from the Sun. RIP.


FieldMarchalQ t1_ix6bmx6 wrote


She was also very good in “Over there” and “Dark Blue “

45 had an operation for colorectal cancer in January, all good now, but some people aren’t so lucky 🥹


Sayena08 t1_ixdku1x wrote

Best Meg overall


ryeguymft t1_ix4odyb wrote

RIP - she was great in her role


MGD109 t1_ix5nlx9 wrote

Oh no. This is tragic, she was so young. RIP to her and condolences to her family.


OneFrabjousDay t1_ix5ywl0 wrote

Fucking sucks. God bless, and thanks for the performances.


Vis-hoka t1_ix6gf7r wrote

She was soooooooo good as Meg! Had a legit crush on her. Sad to hear. Best wishes to her family.


pichusine t1_ix6sfsv wrote

Rest in peace. I know her from Jeepers Creepers 2


rainedrop87 t1_ix72ou3 wrote

My favorite episode of hers was when she came back as the girl Meg had possessed, and was like, fucking with Dean and blaming him for her death? I can't remember exactly which season, but it was a few seasons after she first appeared and I thought it was neat they got her back, and that they explored how technically, Sam and Dean did kill a few innocent people in killing the body the demon possessed. A lot of those folks were innocent people and they really just brushed over that a lot. But she did great in that episode and I thought she looked really good with longer hair.


Safe_Violinist_2363 t1_ix7ihov wrote

RIP loved her in supernatural she will live on through her work it’s become so clear after 2020 we’re not all guaranteed any amount of time on this planet just gotta make the most of it while you can


monchota t1_ix80l6o wrote

She was the best demon.


Gaudy_Tripod t1_ix5p36s wrote

Damn. I thought that pic was an AI-generated Matt Damon.


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Only-Reach-3938 t1_ix5d5hl wrote

Do you think she will get cast as a ghost in a reboot?