Submitted by DameWasistlos t3_yllhq1 in television

Incredible Hulk - last seen on El Rey 5 or so years ago.

Dukes of Hazzard - should return. Just put a disclaimer at beginning of each episode in regards to Confederate flag on the General Lee. IMDB used to offer these on demand with ads several years ago.

Wonder Years - the 80's sitcom. This one probably will never return due to music rights issues.

Maybe I missed it but I think these shows have been MIA. I would do a backflip if any of the three were to show up on Cozi, ME-TV or any of the other digital subchannels or even cable channels.



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admiralvic t1_iuza1xq wrote

The Drew Carey Show.


Latter_Feeling2656 t1_iuzaxni wrote

This is on the over-the-air network Rewind TV.


admiralvic t1_iuzb7cz wrote

> Rewind TV

Thank you for the suggestion, but according to their channel finder page my zip code has no channels.


CramPackedUp t1_iuziu79 wrote

I have all the episodes acquired via the high seas. One of my prized possessions lol. Watch it all the time.


anasui1 t1_iuz5wr8 wrote

The Equalizer; Edward Woodward incessantly kicking all sorts of ass was so good


McFeely_Smackup t1_iuzk3pb wrote

If things didn't work out, he'd just straight up murder people.


anasui1 t1_iv2zbb4 wrote

he was terrifying, lol, like an old, still elegant James Bond wreaking havoc in NYC


D00bage t1_iuz7ct7 wrote

7 Days


McFeely_Smackup t1_iuzjybk wrote

I swear you and I were the only people that watched that show.

Nobody else remembers it.


ChildofKnight t1_ivbrpqs wrote

I remember it. The star of it is now the host of Australian Survivor.


McFeely_Smackup t1_ivc1iyx wrote

Hey, that is him.

I just learned this fact too:

> LaPaglia graduated from Rostrevor College, and then from the University of Adelaide with a MBBS medical degree in 1991. He worked three years as an emergency ward physician in Adelaide, Sydney and London.  


INMATEofARKHAM t1_iv0w9n4 wrote

The Fallguy, Airwolf, Black Sheep Squadron, and Cold Case.

I would be happy to watch them anywhere, tbh. Most of the above never had full series releases on DVD or stream/air anywhere anymore.

I just finshed Dragnet from 1967 (4 seasons) off of YouTube the other day. It's pretty awesome that all the episodes are on there.


quartertopi t1_iuz7lrw wrote

Hawk, Spencer, Stingray, Street hawk


SpiderMuse t1_iuzabj5 wrote

Small Wonder. I have a soft spot for that show.


Nobodycares2022 t1_iv21vvi wrote

I would love to rewatch several series on a streaming service somewhere

Small Wonder

Out of this World

Boston Public

Growing Pains


We got it Made

Do Over


squjibo t1_iuzfg7q wrote

The Highwayman and Automan would be awesome


enough-rope t1_iuzp5uq wrote

Boston Legal as either a sequel series or a prequel series called Crane, Pool and Shmit set at the foundation of the company, back in the go-go eighties.


Fat-Villante t1_iuzaa16 wrote

The oldest ones that I'd love to get a good follow up series are either Reboot or The Highlander