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Plaster_Lion t1_iuzdz99 wrote

It will also be available on VPN in the US.


Doinwerklol t1_iv0wirt wrote

yeah this is fucking stupid when I already have Prime. Im not getting peacock because you refuse to show it in the US on prime. Fuck both of these companies.


sqigglygibberish t1_iv163ee wrote

It’s the opposite, is it not?

Peacock picked it up, but peacock doesn’t do international. So they sold the international rights to Amazon.

It’s not like Amazon and peacock are in cahoots - they’re competing with one another


dragunityag t1_iv1coqz wrote

How do you get VPN to work with streams? Every service except crunchyroll knows when I'm using one.


zninjamonkey t1_iv3u1c4 wrote

I use AirPlay. VPN on phone and airplay the content on my tv


Futuramafryday t1_iv4ni1m wrote

I’ve never had a problem with Mullvad, never ran into a streaming issue with it on Netflix HBO or Disney+


friendoffuture t1_iv0po85 wrote

Does this actually work? I've had several different VPN providers and they always get flagged as VPNs by the streaming services.


[deleted] t1_iv1ahky wrote



friendoffuture t1_iv1ewth wrote

Thanks LTJD Obvious!

Anyways VPNs are advertised as a work around streaming service region locking but I've never seen it work. I'm not a network guy, barely know the basics of TCP IP and network topology but afaik it's trivial to detect requests originating from VPNs.

It's like giving someone a PO Box address (US thing, Google it). They can't really find your real address but they know you're not living inside a tiny box in a USPS store in a strip mall.

Edit: I apologize for my tone, it's early for me and I had a rough morning including a truly awful commute. I wasn't trying to call you out but I see how it could be taken that way.


mjoav t1_iv1npee wrote

I haven’t needed to do this in years but it definitely used to work. I’m guessing the streaming services have become more sophisticated about it now.


numb3rb0y t1_iv20fqq wrote

And torrents outside the US for everyone who doesn't want to deal with Prime's UI.


LegoAquaman69 t1_iv01c1i wrote

What I literally came here to say. You just said it better.


Neo2199 OP t1_iuylool wrote

> The “John Wick” prequel series “The Continental” will stream on Amazon outside the U.S., Middle East, and Israel.

> It was previously announced that Lionsgate-produced series will air on Peacock in the U.S. rather than Starz as originally planned. The show does not yet have a premiere date, but it is expected to debut in 2023.

> The three-episode show follows a young Winston Scott, played by Ian McShane in the film franchise and by Colin Woodell in the series. Per the official logline, “Throughout the series, viewers will follow Winston through the underworld of ‘70’s New York, where he will battle demons from his past as he attempts to seize control of the iconic hotel – a hotel that serves as a meeting point for the world’s most dangerous criminals.”


TheBlackSwarm t1_iuync9l wrote

Three episodes? Really?


Neo2199 OP t1_iuyps3s wrote

Yeah, but each episode will be around 90 minutes.


> 'Continental', which is set in the unique hotel for assassins in the Wick movies, was initially envisioned as spinoff series but was redeveloped as a three-night event series with movie length and movie budgets. The installments are to run about 90 minutes in length and, according to sources, have budgets upwards of $20 million.


nevereatpears t1_iuyqec6 wrote

Love this type of format. Sherlock did it so well before that show turned to shit.


Blasphemous666 t1_iuzzoi2 wrote

“I don’t have time to watch a fucking nine hour movie! I got work in the morning”

“How about this series that’s nine episodes that are an hour long each?”

“You son of a bitch, I’m in. Let’s binge this shit”


PolyDipsoManiac t1_iuyxe8l wrote

I do love media that blurs the line between film and television. Nine hours of material that could be cut into nine episodes or three movies? Yes please!


horseren0ir t1_iuzw9mm wrote

Arcane was a bit like that, they released 3 episodes a week that sort of arc’d together


nevereatpears t1_iuyypt8 wrote

It will be 4.5 hours in total length and will be three episodes. What are you talking about?


PolyDipsoManiac t1_iuyyvn7 wrote

Obviously a hypothetical scenario, but I was kind of referring to how Lord of the Rings was produced. If you’re asking for a specific example of media released like that…perhaps Das Boot?


Konman72 t1_iv1410x wrote

>Sherlock did it so well before that show turned to shit.

Man, we all talk about how Game of Thrones tanked and took itself completely out of pop culture (before HotD brought it back in full force), but Sherlock should be in that conversation too. It was a powerhouse, with everyone waiting for new seasons and buying merch. Then it just got worse and worse until I can't even remember what happened in the last season. Something about Sherlock's sister making Moriarty or some nonsense. And now, I don't even think about the show until I see it mentioned elsewhere, which is rare.

