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VitaLonga t1_iybr8tg wrote

There are no tired genres - only tired shows.


rocker2014 t1_iybshbu wrote

Not for What We Do In The Shadows


D_B_4986 t1_iyc0z91 wrote

As long as Buffy exists, I will always love the vampire genre.


GarlVinland4Astrea t1_iycun0k wrote

I feel like after season 2 she mostly fought demons and vampires were just background filler for when they did a patrol scene.


catnapspirit t1_iybr6fv wrote

Let the Right One In is actually kind of amazing. Doesn't follow the novel / movies, but does its own thing. Some really heart wrenching stuff, highly recommend it..


mickeyflinn t1_iyepwg3 wrote

I don't list it as amazing. It is very firmly ok.


dtudeski t1_iybrh79 wrote

That’s good to hear, been meaning to check it out. The original movie is one of my all time favs.


catnapspirit t1_iybrz0n wrote

Give it until episode 5. I was still holding back and skeptical as well. Enjoying it ok, but still not 100% sold. But then every episode since (5 thru 8, so far, of 10 total planned) has been really impressive..


DoIrllyneeda_usrname t1_iyby43x wrote

I'm tapped out on vampires unless they make a series adapting Cirque Du Freak.


sweetpeapickle t1_iyec386 wrote

No. Everything goes through cycles, ups & downs. But there will always be fandom for all genres, inc vampires. JFC, Nosferatu is still my guy.


SouthShoreSerenade t1_iyfb5yv wrote

I would suck your blood to get a Vampire Hunter D series.