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porch24 t1_ixm2hs8 wrote

When the Fonz jumped the shark in Happy Days


ckptchickie t1_ixm6211 wrote

When The Andy Griffith Show went colored and Barney left.


TheUtopianCat t1_ixm3uup wrote

When Cristina left Grey's Anatomy.


MurielHorseflesh t1_ixm9lp8 wrote

Weeds when they changed it from being a fun show about a single mom supplementing her income by selling weed to turning her into a drug kingpin dealing with cartels and having affairs with FBI agents. The scene that killed it was having the FBI agent this woman was now having an affair with murdered. It was seemingly only done as to have some kind of dialing up of the drama. Breaking Bad was getting very popular just as this show was starting out so I think maybe the show runners were forced or just decided to emulate the ‘constant expansion’ angle to a drug operation tv show.

The end of season 2 I think was the moment


billythepub t1_ixmljs8 wrote

I think breaking bad was one of the few shows that maintained its quality from beginning to end and never declined. I also think the popularity didn't come to much later than season 2,it was more like like in the last season around 2013 that it became really popular.


What-Makes-You-Smile t1_ixm59kw wrote

Not sure if this counts, but I had to stop watching Yellowstone after John, Beth, and Kayce all survive that attack on their lives.

John was mowed down by a machine gun but luckily only one bullet hit him and it hit his phone, how lucky! And Beth had a bomb blow up a few feet from her!


Ok_Vanilla t1_ixm7p84 wrote

Threes company: when the ropers left. Moonlighting: Dave and Maddie did it. Brady Bunch: Cousin Oliver arrives Friends: Day one Melrose Place: Sydney left, and the show became all about Jack Wagner and Lisa Rinna Game of Thrones: Season 7 premiere when the writing dumbed down so much it became about fan service and CGI dragons ER: Carter goes to Africa and returns with the rejected writing staff of Grey's anatomy Monk: Sharona leaves and is replaced with a more boring and annoying character

I have watched a lot of tv.


MulciberTenebras t1_ixmbaax wrote

When the main villain for Season 2 of Jessica Jones revealed she was >!actually Jessica's mom, who survived the accident and had reconstructive facial surgery to go with her new powers!<

I noped the fuck out.


Col_Irving_Lambert t1_ixmelc5 wrote

The Walking Dead was always a bit of a dumpster fire but the moment a dumpster actually was a MAJOR plot point that completely was useless a few episodes later. No recovery from that.


Persist_and_Resist t1_ixmimv6 wrote

For me it was lighting a lake coated in gasoline on fire with an RPG when a cigarette lighter would have worked just as well. That was especially frustrating because the previous use of the RPG was actually practical and awesome as hell.


DevilsTurkeyBaster t1_ixmgyb4 wrote

The Flash. It was getting bad anyway but then they showed us a half-man/half-shark.


Jokobib t1_ixm6xj5 wrote

The Sopranos after it cut to black.


NGNSteveTheSamurai t1_ixmcjgl wrote

There’s an entire scene earlier in the season that foreshadows what the ending means. They even replay it at one point.


Jokobib t1_ixmdk4k wrote

I know some people don’t like the ending but my point is that it never jumped the shark.