You're right though, that this format can work. And I think this is a great franchise to use it. Very excited!


horridlyvertical t1_iv1938l wrote

You could honestly stop watching after season 2, it's a perfect ending for the show


TheJoshider10 t1_iv2cu6t wrote

I think S3 holds up quality wise on a rewatch and makes for a very solid ending to the show apart from the cliffhanger ending which is so fucking annoying.


throw0101a t1_iv2ab34 wrote

> Man, we all talk about how Game of Thrones tanked and took itself completely out of pop culture (before HotD brought it back in full force), but Sherlock should be in that conversation too.

IMHO Sherlock was more gradual: each season got a bit too clever for its own good. Also found the same with Downton Abbey: I was less interested after each season until I stopped watching. (I really liked the first because I had also watched Fellowes' Gosford Park when it was released.)

GoT seems to have run off a sheer cliff.


austinrose7 t1_iuywfym wrote

Luther too, as well as Steven Knight’s A Christmas Carol, HBO’s Empire Falls, and Netflix’s Dracula. I love me a great miniseries I can watch all in one evening.


nevereatpears t1_iuyxeq8 wrote

*BBCs Dracula - plus that show sucked

And Luther was better in series one with the hour long format for each episode


horridlyvertical t1_iv198v2 wrote

Dracula was fucking awful. The ending was the most insane nonsensical bullshit I've seen in a minute.


SuperAlloyBerserker t1_iuzh1yl wrote

90 minutes? They could've just said it's a movie trilogy


A_Sinclaire t1_iv0vw9r wrote

Audiences might have different expectations of a John Wick cinematic universe movie that this spin off probably could not match.


ehxy t1_iv0n1xm wrote

Nah I'd still think at least 8+ episodes with a setting like that. They have so many characters that they can play with and create.

It's the star trek DS9 of the assassin world!


ArchDucky t1_iv0rdwg wrote

This is actually sort of a good thing. They decided to condense the episodes in order to make the show feel more cinematic like the films. Doing action on the level that's expected for this is very fucking expensive. So making three expensive episodes is just way better than 9 cheap ass quick cut boring ass episodes.


XuX24 t1_iv23dag wrote

They should call this a mini series.


ReverendEntity t1_iuzbreu wrote

Standard tier or Premium? Whenever I hear about something being exclusive to Peacock, I automatically assume it's going to require the Premium subscription.


Groundbreaking_Ship3 t1_iv06imz wrote

Young Winston? No thanks, give me old Winston back.


Paul_cz t1_iv0v6lo wrote

> Colin Woodell

Looking at the actor though, he looks like young McShane quite believably


gotele t1_iv1858m wrote

Rufus Sewell would be a great younger Ian Mcshane.


t6005 t1_iv1avc4 wrote

I mean Rufus Sewell is 55, so while he's younger than Ian McShane I don't know if he's the kind of "younger" they're going for.


gotele t1_iv1km2x wrote

I'm aware of that, that's why I wrote younger and not young.


Sennheisenberg t1_iv1ywxy wrote

Oh god, they're going to de-age Ian McShane aren't they? I'm not ready for that level of uncanny valley.


ATL_BOT_26 t1_iuynjph wrote

Congratulations, those are certainly all the letters. You managed to put all the alphabet in a 784 character reply!


Fu-Man-Chewbacca t1_iuz073c wrote

> …..on Peacock in the U.S.

Well guess I’m never watching it.


_bieber_hole_69 t1_iuz8uy4 wrote

Hey now! Maybe you will find a friend that has a friend whos parents have Peacock


kaenneth t1_iv03glg wrote

Disney may have Star Wars, Paramount Star Trek, but Peacock has the superior Space 1999.


nimcau2TheQuickening t1_iv1f0n9 wrote

Honestly, I’d love to watch Space 1999 but there’s no way I’m subscribing to Peacock for it.


mpc1226 t1_iv1r4jv wrote

I’d sooner make fun of them for it than ask for the password


Fryes t1_iv21sz0 wrote

It’s free if you have Comcast


0V3RS33R t1_iv144dc wrote

My sentiments exactly. Day late and a dollar short as always comcast.


EatASSwithSPOON t1_iuz2aaz wrote

Nobody cares about peacock. Stop trying to make it a thing.


usafnerdherd t1_iuzbld0 wrote

What’s that? The Continental will stream on Amazon everywhere with VPN? Thanks!


VentusHermetis t1_iuz6vrm wrote



pabo81 t1_iuzdtcn wrote

No no, don’t go my darling


crypticphilosopher t1_iv0sop6 wrote

“Forgive me if my hungry eyes feast on the banquet of your sumptious decolletage…The champagne you have thrown stings my eyes.”


PaulFThumpkins t1_iuzjdt4 wrote

John Wick is already running on worldbuilding fumes, this can't be good.


ncopp t1_iv10trv wrote

Idk, man. I'm surprised they could stretch this for so many movies already. I thought John Wick was gonna be a one off action flick, not the American James Bond. I was delightfully surprised to get sequels, of course.


PaulFThumpkins t1_iv15x6p wrote

I'm there for the action and Keanu (and Reddick and McShane), absolutely. But the actual plot of 3 is so incoherent it kind of kills the stakes. Few things the characters do really make sense and they set up these big stakes and kind of ignore them.

Feels like we jumped the shark at Wick shooting that guy at the end of 2 when the guy hadn't done anything nearly as bad as the villain in 1, and he'd already gone to the ends of the earth to curry the guy's favor, and knew it would rain hell on him. By 3 the entire plot is driven by characters making mercurial decisions on a whim, even if it ignores rules they said were ironclad.


Malvania t1_iv170l3 wrote

Feels like the second could have ended with something like: The High Table understands that by the High Table's own rules of the marker, Mr. Wick was required to take the contract for Gianna D'Antonio. However, a contract on a member of the High Table can never be sanctioned, so Mr. Wick's actions in dispatching Santino D'Antonio will not trigger ex communicado sanctions.

Anything else is "Nah, hits on the high table are fine, here's your seat at the table"


Toidal t1_iv1fl8b wrote

I really liked the dog sequence, but the last sequences, with the shotguns, the 2 on 1, and then the 1 on 1 felt kinda boring.

Like in the Jackie Chan action analysis video, all the action was all clear and visible but there wasn't a rhythm or narrative to it. Just one action sequence after another. Most boring rampage ever


Toidal t1_iv1ewfp wrote

Seriously if this was the mid 00s, I'd half expect a tie in mmo would've been announced


mr_ji t1_iv24cr9 wrote

I hope he does some fancy gun fu in this one!


Absoniter t1_iuzm685 wrote

Chomponya... -The Continental.


rim261 t1_iuzg1ga wrote

On Peacock? So I guess no one will watch it


SyrioForel t1_iuzjlay wrote

[The sun is set. The stars shine in the sky. The night air is tinged with anticipation. And it is time to meet... the Continental.]

Let me freshen your champagna? Caviar? No? Okay. You know, champagna is not champagna unless it comes from the province of Champagne. I learned that in Bartending School. May I take a photograph? Simple photograph? Please? Wonderful! Now... take your top off -- only kidding! Haha! Totally! That is... unless you would like to? No? Okay, it's a joke! Joke from old.

Forgive me, my little frightened, wide-eyed doe. I see I've upset you. Sit, please! How about a glass a champagna? No one can resist the lure of those delicate bubbles, each whispering the same message of love. Did you see my painting? I got it from Target.

Please, taste the champagna! AH, whoops! What happened, what have I done? I have spilled some champagna. All over your boob. How wonderful! They look like two ripe melons... drenched in morning dew! [gets sprayed with mace] Wow! Wowie-wow-wow! Only kidding! I have been sprayed so many times, I have developed immunity to mace. Such is life. More champagna?

[Join us again next week, for another chapter in the life of... The Continental.]


Every-holes-a-goal t1_iv0lpnl wrote

I thought you were describing a day in the life of a Reddit moderator then.


MoufFarts t1_iv134aw wrote

Replace champagne with Mountain Dew and it’s more accurate.


tkrr t1_iv1fk6f wrote

I got a fever, and the only prescription… is more Walken references.


robdrak t1_iv075kt wrote

ITT: Everyone shitting on Peacock

But it keeps giving me Psych movies so I am actually happy it exists


Zampaneau t1_iv12ssv wrote

Yeah! I also thought The Resort was really good. And they just announced a Friday the 13th prequel series from Bryan Fuller, co-produced with A24. Don't care much about the franchise, generally, but those 2 names get my attention.


WontArnett t1_iv0l7m3 wrote

These damn network streaming services suck a butt.


Burstar1 t1_iv0t1jd wrote

Mel Gibson? Really?


slumpsox t1_iv11cp0 wrote

Peacock = lame


Jakesummers1 t1_iuztejr wrote

The use of VPNs and torrenting may be warranted


Killdozer54 t1_iv0ceas wrote

“Peacock Boo” -USA Resident


arakus72 t1_iv18owm wrote

I wanna have a word with whoever decided to put Mel Gibson in this, ugh


apathetic_revolution t1_iv22t5d wrote

We all told them when they first announced it a while ago and they didn't listen. So here's this show none of us are going to watch.


guiltynate t1_iuzj557 wrote

I thought this show already happened? Did I have a stroke?


rhunter99 t1_iuzo4fe wrote

Is Canada part of the international bucket?


horseren0ir t1_iuzwuf1 wrote

I hope they get the aesthetics right, shiny and lavish like the movies but with a 70’s setting could have a great look, looking forward to it


kaenneth t1_iv03uu5 wrote

hose down that pavement for every outdoor shot.


LittleDinamit t1_iv0j7cd wrote

I always welcome when companies aren't fucking stupid and sell international rights to others so that content is available everywhere instead of getting locked to certain markets.

However, this is an odd choice considering Peacock and Paramount+ have teamed up into "SkyShowtime" for their international expansion and are in the middle of rolling out this combined service in Europe. So this show will go to their competitor in many markets they are currently trying to break into.


crocwrestler t1_iv0vro8 wrote

Or as Jason Bateman calls it “The Cock”


Felspawn t1_iv1b1kj wrote

this post is brought to you by ExpressVPN


-The-Moon-Presence- t1_iv1dmwk wrote

That’s it. The end is in sight.

Sucks. I really liked this series.


canniffphoto t1_iv1gspi wrote

I'm getting less and less fomo over things I might want to watch as content spreads across streaming services.


frontbuttt t1_iv1n2ge wrote

Wasn’t even good enough for… STARZ?? lol


Yinanization t1_iv2olfx wrote

So is Canada international or part of the US in this case?


Problems-Solved t1_iuzqf48 wrote

Please be good, this could be fun if they do it right


Techutante t1_iuzr9rn wrote

It might air there, but that's not where I'll be watching it. If you know what I mean.


Donebrach t1_iuzrkjc wrote

"show no one cares about to stream exclusively on platform no one remembers exists."


ckal9 t1_iv0el9j wrote

If anyone is ever confused about streaming rights, just read this and I promise you will still be confused.


ArchDucky t1_iv0r7cf wrote

This kinda sucks because Amazon has much better servers than fucking Peacock.


earthisadonuthole t1_iv0ydbq wrote

I need so much more lore about this universe. Are there denominations to those gold coins? One coin can you a drink at a bar or have someone dispose of a body for you? That’s either one expensive drink or one terrible body disposal.


Frostymagnum t1_iv14c3j wrote

It's a shame that NBC doesn't want anyone to watch it


bwahmanga t1_iv14uzh wrote

hope this is actually a good prequel


FireflyArc t1_iv18kb3 wrote

I'd like more then 3 episodes but the idea seems solid! I wondered in the original film what it would be like to see just Daily life there.


MedricZ t1_iv1ufp7 wrote

What the hell is Peacock?


Brandon432 t1_iv1vnyw wrote

NBC's streaming platform


MedricZ t1_iv2tuwf wrote

Is it good? It makes me sad that shows are split between so many services. I already pay for Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll. It’s too expensive to watch everything.


Brandon432 t1_iv5n9wx wrote

The platform is fine. It works. We cycle platforms on and off all the time for certain content. HBO to binge Westworld and GoT and then unsub. Peacock to binge Harry Potter with kids and then unsub. It’s annoying.


Substantial_Term_357 t1_iv27yob wrote

I’ve always wondered the continental has to have like a floor separate exclusive for “normal” people right? Like people vacationing and shit. In a very public huge building in New York busy main street which is obviously a hotel with constantly people going in and out, it’s impossible to be exclusive to assassins only. You’re telling me normal people going to the shops/restaurants around it don’t try to book a reservation?


ObiTate t1_iv2r49k wrote

It's really going to be like 3 90 minute movies. It'll be interesting to watch. I wonder who Mel Gibson is playing, it says his character is named "Cormac" but it doesn't give any indication on what his role is in the story. He'll probably either be Winston's mentor or the villain.


robot_tron t1_iuyzpz6 wrote

And we'll all be there like the Once Upon Leo Pointing meme when Wick reaches for the pencil.


harrier1215 t1_iv13q2v wrote

WHY FUCKING PREQUELS??? Just give us stuff going on during the movies or something after. Enough with the prequels.


ResoluteClover t1_iv1anua wrote

Peacock is better than Starz at least, I didn't get to watch the 3 films so far until I DVRed them this week.


anasui1 t1_iuz78v6 wrote

wasn't there a movie with Bautista under the same name? am I developing early 'zheimer?


Everest_95 t1_iuz9ocy wrote

There was Hotel Artemis, is that what you're thinking of? It felt like it was set in the John Wick universe


anasui1 t1_iuz9xck wrote

oh yeah thanks. Weirdly, I thought the show was axed and made into that movie


Ok_Marionberry_9932 t1_iv0irqi wrote

Hard pas. One movie of continuous killing and nothing else was enough